Default Code for Sentry Safe

If you have a Sentry Safe and need to change the code, you may be wondering what the default code is. The answer depends on the model of Sentry Safe that you have. For example, on some models, the default code is “000000” while on others it may be “123456.”

If you can’t find your specific model’s default code in the Sentry Safe manual, you can try calling customer service for assistance.

If you’re looking for the default code for a Sentry Safe, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to check your user manual – the code may be listed there. If not, there are a few other ways to find it.

One way is to contact Sentry customer service and they may be able to provide you with the code. Another way is to look for the sticker on the inside of the safe that has the factory set code – this should be located near where you enter the code. If you still can’t find the code, don’t worry!

The good news is that most Sentry Safes have a built-in reset button that will allow you to create a new code. Simply follow the instructions in your user manual on how to do this.

How to Change Code for Sentry Safe

Where is the Factory Code on a Sentry Safe?

If you’re looking for the factory code on a Sentry safe, you’ll need to check the inside of the door. On the back of the door, there should be a small sticker that has the factory code printed on it. This code is used to identify the specificSentinel safe model and can be used by a locksmith if you ever need to have your safe opened.

How Many Digits is the Sentry Safe Code?

Assuming you are talking about the combination lock on a Sentry safe, the answer is four. The first digit of the combination can be any number from one to nine, and the remaining three digits must be zero. So the lowest possible Sentry safe code would be 1000, and the highest possible would be 9990.

How Do You Open a Safe If You Forgot the Combination?

If you forgot the combination to your safe, there are a few ways that you can try to open it. First, if you have the owner’s manual for the safe, it may have the reset code or instructions on how to open the safe. If you don’t have the manual, you can try contacting the manufacturer of the safe and they may be able to help you.

Another way to try and open the safe is by using a stethoscope or other listening device. You can put the listening device up to each dial and turn it until you hear a click. Once you find where all of the clicks are coming from, that is your combination.

How Do You Reset a Sentry Safe Without the Code?

If you need to reset your Sentry safe and don’t have the code, there are a few things you can try. First, check the manual that came with your safe. Often, the manufacturer will include instructions on how to reset the safe if you’ve forgotten the code.

If you can’t find your manual or if the instructions aren’t clear, you can try calling Sentry customer service for help. If neither of those options works, you can try using a master key to open the safe. Master keys are available for purchase from Sentry and other safe manufacturers.

Once you have a master key, insert it into the lock and turn it clockwise until it stops. Then, enter your new combination and turn the key counterclockwise to lock it in place.

What is the Default Code for Sentry Safe?


Sentry Safe Combinations List

Most Sentry safes come with a factory-set combination, but if you’ve lost yours or can’t remember it, don’t worry. You can easily find the Sentry Safe combination list online. Just enter your model number and serial number into the search box and hit Enter.

You’ll see a list of combinations that should work for your safe. If none of them work, don’t hesitate to call customer service at 1-800-828-6233. They’ll be happy to help you out and may even be able to provide you with a new combination if necessary.


The default code for Sentry Safe is “0-0-0.” To change the code, enter the new code twice. The new code can be any three to eight digits long.

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