10 Best Gun Safe (2024) : Reviews & Buying Guide

Best gun safes

A gun safe is a secure storage container designed to safely store firearms and ammunition. It typically provides protection against unauthorized access, theft, and fire, ensuring responsible and secure gun ownership.

In the quiet suburb of Oakwood, nestled amongst rows of neatly trimmed lawns and cozy homes, there lived a man named Jack. Jack was a seasoned gun enthusiast, his passion for firearms dating back to his days in the military. With a collection of prized rifles and pistols, Jack took great pride in his firearms, not just for their functionality but also for the stories they held and the memories they evoked.

However, as a responsible gun owner, Jack knew the importance of keeping his firearms secure, especially with a curious teenage son in the house. So, he embarked on a quest to find the best gun safe to protect his cherished collection.

Jack scoured countless reviews, visited numerous stores, and even sought recommendations from fellow gun enthusiasts. Yet, nothing seemed to quite meet his expectations. Some safes lacked the necessary security features, while others were too bulky and unwieldy for his home.

Just when Jack was beginning to lose hope, he stumbled upon a small, family-owned business tucked away in the heart of the city. The shop, run by a skilled craftsman named Thomas, specialized in custom-built gun safes designed to blend seamlessly into any home environment.

Intrigued, Jack decided to pay Thomas a visit. Upon stepping into the workshop, he was greeted by the sight of meticulously crafted safes, each one a testament to Thomas’s dedication to his craft. As Jack explained his requirements, Thomas listened intently, taking note of every detail.

After a thorough discussion, Thomas set to work, pouring his expertise and passion into creating the perfect gun safe for Jack. Days turned into weeks, and finally, the masterpiece was complete.

Jack marveled at the sight of his new gun safe. Not only was it impeccably crafted, but it also boasted state-of-the-art security features, ensuring that his firearms would remain safe and secure at all times. With a sense of relief and satisfaction, Jack knew that he had found not just a gun safe, but a true piece of art that would safeguard his beloved collection for years to come.

From that day forward, Jack’s custom-built gun safe stood as a symbol of craftsmanship, security, and peace of mind—a testament to the unwavering dedication of one man to protect what mattered most.

So, whether you’re safeguarding a single handgun or a comprehensive firearm collection, finding the ideal gun safe that aligns with the latest advancements is essential for maintaining the highest standards of responsible gun ownership.

Best pistol gun safe

This guide will delve into the cutting-edge features, security protocols, and user-friendly designs that characterize the best gun safes available in the market. From biometric access to smart connectivity options, these safes are not just protective enclosures but also intuitive guardians of your firearms. Our recommendation for the best gun safe for pistols right now is ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe.

10 Best Gun Safes (2024)

1. ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols – Top Pick

ONNAIS Biometric Gun SafeThe ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe is a reliable and efficient solution for firearm storage, emphasizing the crucial need for quick access in family settings. Boasting advanced biometric technology, this handgun safe ensures secure and swift single-handed access through a high-resolution fingerprint scanner. The capability to store up to 30 user fingerprints caters to multiple users, enhancing its practicality.

Constructed with solid steel and featuring anti-corrosion measures, the gun safe prioritizes durability and ultimate protection. The pry-resistant lid adds an extra layer of security, while the spacious interior accommodates two standard-sized pistols or various small items. Soft foam padding safeguards contents from scratches.

Portability is a key feature, allowing users to place the safe in drawers, cabinets, luggage, or other convenient locations at home or in a car. Offering three-way access, including biometric fingerprint, keypad locks, and backup override keys, the ONNAIS gun safe provides flexibility and reliability. Despite its reliance on 4 AA batteries for power, the safe stands out for its quick and convenient access, solid construction, large capacity, and portable design. 


  • Quick and convenient access through biometric technology.
  • Solid construction and anti-corrosion features for durability.
  • Large capacity with padded interior for firearm and item protection.
  • Portable design for versatile placement options.
  • Three-way access provides flexibility and reliability.


  • Reliance on battery power may require regular battery replacement.
  • Although accommodating up to 30 user fingerprints, users with numerous individuals requiring access may find this limit restrictive

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2. VAULTEK Essential Series Quick-Access Handgun Safe

VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

The VAULTEK safe presents a slim and versatile design capable of securely holding essentials such as a handgun, magazine, passport, and cash. Its adaptability extends to easy tethering or mounting on a nightstand, vehicle, or desk, facilitated by the included security cabinet or mounting hardware. The product’s lightweight nature enhances portability, enabling swift relocation within the office, home, or any preferred location.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the VAULTEK gun safe ensures durability, with a protective powder coat to ward off corrosion. The inclusion of anti-theft features, such as an anti-impact latch and anti-pry bars, enhances security, keeping the safe firmly locked against unauthorized access.

The integration of LED lighting proves instrumental in low-light scenarios, aiding quick location of the safe and providing visibility of its contents. This feature extends to a secure backlit keyboard for convenient use. The safe is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, boasting an impressive power retention of approximately 4-6 months, ensuring consistent functionality without frequent recharging. The combination of durability, security features, and user-friendly elements positions the VAULTEK safe as a reliable and convenient choice for safeguarding valuables in various settings.


  • It comes with LED lighting
  • It is light weighted
  • It comes with different anti-theft protection
  • It has a security sleep mode
  • Designed with a rechargeable lithium-ion Battery


  • LED lighting might incur some problems when used for long

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3. Awesafe Gun Safe

gun safes for pistols

Awesafe come up with this gun safe to offer storage for two standard handguns or one big pistol and some extra ammunition. So, the gun safe is made up of a digital keypad for maximum protection. Thus, this pistol safe will help keep your children safe and avoid intruders from accessing your weapon anyhow. To mention, Awesafe handgun safe is designed with solid steel. Steel is durable and offers muscular strength on the product.

In addition, it has a locking mechanism, Pry resistant door, and precise fittings that are hard to pry open with hand tools. Meaning, it provides maximum security and protection of your devices and other valuable documents. Also, the pistol safe features LED lighting and a gas strut which offers easy access to firearms, documents, and more.

On top of that, the Awesafe is compact and lightweight, permitting a gun owner to use it anyplace. Additionally, it is small in size, giving you an easy time to conceal under car seats, between mattresses, spare tire wells, and other tight locations. Other features you’ll find in this product include override Key, instruction manual, and digital Keypad, among others.


  • Comes with fingerprint recognition
  • Designed with digital keypad
  • It is light weighted
  • Comes with LED lighting
  • Designed with a gas strut


  • Might have a problem with biometric features

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4. SentrySafe Biometric QAP1BLX Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe has developed this product to help gun owners or those who want to secure their valuable items safely for optimal performance. And, so, SentrySafe designed this product with fingerprint recognition. This system allows you to access your gun, documents, or other expensive items with the mere swipe of your finger. The process is fast and helps to access your weapon quickly and faster.

Moreover, the fingerprint can hold up to 10 fingers. Similarly, it has an interior light to increase safe visibility and allows you to see your gun without any additional lighting. For durable performance, there is a gas strut designed in this product which enhances long-lasting performance. Also, it offers quick access to your gun by automatically opening your safe door when locked.

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel material used to make them safe. Generally, steel helps in the durability and strength of the safe. Additionally, the foam interior plays a significant role by protecting the handguns from any mechanical damage while stored inside the safe.


  • It comes with a foam interior for handgun protection
  • It is made up of steel
  • It comes with fingerprint protection
  • It is easy to access guns from the safe
  • It has interior lighting


  • Too easy to break

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5. Moutec Biometric Gun Safe

Moutec Biometric Gun Safe

If you are looking for quick access to your gun, documents, and other valuable items, look for no other but this Moutec biometric gun safe. So, to access your items, Moutec designed this product so that you can use the spare key, backlit keypad, or biometric fingerprint scanner to open it.

Aside from that, this biometric gun safe is characterized by steel security cable, built-in hinges, and an internal safety bracket that prevents sudden break-ins. Also, the handgun safe is made of steel wall constructions that help the product’s longevity. And, powder coating finish is out to prevent the Safe from corrosion, maintain its durability and prevent unnecessary destructions.

Therefore, this is the best gun safe to embrace if you want to keep your firearms safe from your children and intruders. On the flip side, Moutec designed this product with a silent mode, LED light, Backlit Keypad, and more, which you can use to enhance the product performance. Also, it comes with a 2-years warranty and anti-theft protection.


  • Designed with anti-theft protection
  • It is easy to access
  • It comes with a silent mode and LED lights
  • It has a 2-years warranty
  • It comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner or a spare key


  • The lid can open with a mere hint at the bottom

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6. V-Line Top Draw Security 2912-S Case

Best gun safe 2022

If you are looking for a gun safe that doesn’t need a battery to operate, then V-Line is the best solution for your need. The top drawer is characterized by an easily programmable five-push button, which mechanically can be locked without battery use. Additionally, the top drawer can store up to two pistols. However, it will always depend on the size of the drawer.

V-Line designed this safe top drawer in a friendly texture manner and with a black powered coating, stainless steel faceplate, and V-Line logo. The heavy interior foam in the Safe helps prevent any mechanical damage to the gun while inside the safe.

In addition, the top drawer has predrilled holes located at the base and can be placed on top of many surfaces with the bolts or the quick-release mounting bracket. Other features designed in this safe include genuine KABA simplex lock, CA DOJ Approved, and more.


  • No need to use a battery
  • The five push button is easy to use
  • Designed with a black powered coating
  • It comes with a heavy interior foam
  • Includes genuine KABA simplex lock


  • Poor lock quality

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7. ONNAIS Gun Safe


ONNAIS came up with this product which is the most ideal for use in the family. Generally, it comprises a Fingerprint Gun Safe that facilitates quick access of the safe when needed. Therefore, it is the best under-gun bed safe to have in your family because it protects your handgun from your kids, unwanted visitors, or intruders.

Additionally, ONNAIS constructed it with biometric technology. This technique helps the safe to keep your content more securely. Also, the pistol safe is designed with biometric technology, which is proven to be more accurate than traditional keypad locks.

Thanks to the high-resolution fingerprint scanner that permits quick access to your content in your safe. Similarly, the fingerprint lock can store up to 30 fingerprints to allow multiple users access.


  • Advanced biometric technology
  • Designed with fingerprint safe
  • It is portable
  • Doesn’t include a new AA Alkaline Batteries
  • It comes with a high-resolution fingerprint


  • Quite costly

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8. GunVault Standard Digital Minivault Pistol Safe

GunVault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe

GunVault Safe is the best nightstand gun safe that allows you to store or keep your most valuable items right anyplace you wish. This is because it is characterized by a compact design and endless mounting options to choose from.

In case of any emergency, it is straightforward to access some of your valuable documents in the safe. This is because of the patented no-eye keypad, which provides quick access to your gun inside the safe. Similarly, it comes with backup overrides keys to help you access your gun easily in any event.

It is ideally impossible to pry open this Safe with a hand tool. It has high strength lock mechanism, which ensures your valuable items are secure all the time. Thanks to the audio and low LED indicator that helps you to know when your battery is low.


  • It has a low LED indicator
  • Designed with a high strength lock mechanism
  • It comes with interior foam
  • It has back override keys
  • Allows up to 20 fingerprints


  • It might have problems with fingerprint technology after use for an extended period

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9. Barska Biometric Fingerprint AX13662 Drawer Safe

Barska AX13662 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Security Drawer Safe

If you are looking for solid security for your families and business, then look for no other but Barska safe. Therefore, Barska constructed this safe with steel walls, pry-proof edges, and double deadbolts to help keep children and intruders away from your safe.

Additionally, for added security, this top gun safe might automatically permit an open door alarm if it remains unlocked for 3-5 mins and more. To secure your items, you can mount the top drawer inside a closet or in large drawers depending on your choice of preference.

Similarly, it has 4 AA batteries power that usually powers the safe for up to one year. In addition, it has a warning alarm that will always notify you when your battery is going down. Also, you can use backup keys to access the Safe anytime you so wish if the battery fails you.


  • It has easy access manual
  • Ideal for families and business
  • It comes with a warning alarm
  • It is designed with a 4 AA battery
  • It has advanced fingerprint recognition.


  • Poor fingerprint reader

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10. Honeywell Safes and Door Locks

Best gun safe 2022

Honeywell designed this product, the ideal gun safe for storing pistols, letters, USB flash drives, legal documents, DVDs, CDs, and more. So, if you want to secure your documents from water damage and fire, Honeywell is the best safe for your project. Also, it comes with a handle, which makes transportation of the safe straightforward.

On top of that, it comes with a 7-years warranty and a key lock system with a lifetime assurance after-fire- replacement. In addition, it has a 100-hour waterproof seal that is certified to keep things dry and a 30-minute UL fire protection rating for up to 1550°F. Therefore, this top-rated gun safe can help store your essential documents from fire and flood.

Similarly, the addition of two side latches guards and waterproof seal against floods, emergency sprinklers, and other different forms of water damages help a great deal in this safe. These features make this safe the most suitable gun safe for your documents, other valuable items, and digital media.


  • It can be used for various storage purposes
  • It comes with a handle or a cabinet
  • It has a 7-years warranty
  • It comes with two side latches guards and a waterproof seal
  • Essential for your personal documents storage and digital media
  • It has a 100-hour watertight seal


  • Your letter might not lie flat as indicated

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Buying Guide of Best Gun Safe

Best Gun safe 2024

The first step is knowing your criteria. Why are you looking for a gun safe? Do you want something large enough to store all of the firearms in one location, or would mini-safes be more up your alley with their compact size.

The next thing on our list includes checking out manufacturer reputation as these types bring a certain amount level of trustworthiness behind them before purchasing anything expensive like safes that house longarms.

Size of the safe- 

Size matters. The more space you have for guns, the better! The best gun safes are spacious enough to store all of your firearms in one spot without having them collide with each other or bang against doorways on either side. You should make sure that whichever size safe you choose, it suits both needs and preferences so as not regret later down the line when things get too full.

Safe Type – 

Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, but the most secure type is a Biometric fingerprint activated gun safe. Do you want the highest level of protection for your guns? If so, a biometric fingerprint activated safe will be perfect for you.

Weight – 

A lot of people think that weight equals protection. The heavier a safe is, the more difficult it will be for anyone to remove from your residence. 

gun safe reviews

Locking system – 

When it comes to lock choices, you have a lot of options. You can go with the traditional manual locks or opt for biometric devices that use fingerprints as an identification method instead! Plus keypad operated safes are also popular among consumers nowadays because they’re easy-to-use and provide some security backup in case one forgets their passwords or combinations set on certain functions within their safe.

Mounting option – 

The mounting and anchors of a safe can be used to make it more difficult for thieves. Mounting the security device on walls, shelves or flooring will allow you peace-of mind that your items are secure as well as making them harder targets because they’re less likely try an open up these types of strongboxes in public areas where there may already be people around who could notice what’s happening.

Practical Power Source – 

The power source for your safe is important because it will need to be plugged in. Some safes use rechargeable batteries and USB charging packs, which are more practical than locating an outlet or wall socket nearby!

Quick Access and Easy Entry – 

The gun safes you’re buying should have a quick and easy entry system. This will be very helpful if the situation arises where your gun needs to be at hand quickly, such as during an emergency or just in case something happens that requires us all being prepared for action immediately.

Alarm – 

A gun safe with an alarm is a great investment for peace of mind. The alarms will allow you to sleep soundly at night knowing that your firearm and ammunition are protected from intruders or worse yet – accidents!

Thick Steel Gauge – 

If you want the most impenetrable safe, then go with thick steel. You’ll also need a sturdy lock that can withstand any amount of pounding or hacking attempts to get in there!

Failsafe mechanism – 

Failing to protect your belongings can be a costly mistake. This is why it’s important to make sure the doors are always locked and unable for intruders get in! The failsafe mechanism on safes will not only shut them out but also leave an alarm within range so that you know right away if anything happens at night or during inclement weather conditions when visibility may be low outside of home windows.

Best gun safe 2022


Gun safes are a MUST when you have gun. It will keep your gun safe from children and others who may not know about gun safety rules. The best gun safe will also protect your gun in the event of a fire. However, not all gun safes are made equal and there are many things one must consider before buying it. Here is a list of FAQ gun safe buyers must know.

Are gun safes fireproof gun storage?

No, gun safes are not fireproof gun storage. They do come with a fire rating but they are not considered as fireproof gun safe because the contents inside may experience some damage even though the exterior is intact after the gun safe has been exposed to the fire.

Are biometric gun safes worth the money?

Yes, biometric gun safes are absolutely worth the money because they can be opened faster than any other gun safe type and their accuracy is far better than using a passcode. You will always get your gun quickly when seconds count.

How to protect gun safe from moisture?

One way gun safe moisture protection can be achieved is by gun safe dehumidifier. This gun safe accessory is a silica gel pack that absorbs moisture from the air inside gun safes and prevents condensation from forming on metal gun safe parts so rust doesn’t form. This gun safe accessory is a gun safe necessity for anyone who wants to protect their guns in an area with high humidity year round.

What is the fire rating on a gun safe?

Many individuals look for a higher number when it comes to the fire rating on a gun safe. A higher number does not always mean that the safe is more secure. However, it can mean that the safe will last longer and maintain its structural integrity in a fire, which makes the contents safer to protect. Typically fireproof gun safes with a higher fire rating will have insulation made of either gypsum or ceramic tile. The best type of insulation will depend on who you ask; however, the higher the number, the better.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

What is a digital lock?

Traditional locking mechanisms on gun safes use dials to enter a combination that opens the safe. Digital locks use pin numbers and can be programmed with unique owner PIN codes for quick access in an emergency situation. When choosing a digital lock, it is important to consider whether you want a backlit keypad or a key-entry pad. The number of batteries needed should also be taken into consideration, especially for long term storage purposes.

What is the weight capacity on a gun safe?

A high weight capacity can be found in large size models, which are usually made of steel and other durable materials. If you have many long guns, look for a safe that is capable of holding at least 200 pounds. A large weight capacity gun safe can be used to stack items on top of the firearm, such as documents and other valuables.


It can be a big decision to invest in a gun safe. There are a number of great gun safes on the market, but if your budget is limited you may want to consider trying something different. A good way to find out which gun safe will suit your needs best would be by looking at features and what they offer for their price range as well as reading reviews from other customers who have tried them out before buying one!

As you’ve probably noticed, the best gun safe brands tend to cost on the expensive side. That’s because thieves are becoming more sophisticated by day and companies have continuously added new features in order keep your firearms away from those who don’t deserve them – which means that if a gun isn’t protected it could be wasted money!

I feel like there is no “best gun safe” as each person has different needs when buying one for themselves or their family members, but rather priorities depending on whether they want something small enough to bug carry around with them all day long (like myself), just storing away some extra ammunition at home while waiting from future massacres.

We hope our gun safe reviews were helpful and informative so now, it’s up for you!

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