How To Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment

How To Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment?

When purchasing a gun safe, the priority is where to store it. Many people assume that it can be stored inside a closet. But that may not be promising if you stay in an apartment or any other place with strict regulations against owning a gun.

There are some secure storage options for anyone looking for methods to store their weapons without running into a board or other tenants. There are the best options for anybody in this situation as they allow owners to safeguard their guns following local regulations and laws.

However, keep in mind that safes are generally heavy. Placing them on the upper floors can tire the apartment. Also, the gun safe has a high level of security. It offers a variety of alternatives that provide a high level of security and protect your apartment from damage or stress. In this article, you will learn how to secure a gun safe in an apartment with a simple trick.

How to secure a gun safe in an apartment?

Bolt the gun safe to a wall

To bolt the gun safe on a wall becomes the best way to secure it in an apartment. Just choose the location on a wall where you need to secure the gun safe. Because of this, you will need to use a wall frame to create the safe outline using the saw and cut it accordingly. Be careful when cutting the portion of the wall outline to make the gun safe sit comfortably.

When you are through removing the wall outline, you should use a drill then remove the part using bolts and nails. Carefully secure the nails and bolts so that a gun safe is well fitted against the wall. For safe wall space, find a location near your closet that is difficult for thieves to find your weapon easily. This is an excellent way to secure a gun safe in the apartment nicely.

Bolt the gun securely onto a steel slab

It’s a practical and pleasant way to secure a gun safe by bolting it securely onto a steel slab. This slab you use, in this case, is supposed to be thick and heavy enough to make it difficult for thieves to remove the safe from your home. It’s recommended that you use a half-inch to quarter-inch thick steel slab and ensure that the steel’s width plate is greater than the width of the door frame.

That way, if you place it neatly at the front door, thieves will need to take the gun alongside the steel slab, which will cost them more effort and time. Because of that, it will be hard for them to steal the gun safe safely.

And not only that, when you bolt the gun securely into the doors with a weighted, and heavy steel plate, make sure you get it done right. If you don’t fix it perfectly to the doors with the bolts, thieves can quickly rob the gun safe, but it becomes time-consuming and difficult with a steel slab.

Fix two safes

This method eradicates the tedious process of fixing a gun safe to a door or wall. Since it is not necessary to cut the doors or a wall to place and hold the weapon safely, focus on the weight of the safe and then place it anywhere in the house.

This would make it even more difficult for thieves to pull them out to steal a safe when the two largest safes are fixed together. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to secure gun safety, keep this in mind. The heavier the safe, the harder it will be for thieves to steal it.

Stick the gun safe on the floor

Like a tenant, the landlord will not permit you to cause damage or drill holes at the floor to protect the safe. But you still have to protect your weapon. You never want a thief to steal the safe in an apartment. In this way, it is good to glue the safe firmly to the apartment floor without damaging or cutting the floor. However, be sure to use strong glue so that thieves cannot safely remove the gun safe. Use a high-strength polymer to hold them firmly in place.

Hide the gun safe

Hiding a gun safe may not give much security. However, a fake container may be the option. False boxes in the pantry can be a good thought, as a criminal may not be looking for these places. Avoid the drawers or bedrooms, as thieves are indeed looking for these places. Don’t put the guns under extreme stress because this can damage the firearm and bullets. This may result in malfunctions and may be very dangerous.

Glue the gun safe to the floor

You can glue the gun safe to the floor with polymeric solid glues. This is temporary and fits well in the garage.

Other Suggestions

It would be best if you reflected on insurance for the guns. Rental insurance is affordable and adequately protects your firearm from damage. Second, don’t reveal that you have the weapon. Expensive guns only work for temporary offenders. Whenever you leave a gun in the house or carry it, remember to store it in a box. This will protect and ensure it is not stolen. Take a closer look at the safety of the safe. Consider biometric locks and complex combinations to maintain security.

Can you bolt a safe down in an apartment?

Bolting a safe down in an apartment is generally possible, but it’s important to consider a few factors and seek permission from your landlord or property management before doing so. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Landlord Permission: Before installing any security measures, including bolting a safe to the floor or wall, you must obtain permission from your landlord or property management. Altering the structure of your apartment without permission may violate your lease agreement and lead to legal consequences.
  2. Floor or Wall Material: The feasibility of bolting a safe down depends on the materials used for the floor or wall. If your apartment has concrete floors or walls, it is usually easier to install a safe securely. However, if your apartment has wooden or drywall surfaces, you may need special anchors or fasteners to ensure a safe installation.
  3. Weight of the Safe: Safes come in various sizes and weights. Ensure that the floor or wall you intend to bolt the safe to can support the weight of the safe without causing structural damage. This is another reason why landlord permission is crucial; they may want to assess the safety of your installation.
  4. Bolting Hardware: Use appropriate bolts and fasteners that are designed for the specific materials you are anchoring to. Anchors should be robust and secure to prevent tampering or unauthorized removal.
  5. Location: Choose a location for the safe that is both secure and convenient for you. It should be in a spot where you can easily access it but not easily visible to potential intruders.
  6. Professional Installation: If you are unsure about the proper installation of a safe, consider hiring a professional locksmith or safe technician to do the job. They have the expertise and tools needed to ensure a secure installation.
  7. Documentation: Keep detailed documentation of your safe installation, including any modifications made to the apartment. This can be important if you ever need to remove the safe or if any disputes arise with your landlord.
  8. Restoration and Removal: If you plan to remove the safe at any point, be prepared to restore the floor or wall to its original condition as specified in your lease agreement.

In summary, bolting a safe down in an apartment is possible, but it should be done with the permission of your landlord and careful consideration of the factors mentioned above. Always prioritize safety, and consider consulting with a professional for installation if you have any doubts about the process.

Where is the safest place to keep a gun safe?

The safest place to keep a gun safe is one that balances security, accessibility, and discretion. Here are some considerations for determining the best location to store your gun safe:

  1. Bolted to the Floor or Wall: The gun safe should be securely anchored to either the floor or a wall. Bolting it down prevents burglars from easily moving or tampering with the safe.
  2. In a Locked Room: Consider placing the safe in a room that can be locked, such as a bedroom or a home office. This adds an additional layer of security, especially if you can lock the room when you’re not at home.
  3. In a Hidden or Discreet Location: While the safe should be accessible in an emergency, it should also be discreetly located. Avoid placing it in an obvious or high-traffic area. Many gun safes are designed to look like other pieces of furniture or household items to blend in better.
  4. Away from Children’s Access: If you have children in your home, make sure the gun safe is located in a place that is inaccessible to them. Child safety should always be a top priority.
  5. Quick and Easy Access: In a self-defense situation, you want to be able to access your firearm quickly. Ensure that the location you choose allows you to reach the safe easily but doesn’t compromise security.
  6. Temperature and Humidity Control: Consider the environmental conditions in the chosen location. Extreme temperatures and high humidity can affect the condition of your firearms. A controlled environment can help preserve your guns.
  7. Securely Hidden, Not Just Concealed: Concealing the safe behind a painting or a piece of furniture is a good idea, but it should also be securely hidden. This means that even if someone finds it, they cannot easily access it or remove it.
  8. Not in the Master Bedroom: Contrary to popular belief, the master bedroom is not always the best location because it’s often one of the first places burglars check. Consider other options, like a closet in a less-obvious room.
  9. Consider the Weight: The weight of the safe can be a factor. If it’s very heavy, ensure that the floor or wall where it’s installed can support its weight without causing structural damage.
  10. Security System Integration: If you have a home security system, consider integrating the safe into it. Some safes have features that allow for remote monitoring and alerts.

Remember that the best location may vary depending on your specific circumstances and needs. What’s most important is ensuring that your gun safe is both secure and accessible when necessary, while also preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, be sure to follow all local and state laws and regulations regarding firearm storage.


With a gun safe, you are more secure when storing the guns. This helps to prevent the weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Likewise, for safety purposes, it must be easily accessible and kept out of the reach of children and families. A gun safe should be protected at any cost to secure the guns in the apartment. Whether you decide to hide it or bolt it on a wall, the option is yours.

You can combine several ways to keep them safe in the apartment. Also, you can use any method to maximize security and make sure the process is not complicated. So, continue using whichever way you feel is comfortable with. And that is all you need to know about how to secure a gun safe in an apartment.


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