Factory Code on Sentry Safe

SentrySafe is one of the most popular brands when it comes to safes. They offer a wide range of products, from small home safes to large commercial safes. One question that we often get asked is whether or not you can delete the factory code on a SentrySafe.

The answer is yes! You can indeed delete the factory code on a SentrySafe, and we’ll show you how in this blog post.

  • Open the safe door and remove all items from the interior
  • Locate the factory code on the inside of the door or on the user manual that came with the safe
  • Enter the factory code on the keypad to open the safe
  • Once the safe is open, press and hold the “0” or “9” button on the keypad for three seconds
  • Enter your new four-digit code twice to confirm and save it as your new combination

How to Change a Sentry Safe Combination WITHOUT Factory Code

Can You Delete the Factory Code on a Sentry Safe

Yes, you can delete the factory code on a sentry safe. To do this, you will need to access the control panel of the safe and enter the correct factory code. Once the code is entered, you will be able to delete it from the control panel.

How Do You Change the Factory Code on a Sentry Safe

If you’ve forgotten the combination to your Sentry Safe, or if you simply want to change it for security reasons, there are a few different ways that you can go about doing so. The first option is to use the “Forgot Combination” feature on Sentry’s website. This will allow you to reset your combination online, as long as you have the serial number of your safe and access to a phone or email account.

The second option is to contact Sentry’s customer service department and request a replacement combination. This will require you to provide proof of ownership, such as a sales receipt or product registration card. The third option is to have a locksmith come and open the safe for you.

This should only be done as a last resort, as it can be quite expensive. Once you have your new combination, be sure to write it down in a safe place so that you don’t forget it again!

What is the Default Factory Code on a Sentry Safe

There are a few different types of sentry safes, so the default factory code will depend on which type you have. The most common type is the keypad safe, which usually has a factory code of 0000 or 1234. If you have this type of safe, it’s important to change the code as soon as possible to something that only you know.

Otherwise, anyone who knows the default code can easily open your safe.

Can You Delete Factory Code on Sentry Safe?

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Sentry Safe Factory Code List

Most Sentry safes come with a factory code that can be used to open the safe in the event that you forget your combination. Here is a list of factory codes for some of the most popular Sentry safes: -Sentry Safe Factory Code List-

Model Number Factory Code E-1000 55005500 E-1100 11001100


If you own a Sentry safe, you may be wondering if you can delete the factory code. The answer is yes, you can delete the factory code on your Sentry safe. To do this, simply follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Once you have deleted the factory code, you will need to set a new code for your safe.

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