Top 10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe In 2024

Best Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe

Fireproof Gun Safe ImageAs a gun owner, you know the importance of keeping your firearms safely stored away. You also know the importance of keeping them protected from fire.

A fireproof gun safe is the perfect solution for both of these needs. But with so many different gun safes on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

The best fireproof gun safe is the one that meets all of your needs. Take the time to find the perfect safe for your needs and you’ll be glad you did.

Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe

Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe

  • 2mm Steel Construction
  • Fireproof safe - 30 minute fire rating at 1200F,
  • External hinges allow for a full 180 degree opening
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SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

  • ELT Verified to endure 1/2 hour at 1400°F 
  • Waterproof safe - ETL Verified for 72 hours 
  • Digital Keypad for quick access 
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STEELWATER GUN SAFES Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes

STEELWATER GUN SAFES Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes

  • Automatic Interior LED Lighting
  • 120 minute fire proofing at 1875°F
  • Two internal re-lockers keep the safe secure
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TIGERKING Fireproof Safe, 3.47 Cubic Feet Home Safe

TIGERKING Fireproof Safe, 3.47 Cubic Feet Home Safe

  • 30 minutes fire resistant rated 1200°F
  • 3.47 Cubic Feet capacity
  • Equipped with a digital keypad lock
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Wasatch 24-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

Wasatch 24-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

  • 30 minute fire rating at 1400F
  • Waterproof for 72 hours in 2 feet of standing water
  • Backlit Electronic Lock comes with Alarm-U function with theft alert
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Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

  • A full 30 minutes of fire protection at 1400°F
  • Thick 2.00 mm steel composite door and body
  • Heat activated door seal expands up to 7 times its size
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Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection

  • E.M.P proof digital keypad with a high security bypass key
  • 1 Hour Fire Protection up to 1875 degrees
  • Drill/ballistic resistant hard plate
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SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe

  • Preset dial combination fire safe for strong security
  • Can endure 1 hour at 1700°F ( ETL Verified )
  • Waterproof safe - 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep
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Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe

  • 2.1-cubic-foot fire-resistant safe 
  • Fireproof 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit tested by Intertek
  • Programmable electronic keypad provides quick and easy access
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SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe

  • Can endure 1 hour at 1700°F 
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours 
  • Preset dial combination fire safe with secondary locking key
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Top 10 Best Fireproof Gun Safes Reviews 

When it comes to gun safety, there is no such thing as being too safe. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fireproof gun safes for your sweet home. Whether you’re looking for a small safe to keep in your bedroom or a larger one to store all of your firearms, we’ve got you covered

1. Fortress Gun Fireproof Safe – Our Top Pick

Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2022

The Fortress Gun Fireproof Safe is one of the best fireproof gun safes available on today’s market. It is a unit that’s sturdily made but affordable. The safe features thickness of 2 mm, which makes it strong enough to withstand high temperatures and flames without melting or cracking for over an hour at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit! It also includes 3-1 inch locking bolts with two deadbolts.

So you can open your fire proof box easily using just one hand while still being able secure its contents in case there are attempted burglaries happening near by . Not only does this stylish piece come equipped with electronic lock function but also it has alarm system too. The Fortress 8-GUN Fireproof Safe is durable and can protect your firearms from any form of danger, because it features heavy duty steel and rust resistant materials which will not damage even if exposed to water for long periods time. 

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2. SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

This safe is perfect for storing your jewelry, guns and other important papers. It’s very heavy so be prepared to pick it up once you get the hang of carrying 200+ pounds! The size makes sure there’s plenty room inside even with large valuables like laptops or TVs. The Sentrysafe EF4738E offers superior fire protection for your valuables and important documents, up to half an hour at 1400 F.

In addition it provides water resistant protections against flood damage in 12 inches of standing liquid – this safe is perfect! The interior carpeting will protect delicate items from being damaged while inside the unit during storage.

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3. Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

Best fireproof gun safes

Steelwater created this safe to be the flagship of their mid-sized budget gun safes. It’s perfect for long guns, pistols, ammunition and cash but also has enough room left over if you need it! This product offers an improved 2 hour fire rating at 1875°F that will keep your most prized possessions safe from harm while providing quick access in case anything should happen outside or inside the house.

The door of this best fireproof rifle safe is made out 1/4” steel, with 9-gauge construction for the rest. It can hold 22 rifles and scopes comfortably without any worries about damaging your guns or tools inside!

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4. TIGERKING Fireproof Safe



This top fireproof long gun safe has a reinforced solid steel wall that makes it highly durable and resistant to flames. This 3.47 Cubic Feet capacity safe can withstand high temperatures of 1200°F/650°C for 30 minutes. It’s also secure, with shelving on three levels which can be adjusted or removed as needed for your storage needs.

The removable shelves inside protect firearms from accidental fires while keeping them dry in even the moistest conditions. With this home-fire protection product you’ll have peace of mind knowing all precious possessions are protected by soft cloth lining so scratches aren’t an issue either!

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5. Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe 

Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

The Wasatch Safe is rated at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes. It is a reliable unit that comes with an electronic lock and alarm. The safe is both fireproof and waterproof. It will remain water-resistant, even when it has been doused in two feet of water for 72 hours.

This sturdy safe box can also withstand a ramming attack thanks its heavy duty bolts that are recessed onto an inner wall so they cannot easily be ripped out with prying tools; plus there’re included -bolt down kit makes sure no matter what happens you’ll have ultimate security right where it belongs.”

The exterior hinges on the Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe enable you to open up for a full 180 degrees, providing plenty of space inside. The steel construction makes it durable enough so that nothing can dent or scratch its surface without being repaired first! With an interior measuring at just 2 mm thick (thin!), this fireproof rifle safe will easily hold 18 long guns. The removable top shelf allows users easy access when needed without taking much room away from storage capacity itself.

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6. Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

Kodiak KB5529ECS Fireproof Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

The Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe is a tough gun safe that can hold up to 30 long guns and 10 handguns. It’s made of 2 mm steel bolts, which are protected by an extra-hardened steel plate for protection against attacks with drills!

The digital combo makes opening this bad boy super easy – you never have worry about getting stuck again because its electronic lock system ensures foolproof security every time. If you’re looking for a safe that can withstand high temperatures, then this is it! The California DOJ has tested and approved the product. It’s fireproof up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit with an exterior door seal activated by heat.

In case of fires, these best long gun safes expand seven times sealing edges preventing smoke or flames from entering inside. Again, the spring loaded re-locker will keep your safe secure if the lock is tampered with or removed. The safe is predrilled so that you can anchor it to the floor and for concrete floors, it includes anchoring hardware too.

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7. Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe With Fire Protection

Steelwater’s 60-minute fire resistant gun safe is equipped with high security EMP improved digital keypad along bitted bypass keys. The new X3 biometric panel allows you quick and hassle free access especially in case of emergency, while also being strong enough to protect your valuables from the flames for up tp 1 hour @ 1875 ºF!

It has 12 gauge steel body & composite door which makes it one tough unit that will stand against any unauthorized intrusion. With 20 locking bolts at every corner, this fireproof rifle safe is perfect for gun owners.

Interior LED light helps you navigate in low-light conditions and the door organizer is durable enough to protect your valuable guns from unwanted entry – but it’s softness also makes sure they’re safe while inside!

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe is made of 14-gauge steel and is capable of holding up to 39 long guns. It also features a five-point locking system and a drill-resistant hard plate to help prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the safe comes with an internal power supply and interior LED lighting for increased convenience.

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8. SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Waterproof Safe

Top fireproof gun safe

The Sentry Safe SFW205CWB is the perfect choice for storing valuable documents, firearms and small handguns. This high-security safe has been designed to protect your most precious belongings from fire as well water damage with its steel construction body.

It can withstand extreme temperatures while providing ultimate security via six live locking bolts or prying resistance bars! If something does happen during storage (fire), then there’s no need worry because they offer a one year warranty on all parts including replacement if necessary.

This safe is perfect for protecting your valued possessions. It can withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes and has Bolting-down hardware that makes it easy bolts down securely on the floor or ground! No more worries about pre drilled holes because these safes come with marks where you should drill in order secure them properly.

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9. Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe

Amazon Basics Fireproof Security Safe

The AmazonBasics Fireproof Safe is the perfect way to protect your most valuable items from theft and fire. This fire-resistant gun safe is perfect for those who need protection from the unpredictable flames of today’s world.

As it can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes and still provide absolute safety with its high level UL 72 certification – you’ll have peace knowing your belongings will always be safe! This safe is just what you need to keep your valuables protected. It’s perfect for protecting those sentimental items that mean so much!

The two keys included make opening this thing easy, and programming their combination is simple too. There are holes pre drilled on the sides as well back where accessories can be mountable if needed. Its durable 14 gauge steel construction ensures that this unit will last longer than any other product on today’s market – backed by an amazon basic 1 year limited warranty.

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10. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe 

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe

The SentrySafe SFW123DSB safe is all about giving you the best security when it comes to keeping your stuff safe always. The combination lock allows you to configure your code with ease. The manufacturer claims it can produce up 1 million possible combinations, so security will always be top notch!

While the keyless entry might seem like an weakness in comparison – don’t worry; they provide a backup method by enabling access from both primary locks as well if needed (keys should stay secure). This best SentrySafe fireproof safe is UL Classified to withstand 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for irreplaceable documents, valuables ,DVDs or handguns. It is ETL verified which means that it can with stand a 15 foot fall during fires without being damaged.

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Buying Guide For the Best Fireproof Gun Safe 

Knowing how to buy the best fireproof gun safe for your money is crucial if you don’t want to lose all of your favorite guns in a house fire.

It doesn’t matter if the cost of the safe is $50 or $1500, losing anything in a house fire would be tragic (and unfair). Fortunately there are many low-priced options available that can protect your firearms from both theft and fires.

There are three main things you should consider when looking for the best fireproof gun safe: construction material, heat resistance, and size (internal dimensions). We’ll briefly discuss these three points.

Construction Material:

The main two construction materials used in gun safes are steel and composite (a mix of steel and plastic). Steel is heavier and more durable, but composite safes are less expensive and weigh about half as much as steel safes. So, steel material is always a good option to have.

The thickness of the steel of a safe is measured by gauge. The lower the gauge is the thickest the steel will be. Wall thickness of the safe is very important factor when choosing a fireproof gun safe as high temperatures could easily burn your firearms and valuables documents.

You want a safe that can withstand the test of time, which means thick walls for protection against high temperatures like fire or sparks from welding equipment with open flame — not just burglary but also accidents! The higher gauge steel will ensure this gun cabinet lasts longer than others when an fire accident occurs. So you should purchase a thickest gun safe that could protect fire for a long time. 

Heat Resistance:

Buying a gun safe that can stand up against fires and high temperatures is important. Gun safes are tested for fire resistance by heating them up to a certain temperature and seeing how long they take to reach the ignition point. Most gun safes have a fire rating of between 1-2 hours, but there are a few that offer 4 or 5 hour ratings.

The best fireproof gun safes should have at least 1 hour of fire protection, which will keep your firearms safe from damage done by short-lived flames or even those retiring infernos we all know so well! If you’re on a budget though there are also models available with 30 minutes worth if needed–just make sure they don’t get too hot because anything over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit might cause irreversible damages.


The internal dimensions of a safe are important because you want to make sure all your guns fit inside. Most gun safes are not just for firearms, but also for other valuables such as jewelry, cash, important papers and the like. The main problem that many people face is that they do not have enough space to store all their firearms and other valuable items in one safe.

A good way to get around this crunch is to buy a safe with multiple compartments. This will allow you to easily keep all your items in one place and it is much more affordable than buying multiple safes that serve the same purpose. A long gun safe with enough space will give you the best protection against fire because of the space it has inside the safe as it will make the fire heat difficult to touch your documents or firearms.  

Tips When Choosing a Fireproof Gun Safe:

1. Find a safe that is UL listed for fire protection. This means that the safe has been tested by an independent laboratory and found to provide a certain level of protection from fire.

2. Make sure the safe is made from heavy-duty steel. This will help to ensure that the safe will be able to withstand the high temperatures of a fire.

3. Choose a safe that has a thick layer of fire-resistant insulation. This will help to keep the interior of the safe cool in the event of a fire.

4. Make sure the safe has a locking mechanism that is resistant to fire. This will help to keep your firearms safe and secure even in the event of a fire.

5. Choose a safe that is the right size for your needs. You don’t want to choose a safe that is too small or too large. If you have a large collection of firearms, you’ll need a bigger safe. But if you only have a few firearms, you can choose a smaller safe.

6. Make sure the safe has a warranty. This will help to protect your investment in the event that the safe is damaged in a fire.

Are Fireproof Gun Safes Really Fireproof?

When it comes to gun safes, the term “fireproof” is a bit of a misnomer. While most gun safes are designed to withstand high temperatures for a period of time, they are not truly fireproof. However, they can provide valuable protection for your firearms in the event of a house fire.

The main difference between a regular safe and a fireproof safe is the level of insulation. Fireproof safes are lined with materials that are designed to resist high temperatures, such as ceramic fiber or vermiculite. This insulation helps to protect the contents of the safe from the intense heat of a fire.

Most fireproof gun safes will have an rating that indicates how long they can withstand high temperatures. The most common ratings are 30 minutes and 1 hour. However, there are also some models that boast 2-hour or even 4-hour ratings.

Keep in mind that these ratings only apply to the interior temperature of the safe; the exterior may get much hotter during a fire. While fireproof gun safes provide good protection for your firearms, they should not be considered invincible. It’s important to remember that no safe is completely immune to damage from fires, so it’s always best to keep your valuables in more than one location if possible.

And, as with any other type of safe, it’s important to regularly check on your fireproof gun safe to make sure it is functioning properly and has not been damaged in any way.


Fire protection is crucial, when it comes to buying a safe for storing firearms. In the US, various fire departments have established different standards and classifications in order to set guidelines, which can be used by customers to evaluate potential safes against each other.

Having the best fireproof gun safe is something that not only gives protection, but also ensures your guns are always there when you need them. These top notch safes come with all of the features and benefits needed for those looking to store their firearm in an assured way.

There are a lot of gun safes on the market, but these best fireproof ones have it all. They’re easy and intuitive to use and when there’s an emergency? These models offer ultimate protection that can’t be beat by anything else out there.

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