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How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight ( Top 10 Ways )

The most trusted way to keep your gun safe from unauthorized people is to use the best quality safe. Gun safes have long been used to protect guns, jewelry, documents, ammunition, and other valuables. Nevertheless, a gun safe may not be enough to protect valuables from thieves if it is easy to identify. In the event of a break-in, a well-constructed gun safe may not withstand an advanced drill, cutting machine, and the pry bar. Therefore, camouflaging gun safes may be the best security option. If you are not acquainted with the concept of hiding, do not worry because here is how to hide a gun safe in plain sight. Therefore, stay with me to the end to find the best method.

How to hide a gun safe in plain sight

1. Hiding behind a mirror

Having a mirror gun safe is like killing two birds at once. So, you can protect your gun with less money and still take care of yourself. Also, you can save money if you already have a mirror. Tactical Walls have different mirror gun safe types, which range from wall to sliding mirror gun safe. Its ample space allows you to store long-barreled shotguns, ammo, light, full-size handguns, etc.

To install the mirror gun safe on the wall, you may need an expert to cut a wall and fit it inside the compartment. Sliding gun safes, on the other hand, are easy to install. For security reasons, you can lock this safe and unlock it with a key. One problem with the mirror gun safe is breaking if found. So it is crucial to make it remain like the ordinary mirror and don’t tell others.

2. Hiding in the picture frame

Another way to hide a gun safe in plain sight is by keeping it inside the picture frame. It’s one of the less expensive ways to store guns. Typically, you can easily store the standard-size pistols with magazines. You can hang it on a wall or use t while on top of a table. Please do not use the logo with your company name for security reasons because other people can easily see it.

3. Hiding in the clock

Several concealment gun clocks in the market offer the option of hiding guns in the watch. Table clocks, mantle clocks, and wall clocks are used to hide a firearm from intruders. The wall clock is my favorite because it hangs on the wall and is difficult to access. The table and mantle gun clock are easily reached by others, which can cause unintended incidents. Most gun clocks offer plenty of space to store in Glock 17 or 1911 easily.

4. Hiding in the garage

If you can’t find a place to hide the gun safe in the house, you can try to hide it in the garage. But don’t forget to hide in this place that only you can easily reach and no one else.

5. Hiding under a coffee table

The coffee table can be used as the hide gun safe in plain sight by installing an underground compartment in the coffee table. The table can be placed in the bedroom, dining room, or living room. For quick and easy access, putting a gun safe in the bedroom is recommended. The tabletop is opened using the magnetic keys.

You can make or buy your coffee table. However, others may obtain the coffee table from a well-known company for the same design. It is best to make your coffee table with covers that can’t arouse suspicion in others.

6. Hiding under the gun concealment bench

It is possible to hide a gun safe in plain sight under the gun concealment bench. With enough space in a bar, you can simply shotguns, store AR-15, magazines, and ammunition. But know that it is not safe in the gun concealment bench. As a result, a locking system is weak to protect against intruders, as it generally only has one locking tab.

7. Gun concealment shelf

Another great way to hide a gun safe is to use the gun concealment shelf. Typically, Tactical Wall with other companies has a variety of shelves, which can be hung on the wall. The magnetic locking system and RFID protect the gun safes on the shelf. All you have to do is sweep the magnet or card to open the bottom of a shelf. Generally, a piston inside the shelf, which helps you unlock the shelf slowly and foam to support your guns. The foam has to be cut into a gun shape for it to adhere correctly.

8. Hiding in the Wooden American flag

Hiding a gun safe in the Wooden American flag is the best idea. It will show your patriotism and conceal your gun from thieves. It can be the best place to hide a gun safe in plain sight. It comes with mounting accessories so that you can mount it on a wall easily.

9. Hiding inside a book gun safe

You can also hide a gun safe inside a book gun safe. The book must be cut in the shape of the guns to make them fit perfectly. The cover of the book must be made from stiff paper to keep it straight on the shelf.

10. Hiding under a quick air vent safe

A quick air vent safe becomes the most viable method to hide a gun safe in plain sight. It resembles a standard air vent, but it has a large compartment in the back. All you have to do is fix it to the wall. It comes with RFID cards that ensure the opening of the lid smoothly. Also, the air vent safe comes with a battery, which can maintain the vent operation for about one year without replacement.


Hiding your gun safe in a plain safe is a great way to protect your guns. However, the main challenge is keeping secrets from others. It is a suitable method, but less easy and safe. We have explained how to hide a gun safe in plain sight in this article. We hope this will help you find the best hiding place for the gun safe.


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