Nightstand with built-in gun safe

4 Best Nightstand with Built-in Gun Safe For 2024

Looking for a personal bedside gun safe to keep your guns secured and access them when you need them most,  then a “nightstand with built-in gun safe can be a great option for you.

Top Nightstand with Built-in Gun Safe“A gun safe built into a nightstand is the perfect way to ensure your firearm is close by and yet secure. Built in gun safes are not only great for keeping your firearms under lock and key, but also many models offer quick access features like fingerprint access or an electronic keypad.”

If you have kids, you need to be very careful and keep your firearms from the reach of your kids. One of the most convenient storage tool for handgun is a gun safe. For safety, keeping your gun safe on the nightstand is common, but what if a nightstand comes with a built-in gun safe?

Having such nightstands beside your bed is really cool. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options of such nightstand available on the market. So, to help you make a good buying decision, we’ve selected some of our favorite nightstands that comes with built-in gun safes.

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals, Gun Safe, Security Safe

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals, Gun Safe, Security Safe

  • 1.05 cu ft. Interior Capacity
  • Easy glide heavy duty drawer
  • U.L. Listed Electronic Lock
  • 40 minutes fire protection at 1400 degrees 
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Tactical Traps End Table Gun storage with Trap Door

Tactical Traps End Table Gun storage with Trap Door

  • Made of solid wood
  • Hidden compartment Gun Safe
  • RFID Locking system for quick accessibility
  • The secret compartment dimensions are 8 ¼” X 8 ¼”
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Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Compartment, Concealment Furniture, Mocha

Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Compartment, Concealment Furniture, Mocha

  • Smooth gliding concealed top compartment 
  • 2 drawers and large open shelf
  • Easy access magnetic trigger design 
  • Hides home valuables in plain sigh
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Secret Compartment Nightstand (Diversion Safe) with RFID Lock - Black Paint on Oak

Secret Compartment Nightstand (Diversion Safe) with RFID Lock - Black Paint on Oak

  • Nightstand Diversion Safe
  • Made in The U.S.A from solid oak plywood
  • Battery Powered RFID Lock
  • Protect your valuables or firearms without ruining the look 
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4 Best Nightstand with Built-in Gun Safe

1. Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand With Built-in Gun Safe

Longhorn LNS2618 nightstand with built in gun safe

A nightstand with a built-in gun safe represents an innovative blend of style and security, catering to the needs of responsible firearm owners.

By offering accessible and discreet storage options, Rhino Metals gives you the chance to protect firearms with their cool looking nightstand Longhorn LNS2618 that have a built-in gun safe on them. The 18th century fashion styling will enhance any rustic bedroom’s look, while also providing peace of mind knowing they’re protected from anything – even fire! This particular style is made entirely out of 14 gauge steel so there aren’t many things capable enough to get through such protection.

The Longhorn LNS2618 nightstand is a composite security door with fire seal that expands when heated to protect your valuables inside from any damage caused by smoke. The lining also helps keep the inside safe for 40 minutes at temperatures above 1400°! In addition, this product has anti-theft features like holes in its base and clutched handle preventing tampering or prying–it arrives fully assembled so all you have do it bolt it tightly to the ground and finally enjoy peace of mind with such a good protection.

This nightstand with hidden gun compartment plans is perfect for storing guns and other accessories in style as it offers an electronic lock and BONUS handgun holder. The stainless steel exterior gives it an elegant look that will match any home décor. You can keep your gun on the back of the door in a holster. In addition, this gun safe nightstand features an electrical outlet kit with USB slots, as well so there’s no need for batteries–ever! The only drawback I can think of would be that there isn’t any separate locks on the drawers – they’re just meant to hold less valuable things like extra magazines or cleaning equipment.

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2. Tactical Traps End Table Gun Storage with Trap Door

Tactical Traps End Table Gun Storage with Trap Door

This Tactical Traps Nightstand features an RFID lock system that keeps your valuables much safer than most other safes on the market now days – especially since they’re so easy for anyone with minimal knowledge about locksmithing to crack open! It can be tricky opening some of these cheaper models without proper equipment; however you’ll find yourself happy when using this nightstand with built-in gun safe because not only does it look pretty good in dark walnut finish and solid wood quality…it offers decent protection against intruders trying steal what belongs yours if placed correctly.

Again, this best tactical nightstand is easy and quick to open with either the keycard or your smartphone (even while on-the go). You can store your gun in the safest place possible with this secret compartment, which measures 12′ x 8′. It comes equipped to fit most hand guns. You’ll find an RFID keycard inside that will let you unlock it when placed over a trigger point on either side of where they meet outside– instant accessibility!

But what if you can’t find your card immediately? It’s a minor inconvenience that will be remedied with the unlock button on Tactical Table app. The lock has an encrypted signal for release, and it doesn’t need batteries either! There is also an external battery backup plug-in available too so no worries about those pesky cords getting tangled up again – unless we want our tables portable of course.

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3. Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Compartment

Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Compartment

This nightstand gun safe review article continues with the most popular model Casual Home’s, and it is beautiful to look at. It has a sophisticated design that will provide your room an elegant feel-modern style in rick solid wood or Mocha finish if you prefer for added elegance! The crown-molding slide out table top concealed compartment is perfect for those looking to conceal their valuables.

Underneath lies concealed storage space perfect for hiding away those pesky cell phones or handguns. There are felt linings inside the compartment as well to protect valuables so nothing can get through easily. In addition, this handgun storage unit is equipped with a Secured Magnetic Locking Device and Key that are magnetically released, making it easy as pie!

There are two more functional drawers underneath for storing non-essentials, making this an excellent choice if you need to store your pistols in safety from scratches or scuffs. This beautifully crafted nightstand will be the ideal addition to your bedroom. With its sleek design, simple lines and classic features it’s sure not only complement but also enhance any décor!

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4. Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand

Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand

The Stealth furniture company has a line of hidden storages. I’ve always been fascinated with their products, and one in particular is the nightstands that are made from solid oak with veneer core plywood for extra protection against scratches or other damages. These regular-looking black beauties measure 25 inches at their tallest point – just right to keep your firearms easily accessible.

The high-quality Sherwin William finish with simple, clean lines will complement any bedroom décor. The package comes in parts and so you’ll need to assemble them yourself – but don’t worry! With clear instructions that are easy enough even if this isn’t your first time doing DIY works —you can be done within 30 minutes or less depending on how fast paced things go when putting together furniture without much difficulty whatsoever.

The gun cabinet features a strong radio frequency identification lock. It allows you to access the contents inside within seconds when pressing your finger onto its backside, and it will only open if someone has their own unique identity code saved in memory chips for added security purposes. This gun safe nightstand itself operates on battery power which means that if these run low – as indicated by occasional beeps occurring while idle- then an emergency situation could arise where they’d no longer provide enough juice needed.

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Nightstand with Built-in Gun Safe Buying Guide

Finding the right nightstand with built-in gun safe can be overwhelming as there are so many options when it comes to size, shape, color, material, locking mechanism and function. We’ve done the research for you in this best nightstand with built-in gun safe buying guide, providing a list of the top nightstands on the market today and a few tips on how to choose a nightstand that’s just right you and your firearm’s.

So let’s get started!

At first glance, your nightstand may look like any other piece of furniture, but there are actually several things to consider when choosing a nightstand.

1. Think about size –

In addition to deciding whether the style, color and features of your nightstand match your decor, it’s also important to think about how much space you have available. When choosing the size of your nightstand, be sure to consider both the height and width measurements.

If you’re short on space, a narrow stand will probably suit your needs better than a wide one, allowing you to place other pieces against walls or next to it without taking up extra room in the process. On the flip side, if your bedroom is large enough that a larger piece won’t obstruct any traffic flow, it may be just what you’re looking for.

2. Consider storage space –

In addition to the size of your nightstand, it helps to consider the number of drawers and shelves available on a piece before buying it. If storage is a priority, purchasing a stand with numerous levels or compartments will allow you to keep all sorts of items from handguns, eyeglasses and jewelry to books and medications within arms’ reach for a reasonable cost.

Although you can purchase additional accessories such as baskets, gun safe and containers if more room is needed, too many pieces in a small area may create clutter that makes them unnecessary.

3. Think about material –

As with all pieces of furniture, it’s important to think about the material first before deciding whether it fits your design preferences and lifestyle needs.

Wood is a popular choice for nightstands because it looks great in almost every bedroom décor style and offers durability over time, but there are several other options available as well including metal and leather. Metal doesn’t require any special treatment to ensure it stays clean; all you need is some Windex and soft cloth to wipe away smudges when they appear.

However, for a built-in gun safe option a metal nightstand will add more security for storing handguns. Leather is another popular choice because it provides a classic look and doesn’t require any special treatment to ensure it stays clean, but has the added benefit of being easy to wipe down if spilled upon.

4. locking mechanism – 

Locking hidden drawer is important when looking for the nightstand with built-in gun safe. The drawer lock will keep your firearms and other valuables safe. Though most nightstand do not offer locking system but if you are going to use them as gun safe you should choose the one that offers lock specially RFID lock system. 

5. Think about color –

Do you want your nightstand to match your existing furniture? Or do you want something completely different that will create a unique statement? While these attributes are not the most crucial factors in choosing your perfect nightstand with built-in gun safe, they certainly do have an influence on the overall appeal of your new piece. If you’re not sure whether to choose dark cherry or mahogany wood, go with something neutral like black or white that will match any color bedding.

The colors and styles offered by each manufacturer can be combined in infinite ways that blend perfectly with your specific tastes and preferences. For example, although they might not seem like a natural pair, nightstands come in matching sets designed for those who want everything to look great together; this includes bedroom furniture such as beds and dressers as well as other pieces such as armoires, desks, chairs and entertainment pieces.

6. Think about price –

One of the biggest benefits of shopping online is being able to find items for a fraction of what they would cost in stores simply by searching through endless options and making careful comparisons. Although you’ll find several affordable selections at your favorite national retailers like Target and Walmart.

Prices will almost always be lower when you shop with an online retailer specializing in bedroom furniture such as Wayfair. However, Amazon is always a good option to buy these products. They offer the customers some incredible deals without sacrificing quality or style.


Do you worry about your guns being out of reach when they’re needed the most? A nightstand with built-in gun safe is an ideal way to keep firearms secure, and for peace-of mind parents can rely on.

One thing that many people overlook when purchasing a weapon(s) is where we will store them at home – in some cases right next door from our bedside table! With so much room available inside these nifty little boxes with built-in safes (and sometimes even hidden doors), storing just one handgun may seem like enough protection – which leaves the nightstand storage idea as a welcome solution.

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