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Bighorn Gun Safe Reviews For 2022

Bighorn is the brand of gun safes that are quite popular and well known for making inexpensive products. If you want to get a high-quality safe, all you need is Bighorns’ amazing safe options! They have different prices depending on your budget so no matter what you want there’s something perfect in store.

Bighorn Gun SafeBighorn safe company is made by the Rhino Metal Inc. That produces good quality gun safes for over 20 years now! The main company of this BIGHORNSE alias , located in IDAHO started out as a small metal workshop back in 1994 but has since grown into one big operation where they produce gun cabinets under 3 different names –including their popular line “Bighorn gun safe”.

The Bighorn Safe is a great option for those who need the best of what gun safes offer. Every product may not be perfect depending on your needs and desires as an individual user—but this one will definitely cover all bases! Do not worry if children might find out where these weapons exist because they can be hidden away with ease inside the Bighorn gun safe thanks to their secure physical protection as well as an alarm system; this will help keep any outsiders safe from getting hurt by dangerous objects like guns or knives.

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Top 3 Bighorn Gun Safe Models:

1. Bighorn Model 7144EL

The Bighorn Model 7144EL is a good choice for a safe that will protect you from fire and theft. It has a very strong lock, and it can withstand up to 1200 degrees of heat. The safe also has a powder coat finish which makes the safe even stronger! I would definitely recommend it because it feels like I am getting quality instead of something cheap.

2. BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe

The Bighorn 19ECB is an affordable and secure safe that can keep your valuables, firearms or other weapons out of easy reach. This mid-sized gun safe will work well for most household needs! It’s affordably priced for those who need it just as much or maybe even more than they want their weapon kept secure at home!

3. Bighorn Ultimate Access Gun Safe

The Bighorn Ultimate Access is perfect for those who want a large and secure container that won’t just keep their guns, but other valuables as well. It has enough space to store everything you need with its construction of heavy duty steel mesh covered by rugged canvas exterior.

Benefits of Bighorn Gun Safes

If you’re familiar with the Rhino gun safes company, then it’s probably because of their amazing work. The Bighorn line also shares many advantages and can be an excellent choice for those looking for a top-quality firearm safe!

Fire Protection

There is nothing more dangerous than fire and we should be ready for it in our homes. Bighorn gun safes can protect against this natural disaster by ensuring that their products are made with the best safety features available!

Bighorn Safe Co. 7144EL

Great Customer Service

When you’re in business, keeping your customers happy is a crucial part to success. That’s why the people behind Bighorn safe company work hard and put their heart into making sure that no matter what happens- they will always make sure each customer feels satisfied with whatever product or service it may be from them!


Bighorn safes are the perfect way to store your guns, ammo and valuables. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. So, they come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects made during production or electric locks if you have one of those models! Other parts have an additional 1 year limited warranties depending on what type it is so they all work in tandem seamlessly for customer satisfaction.

Bighorn Gun Safe Co. 7144EL

Where are Bighorn Gun Safe Made?

The Rhino Metal Inc., has built a name for themselves in the gun safe industry by making high-quality products that are produced entirely within America. From design to production, their sourcing practices allow them to maintain quality control throughout all steps – putting them ahead of competitors who outsource production overseas (China).

The company’s extensive knowledge and experience with safety equipment make its safes top choices among law enforcement officers, military personal who must carry weapons at all times or citizens looking for secure storage without having too much trouble finding space due availability cost concerns


Bighorn offers a wide selection of safes to protect your firearms. They are amongst one of the most popular brands around, so you can’t go wrong with any choice! Yet before making an investment in this product make sure that it fits all your requirements and then take action quickly because these good guns deserve top notch care.

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