4 Best Gun Cabinets In 2024 ( Buying Guide )

Biometric Rifle Safe

Gun Security Cabinet for RifleGun cabinets play a crucial role in safeguarding your firearms from theft and fire while ensuring access is limited to authorized users. The best gun cabinets are constructed from durable steel to resist tampering and equipped with advanced technology to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

With features such as digital keypads for easy password setup, LED lighting for improved visibility, and removable compartments for storing accessories, these best gun cabinets offer top-notch security and convenience. Moreover, there are models designed to discreetly fit within standard closet dimensions, providing a practical and secure storage solution for firearms, ammunition, and valuables.

Our comprehensive guide delves into the top-rated gun cabinets available in the market, exploring their innovative designs, advanced security features, and user experiences. Join us to discover the optimal closet gun safes that perfectly balance robust security with inconspicuous placement, empowering you to make an informed decision in discreetly and effectively securing your firearms.

RPNB Gun Security Cabinet

RPNB Gun Security Cabinet

  • Can hold 5 rifles 
  • Hinge offer greater security
  • Padded barrel rests reduce scratches
  • Removable shelf provides additional storage
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Langger V Gun Cabinet

Langger V Gun Cabinet

  • Quick firearm access
  • It ensures maximum security
  • It is deeper and larger
  • Solid and high strength structure
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BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifles Cabinet

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifles Cabinet

  • Ensures a high level of security
  • Durable solid steel construction 
  • Biometric scanner provides quick gun access
  • It is tamper-resistant
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American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet

American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet

  • Built from high-tensile steel
  • Holds 10 long guns
  • It is impact-resistance
  • Easy to install
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Top 4 Best Gun Cabinets Reviews (2024)

1. RPNB Gun Security Cabinet

RPNB Large Gun Security Cabinet

The RPNB Gun Security Cabinet is praised for its larger and deeper design compared to similar models, offering storage for up to 5 rifles up to 49” long, along with a separate ammo cabinet for additional valuables. Its anti-theft features include 5 live-door bolts and a pry-proof steel body, providing strong protection against break-ins.

Constructed from sturdy 16-gauge carbon steel, the safe promises long-lasting durability, enhanced by a corrosion-resistant black rocky finish. Security is further ensured through an electronic keypad lock, allowing users to set a personalized code and offering backup keys for access. The safe features a yellow light indicator and beeps to alert users of incorrect entries, with a 20-second timeout for added security.

Customers appreciate the value, ease of installation, and overall performance of the safe, finding the lock mechanism straightforward and the product fully assembled. However, there are reported issues with closure mechanisms, perceived quality, size discrepancies, scratches, and packaging concerns, which potential buyers should take into consideration.

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2. Langger Gun Security Cabinet for Rifle

Langger Gun Security Cabinet for Rifle
Quality, design, and innovation are the exceptional characteristics, which have distinguished this rifle safe product from the other. For one thing, it has a code memory function that guarantees your code is not lost if there is power runs out. The digital keypad allows you to program this rifle safe with the passcode, hence ensuring quick firearm access in emergencies. It is solidly built with tamper-resistant inner edges and 100% steel walls to provide long-lasting wall-to-wall protection.

This top gun security cabinet is deeper and larger than the similar ones, which can accommodate practically anywhere to about five rifles of 50″ long. The exciting thing is that it will fit the rifles very well if you have a rail mount on top or scopes or optics attached. Its interior has a carpeted floor and a soft foam barrel to protect the gun. Also, it comes with a lockbox that can be used to store valuables and accessories in your office or home.

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3. BARSKA Quick Access Large Biometric Gun Safe

BARSKA Quick Access Large Biometric Gun Safe
This product from BARSKA is unique because it offers a quick access security solution for ammo, rifle, firearms, and handguns. You will get a high-quality biometric scanner, which allows you to access the valuables within 2.5 seconds by just scanning the fingerprint. Also, it has the additional silent mode to ensure discrete access. The concrete mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes allow easier mounting of the cabinet. There is the removable storage rack located on the door inside to offers additional organization. Likewise, the cabinet has the interior, which is fully lined in the soft material, which protects the valuables from scratches.

This awesome gun cabinet is solidly built with tamper-resistant inner edges and 100% steel walls, facilitating durability and security. In a like manner, it comes with five built-in steel bolts to ensure the firearms are put away from intruders or kids. A carpeted interior stores about ten rifles without attaching them to any accessory and comes with three removable shelves. Likewise, this safe fits anywhere for convenience of the firearm storage. The model comes with the concrete mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes to allow the cabinet be easily mounted. Also, this product has six pre-drilled mounting points that securely attach to the floor a wall, or any flat surface.

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4. American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet

American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet

The American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet stands out for its robust construction, featuring 20-gauge steel with a durable black powder-coated finish that resists scratches. Its design prioritizes security, with a 3-point locking system ensuring firearms are securely stored. The cabinet’s long-lasting piano hinge adds to its durability, while rubber-clad barrel and butt rests protect guns from any potential damage.

The cabinet is lauded for its effectiveness in safeguarding firearms, particularly in households with children. While it provides a substantial deterrent to unauthorized access, the reviewer notes its limitations against determined intruders. Regarding capacity, the cabinet comfortably holds a variety of firearms, including scoped rifles, although fitting 10 scoped rifles might prove challenging, as described by a customer owning 5 scoped rifles, 2 rifles with smaller sights, and a full-sized shotgun. Overall, the American Furniture Classics Gun Security Cabinet offers reliable security and durability, making it a prudent choice for responsible firearm storage.

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Factors to consider when buying the best gun cabinets

Weight and size

Knowing a gun’s weight and size can help you choose the ideal gun cabinet. Note that your weapon has other features in addition to its lengths, such as pistol grips and mag walls. These parts should fit comfortably in the safe. Although you may not know it, a fireproof means thicker. The walls of the cabinet enclose its interior to protect valuables from malicious objects. Weight is also important, especially if you plan to mount it on your home wall.

Structure of the cabinet

Cabinets are designed to keep thieves away from valuables. As such, they are made from unique materials that are not easy to break into. Steel is the most common material used to make gun cabinets. Given the structure, consider the thickness of the walls and frame. More specifically, the gun should be safer if made of thick steel, like a 3-gauge steel warehouse, as thick deter the most common burglary attempts. The safe must also be appropriately welded for added security.

Locking mechanism

Another essential factor to consider when buying the gun cabinet is the locking mechanism. Today the market has various locking mechanisms, such as key locks, fingerprints, and electronic locks. Cabinets can be cheap, but they can pose a security risk if removed or lost by the wrong person. So avoid buying it. The ideal option is the fingerprint or electronic, as they are more secure.

The value of the product

The value of the long guns and other accessories that need protection will determine which type of gun cabinet you should choose. If you want more security, it’s best to select a product with more advanced features. You can first calculate your product’s replacement value to choose the most suitable gun cabinet.

Gun cabinet

Frequency of using the gun

The type of cabinet you buy depends on how frequent you use it. If you do not want to use your gun frequency, you don’t need to store it in an easily accessible place. If you want it by your side, a separate gun is sufficient. The type of locking system also affects the way you open the cabinet. For example, you probably want to open the model that uses biometrics because it open quickly. The dial lock can also fit your needs. Either way, it is only fair to find the one with the most suitable locking mechanism.


The price plays a significant role when buying the gun cabinet. You can find a cabinet at a higher price, but the durability and other features are unsatisfactory. While the price has little to do with the case, the design should make you want something awesome. First, consider the security features. Since the cabinet is an investment, you need to get the most out of your expenses.


When buying the gun cabinet, you need to consider the warranty and compare it with other products. A standard warranty should cover you for up to one year. It is a good idea to purchase a cabinet from manufacturers who offer their customers extending the warranty period. A lifetime warranty would be good to save you future headaches if your insurance doesn’t work.

What is a gun cabinet, and how does it differ from a gun safe?

A gun cabinet is a secure storage solution designed specifically for firearms. It typically features glass or Plexiglas doors to display your guns, whereas a gun safe is a more robust and secure container designed primarily for safeguarding firearms and other valuables. Gun cabinets prioritize aesthetics and easy access, while gun safes prioritize security.

A gun cabinet and a gun safe are two different types of storage solutions for firearms, each with distinct features and purposes:

Gun Cabinet:

  1. Appearance: A gun cabinet is designed with aesthetics in mind. It often has glass or Plexiglas doors, allowing you to display your firearms for ornamental or collection purposes.
  2. Accessibility: Gun cabinets provide quick and easy access to your firearms, making them suitable for those who want to showcase their guns or have them readily available for sporting or recreational use.
  3. Security: While gun cabinets do have locks and may offer some level of security, they are generally less secure than gun safes. They are primarily designed to deter unauthorized access rather than protect against determined theft or fire.
  4. Materials: Gun cabinets are typically made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wooden cabinets are popular for their visual appeal, while metal cabinets offer more durability and security.

Gun Safe:

  1. Security: Gun safes are specifically designed for security and protection. They are built to resist tampering, unauthorized access, and theft. Many gun safes are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, solid steel construction, and pry-resistant doors.
  2. Fire Protection: Gun safes often come with fire-resistant features, such as fire-rated insulation, to safeguard firearms and other valuables from damage in case of a fire.
  3. Accessibility: While gun safes provide a high level of security, they may not offer the same quick and easy access as gun cabinets. You typically need to input a combination or use a key to open a gun safe, which can take more time.
  4. Purpose: Gun safes are primarily designed to secure firearms and other valuable items, including important documents and jewelry. They are ideal for homeowners who prioritize security over display.

In summary, the main difference between a gun cabinet and a gun safe lies in their primary purpose and level of security. Gun cabinets emphasize aesthetics and easy access, while gun safes prioritize maximum security and protection. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as any legal requirements in your area for firearm storage.

RPNB Gun Security Cabinet

What materials are gun cabinets typically made of?

Gun cabinets are commonly made from wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wooden gun cabinets are popular for their aesthetic appeal, while metal cabinets offer greater durability and security. Some gun cabinets also include fire-resistant features to protect firearms from fire damage.

They are typically constructed from a variety of materials, with the choice of material often influencing the cabinet’s aesthetics, durability, and overall quality. The most common materials used for making gun cabinets include:

  1. Wood: Wooden gun cabinets are popular for their classic and elegant appearance. They are often crafted from hardwoods like oak, cherry, or walnut, which can be stained or finished to enhance their natural beauty. Wood provides a warm and traditional look, making it a preferred choice for those who want to display their firearms as well as add a touch of sophistication to their space.
  2. Metal: Some gun cabinets, particularly those with a more modern or utilitarian design, are made from metal. Steel is a common metal choice due to its strength and durability. Metal gun cabinets are typically more secure than wooden ones but may not have the same aesthetic appeal.
  3. Combination: Many gun cabinets combine both wood and metal elements in their construction. For example, the frame and doors might be made of steel for added security, while the interior and shelves are made of wood to provide a visually pleasing display space.
  4. Glass or Plexiglas: Gun cabinets, regardless of the primary material, often feature glass or Plexiglas doors and windows. These transparent materials allow for the display of firearms while keeping them protected from dust, humidity, and handling.
  5. Locking Mechanisms: Regardless of the cabinet’s primary material, gun cabinets usually include various locking mechanisms to secure firearms. These can range from simple key locks to more advanced electronic or combination locks.
  6. Interior Lining: Many gun cabinets have interior linings made of fabric or foam to protect firearms from scratches and abrasion. Some cabinets also have customizable interiors with adjustable shelves or gun racks.

The choice of material for a gun cabinet depends on individual preferences, the desired aesthetic, the level of security required, and the intended use. Wooden cabinets are often chosen for their decorative appeal, while metal cabinets prioritize security. Combining materials can provide a balance between aesthetics and security, catering to both display and protection needs.

Is the gun cabinet airtight?

Most gun cabinets are not designed to be airtight, and they typically do not provide airtight seals. Unlike gun safes, which often have tight seals to protect against moisture and environmental factors, gun cabinets are primarily designed for firearm storage and display rather than maximum environmental control.

Gun cabinets typically feature glass or Plexiglas doors and may have small gaps or openings around the doors and other parts of the cabinet. These openings allow for air circulation, which can be important for preventing humidity buildup and condensation inside the cabinet, as excessive moisture can damage firearms.

However, the level of airtightness can vary depending on the specific design and manufacturer. Some gun cabinets may have better sealing than others, but they are generally not intended to be completely airtight or waterproof.

If you require a storage solution that offers airtight or watertight protection for your firearms, you may want to consider a gun safe designed for that purpose. Gun safes often come with features like sealed doors and internal seals to protect against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that could potentially harm firearms and other valuables.

FAQs About Gun Cabinet

What is the key difference between gun security cabinet and gun safe?

A gun cabinet, though not providing the same level of security or protection as a gun safe, does offer an economical alternative for firearm storage. Firearm storage cabinets have a key-lockable door and depending on the model come with a variable number of locking points within the door. Gun security cabinets also weigh much less than a comparable sized gun safe, making them easier to move. The majority of the firearm cabinets offered here are approved by the California Dept of Justice for secure firearm storage.

Why should the gun cabinet be anchored?

Once you have bought a new cabinet, you need to find it in the right place and then anchor it. When you have an anchored cabinet, it prevents it from falling. In addition, it prevents the thieves from moving your home safely to another place where they have time anywhere in the world to get its contents.

Do I need to comply with any laws or regulations when storing firearms in a gun cabinet?

The laws and regulations regarding firearm storage vary by location, so it’s essential to research and comply with your local, state, and federal laws. In some areas, there may be specific requirements for firearm storage, such as locking mechanisms or the need for a gun safe instead of a cabinet. Always ensure you are in compliance with the law to avoid legal issues.

Do I need a gun cabinet if I already own a gun safe?

It depends on your preferences and needs. If you want to showcase your firearms or have quick access to them for sporting purposes, a gun cabinet can be a complementary addition. However, if security is your primary concern, a gun safe is essential for safeguarding your firearms against theft and unauthorized access.

Are gun cabinets secure enough to prevent theft and unauthorized access?

Gun cabinets provide a level of security but are generally not as secure as gun safes. They often feature locks, but these can be breached with enough effort. Gun cabinets are best suited for keeping firearms away from curious children and casual visitors, rather than deterring determined thieves.


The gun cabinet is a valuable investment in the safety of your guns. The above products are paramount because they have the best features. For instance, they have a digital keypad and manual security keys, which allow quick and easy access to the interior.

The best gun cabinets are equipped with a pry-resistant door and reinforced hinge for added protection against unwanted intruders and young children. Also, they have a lockable drawer for additional storage space and an LED light with a built-in sensor to improve visibility.

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