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The most crucial reason why gun owners prefer an under bed gun safe is to get close by their gun all time during the night. This kind of safe provides maximum security and prevents unwanted visitors or children from accessing your weapon quickly. Keeping your gun under the pillow is not only the most dangerous practice, but it is terrible for your health. So, if you want to keep your weapon safe and deprive yourself of unnecessary harm, a best under bed gun safe got you covered.

Similarly, under bed gun safe has beautiful features that propel most gun owners to own it. Some of these tools use locks or keys to open them, while others are designed with biometric technology. Moreover, regardless of their opening technique, they offer maximum space for rifles, handguns and other bullets. Also, they are portable, thus permitting you to move with them and place them in any place of your choice. Therefore, take a bold move today and make your home safe for your visitors and prevent tragic accidents. Continue reading to get updated reviews about the best under bed gun safe this year.

Moutec Under Bed Safe

Moutec Under Bed Safe

  • Large slide-out drawer
  • Solidly built with 100% steel walls 
  • Tamper-resistant inner edges 
  • Quick Digital PIN code for quick access
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SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

  • Digital lock (3 to 8 digit access code)
  • Fits in the trunk of many larger SUVs 
  • Made of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel.
  • Pry resistant door design 
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Hornady Rapid Under Bed Gun Safe

Hornady Rapid Under Bed Gun Safe

  • Tamper proof heavy-duty construction
  • Touch-free entry with RFID technology
  • Exceeds ASTM International safety standards
  • Easy to install and use
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Eylar 53

Eylar 53" Inch Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case

  • Designed to secure two rifles 
  • Crushproof and Waterproof
  • Includes 3 layers of foam
  • Travel roller case 
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SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe 

SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe 

  • Heavy-duty gun safe 
  • It has pry-proof door
  • Anti-scratch storage
  • Can keep couple of rifles & few handguns
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Top 5 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

1. Moutec Under Bed Safe

Moutec Under Bed Safe

Moutec came up with this product to help people store their firearms and other valuable items out of sight specially under the bed. And, so, you can use this product under bed, under different types of large furniture, in a closet, or the vehicle out of sight. Also, the large drawer can be used to store documents, firearms, and jewelry, among others.

In addition, this product is the most ideal safe to help you keep your children and intruders away from accessing your valuable items and firearms. Thus, Moutec incorporated a quick digital PIN code, instant home defense, backup key, and quick firearm access for quick access to the safe. Essentially, these features will help you to access your gun, documents quickly in case of emergency.

Similarly, it is easy to install at your home and comes with a 2-years warranty. Its installation is simplified because of the pre-punched mounting holes at the bottom of the gun and in the back of the security cabinet. The pre-punched mounting holes permit easy attachment of the Safe into the floor having the attached screw on it.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 2-years warranty
  • It comes with handles which make the safe easy to carry
  • Designed with a LED lighting
  • It has a digital PIN code, backup key for quick access to the firearms


  • It is heavy to carry

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2. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

If you are looking for a safe to use in your rental house or for use in a vehicle, SnapSafe got you covered. SnapSafe comes up with this product to make it easy for renters and vehicles owners to store their belongings out of sight while maintaining easy access to their items. Similarly, it comes with predrilled holes, which facilitates permanent installations. It also has a commercial-grade 5-foot cable that helps to offer added security when placed on stationary objects.

Thanks to the backup keys and digital lock that help quickly access valuable items in the Safe in an emergency. You can use this under bed gun safe to store your rifles, pistols, and valuables such as laptops, documents, jewelry, tablets, and other expensive items. Additionally, this product can fit even under the tablets, trunk of many small SUVs.

Also, SnapSafe made it easy for anyone who wants to engage in outdoor tool storage; this safe can still serve an illustrative purpose to store precious outdoor gear. On top of that, it weighs 55 lbs. It has a Pry-resistant door design that helps stop any unauthorized access and is constructed with heavy-duty steel.


  • It comes with predrilled holes for permanent installation
  • It can be used in outdoor gear storage
  • It comes with backup keys and a digital lock
  • It also has a commercial-grade 5-foot cable
  • It is constructed with heavy-duty steel.


  • It is heavy.

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3. Hornady Safe AR Rapid Gun Locker

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

Hornady constructed this Safe with heavy-duty and tamper-proof material, making it ideal for long rifles or short gun storage. Additionally, this safe is accompanied by a 1500-lb rated cable which provides extra security when owning it. So, if you’re novel longing to prevent theft, firearm accidents, and gun misuse, then Hornady Gun safe is for you.

Similarly, this is the perfect safe to use as one of the under-bed gun safes. Also, it is ideal for use in a closet safe to store handguns, other valuable items, ammo, or vehicle trunk safe. Compared to other safe, Hornady designed it so that you can install it quickly, safely, and faster. The predrilled mounting holes for horizontal or vertical mount eases the installation process.

In addition, this long gun safe is characterized by battery-powered AC, a spring-loaded door, keypad access, and two circular barrel keys that contribute to its efficiency when used. Apart from this, the safe features a patented RFID technology that helps detect unauthorized persons accessing the safe.


  • It comes with patented RFID technology
  • Designed with heavy-duty steel materials
  • It can be used even in-vehicle trunk safe
  • Easy to install
  • Designed with AC, battery-powered, spring-loaded door, and more


  • AC might have technical hitches after use for long

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4. Eylar Protective Roller Tactical 53-Inch Rifle Hard Case

Eylar 53 Inch Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case

Eylar designed this product primarily to secure rifles for storage or transportation. Similarly, the two low-profile solid roller wheels incorporated in this safe permit effortless and quick transport, which is heavy. Thanks to the TSA luggage lock fittings and case in this safe, you can travel with your safe on an airplane.

Eylar designed the product with strict TSA requirements that permit you to travel on an airplane to the USA safely. Additionally, it has crushproof drag handles, three folding, and hand carrying for easy, safe transportation. Apart from that, you can secure your precious items in this safe by adding padlocks to the existing for added security.

On the flip side, when traveling to other countries with this case, you must open the pressure valve to permit captured air pressure to equalize the case. Moreover, Eylar designed this Safe with one layer of customizable cubed foam, one bottom liner padding layer, and an egg-crate top layer.


  • It can be used to secure rifles for storage and transportation
  • Designed with two low profile solid roller
  • Meets TSA requirements
  • It comes with crushproof drag handles
  • It has added security


  • The safe case can break easily

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5. SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe 

Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Looking for a heavy-duty, extra-large gun safe that will offer you maximum security? Look no further than the SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe. This top-rated under bed gun safe is built with durable reinforced steel to protect your firearms and valuables. It will ensure easy, instant access for you at a moment’s notice.

The safe also features a pry-proof door to keep children and unauthorized users from gaining access. You can choose between electronic and manual access – simply set up your gun safe with a 3-8 digits access code or access with a traditional entry key. You can store all your valuables, jewelry, documents, firearms and more in this under bed gun safe.

In addition, This SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe is big and heavy. You may need 2 people to carry it upstairs. This roomy safe is perfect for keeping your weapons out of the reach of children or thieves, and can accommodate a variety of different gun types. With its roomy interior, the SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safe is perfect for storing AR 15 rifles, SBS’s, handguns, and other gear.


  • Heavy-duty gun safe 
  • It has pry-proof door
  • Anti-scratch storage
  • The safe is big and heavy
  • Offers easy and instant access
  • It is roomy inside 
  • Can accommodate couple of rifles and few handguns


  • Plastic turn knob
  • The keypad is loud 

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Top Under Bed Gun Safe

Best Under Bed Gun Safe Buying Guide

Owning guns is not for the faint hearted—but buying safe can be! We asked experienced hunters, collectors or shooters about their dos/don’ts when it comes to under bed gun safes. These experts have over 30 years combined experience in this field so you know they are qualified enough:

Consider a dehumidifier 

A humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold and rust. Invest in a dehumidifier to ensure your firearm’s longevity! A dehumidifier is a great way to guarantee your guns stay in mint condition. A humid environment can wreak havoc on the metal parts of firearms, so consider purchasing one for use with your under bed gun safes.

Don’t leave the safe’s door open

If you leave the door to your safe unlatched and unattended, it may cause a serious accident. For safety’s sake make sure that when not using or if someone else has access they close and lock up as well! Closing and locking the door after using a safe is an important habit to form. This will not only keep you safer, but also those around you who may be in danger if their finger slips on one of your items inside!

Get homeowners insurance

When you buy a gun safe, it’s important to get proper insurance coverage. Make sure that your homeowner’s or renter’s policy includes protection for the firearm and its accessories in case of theft!

Whether you own a small or large one, make sure to notify the insurer that you have purchased an additional piece of protection. It is important because it becomes part-and potentially most valuable part-of their inventory and helps them offer better rates on coverage in case anything happens with this product as well as others like cars etc.

Don’t leave your safe in plain sight

Putting a gun safe in plain sight in your living room, is just asking for trouble. Install it under the bed instead, if you want peace of mind and protection from burglars. You can also put it away for safekeeping with one of these other locations: an office; spare bedroom; basement.

Keep the safe organized

Keeping your gun safe organized and out of reach from curious children, a under bed gun safe is always a good option. If you have a good collection of guns, it is important to keep them well organized and safe. In a under bed gun safe you can keep your firearm well organized in the storage space provided. A disorganized gun can be a security hazard, so make sure you use all available room for storing it properly or else accidents may happen! 


Why place your gun safe under your bed?

Under the bed is the best position because it allows you to easily access your gun in case of intruders break into your house. Occasionally, most burglars won’t expect you to have a gun under your sheets, which can surprise them when you access your gun fast.

Bolting your safe to the floor or bed, which one is recommended?

Bolting on both places if you can is recommended. The more firm and strong your Safe is, the more secure your valuable will be. It is good not to allow anyone to get away with your safe. So, bolting it to the floor or bed can be a good choice if you can do both.


Under bed gun safes are the best tools to buy for your home and office protection as well. Generally, they are light; you can move with them to anyplace of your choice. Similarly, they offer maximum protection of your valuable items, guns, documents, and more. In addition, they are designed with fingerprint recognition that hinders unauthorized users from accessing your precious things in the safe.


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