8 Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

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Having guns at home is classical if you want to increase someone’s security and safety. This will not be achieved if the weapons are left exposed. If intruders enter, you will be safer without insight into these weapons. Today, many users don’t have enough money to buy a safe. Consider the best way to store guns without a safe. In this way, you can choose a suitable method to increase safety. The options below show you how to store your guns without the high price or have a task process to install a safe in your house.

Here is the 8 Best way to store guns without a safe

1. Gun storage bag

The gun storage bag becomes the best option to store guns without a safe. There are other alternatives, which are much more effective than the gun storage bag. Typically, some of them have weapon boxes or safety boxes to store any of the weapons. Gun safes will not be of importance.

However, the gun storage bag is the best solution when moisture can be a problem. This is because it can damage the metal in the gun. Many people even want to use the crystal clear VCI gun storage bag. This option prevents rust, which damages the weapons’ metal.

2. Trigger lock

As a preventative measure, a trigger lock becomes the best way to store guns without a safe. Many unwanted accidents can be effectively avoided by installing a trigger lock in a gun. Its function often incorporates many weapons today.

Furthermore, a wire lock or locks are often the alternative solutions like external devices to lock a trigger. In any case, accidents involving people or children unfamiliar with guns can be avoided and stored safely.

3. Gun cabinet

The most popular way to store guns without a safe is the gun cabinet. It is the main alternative to the gun safe. There are generally two types of cabinets that are included. One is the general cabinet, and the other is the glass door cabinet. Typically, one way to display your weapons is by buying a cabinet with glass doors.

Alternatively, the general gun cabinet comes with a door, which is wood, steel, or board made. It is not convenient to display the weapons when all those units are dangerous and you don’t have a gun store. For this reason, it is advisable to have a general cabinet because the weapons don’t fall into the wrong hand. And if you want to arrange the guns nicely and more securely, then you can additionally buy a good vertical gun rack for your closet or cabinet.

4. Gun cases

The cheaper way to store guns without a safe is to use gun cases. Also, it is the most convenient and portable alternative form of transportation. Alternatively, the user can comfortably carry the weapons wherever he wants to go. However, moisture and rust are not the constant problems with the guns.

Using these gun cases at night can be challenging as they have high security and robust locking system features. There are usually several internal compartments to prevent the intruders from reaching these weapons, and this is the compact way.

Many users even use the cabinets to keep intruders out. These cases often involve a design, which manages to trick people. There are those with a top layer to store specific tools like gutters or violins. Below it, you will find weapons and ammunition, which can protect your family.

5. Security case

Having the gun safe becomes useful for hiding weapons, valuable documents, money, or jewelry. Also, it is an efficient option as you can install the gun safe in a quiet location. You can store weapons or other valuables, which are small.

Not only is it small and cheap, but it also offers a high-security level. There are several ways to reach the interior, which are offered. People often use the security code, a convenient key, or their fingerprint. A security cable and mounting frame optimize weapons’ protection.

6. False wall or false ventilation

This not only looks like something in a movie, but it’s also a very effective and popular system to store a gun. The option is only available to those people who can manage to pay for the large amount required. The architect should be invited to the construction site to build a false wall or credible vent.

Also, it is a task which many people can do on their own, even if it takes a lot of effort and time. It is crucial to work with wood or boards once you have drilled holes in a wall. Typically, it is essential to paint in a color, which exactly matches the wall. Likewise, this method doesn’t allow quick access to guns because it is ineffective in an emergency. The same applies to creating the false floor.

7. Shotgun assembly

You require a very efficient and safe place to store guns without a safe. In many situations, like store security, a shotgun should come in handy in an emergency. Therefore, there are different shotgun mounts, which will allow you to protect this weapon in the most comfortable position.

It is essential to choose the most suitable location for this option. Else, your weapon would be too close to falling to the wrong hands. Your shotgun will become a threat to you when that happens. Compared to the budget and effort, a shotgun assembly is the most practical option. With this tool, you don’t have to get safe.

8. Lockbox

The lockbox is a portable and lightweight way to store a gun without a safe. This option enables you to carry ammunition and a gun. The manufacturers have designed the large version for those who want to carry or store a gun for a long time.

Also, this method is the most effective not only for storing weapons but also for avoiding the oxidation problem. Silica gel bags are attached to these lockboxes. Of all the tools, this option is generally the most useful and cheapest for some weapons.

Safety Tips For storing guns without a safe

  1. Ammunition Separation: Store firearms and ammunition separately. This adds an extra layer of safety, as an unloaded firearm is less likely to cause harm if accidentally accessed.
  2. Use Trigger Locks and Cable Locks Together: For added security, combine trigger locks with cable locks. This prevents both the firearm’s action and the trigger from being operated.
  3. Regular Inspection: Regardless of your chosen storage method, regularly inspect and maintain your firearms. Ensure they are in good working condition and have not suffered any damage.
  4. Document Inventory: Keep an updated inventory of your firearms, including make, model, and serial number. In the event of theft, this information can be crucial for law enforcement and insurance claims.
  5. Legal Compliance: Always comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding firearm storage and access. Some jurisdictions have specific requirements for firearm storage.

Remember that firearm safety is paramount. If you have children in your home or expect visitors who are not familiar with firearms, take extra precautions to secure your firearms and educate others about firearm safety. While these alternative methods can help keep your firearms secure without a safe, a quality gun safe remains the most effective way to protect your firearms from theft and unauthorized access.


Choosing the best way to store guns without a safe becomes an important decision. By making this decision, you can avoid a lethal or severe accident with a gun at home. The storage method you choose is what improves intruder protection. It is recommended to choose the correct storage way.

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