5 Best Multi Handgun Safe of 2024 ( Tested & Approved By Expert )

multi handgun safe

Best multi handgun safe

Are you in search of a secure solution to store multiple handguns? Look no further than the Multi Handgun Safe. Tailored to meet the needs of gun enthusiasts and safety-conscious individuals alike, these safes offer ample space for storing several handguns securely. With the added convenience of biometric locks in some models, accessing your firearms becomes quick and hassle-free.

While keeping handguns in holsters or under pillows may suffice for some, opting for a multi handgun safe provides an extra layer of security. Given the plethora of options available, selecting the right handgun safe can be daunting. To aid in your decision-making process, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 multi handgun safes, each offering unique features to suit various preferences and requirements.

Explore these top-rated multi handgun safes available for purchase online, and safeguard your firearms with peace of mind.

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat Black

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat Black

  • CA DOJ Approved and made in USA
  • Genuine Simplex Lock
  • Pick and pluck foam interior
  • Oversized pullout drawer with ball bearing sliders
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Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe with Programmable Keypad

Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe with Programmable Keypad

  • 1.8-cubic foot home safe 
  • Programmable electronic keypad
  • Back-up key for emergency use
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges for superior security
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Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

  • Quick Access
  • Built pretty solid
  • 5 holes on the bottom to bolt the safe down
  • Interior is padded with a thin foam material
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GunVault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

GunVault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

  • Patented no eyes keypad 
  • Tamper proof spring loaded door
  • Easy to program over 12 million user access codes
  • Virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools
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GunVault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe GV1000C-STD

GunVault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe GV1000C-STD

  • Heavy gauge steel housing 
  • Accepts up to 20 fingerprints
  • Tamper indicator alerts invalid entry attempts
  • Mounts almost anywhere, in any direction
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Top 5 Best Multi Handgun Safe Reviews

1. Stealth Multi Handgun Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

The Stealth Handgun Safe is a new and improved design that holds your three favorite handguns at the ready position along with space for two more flat on the floor of your safe. Alongside this handgun storage, there are also features to prevent scratches or damages from occurring during transit as well as easy access when needed due its recessed steel door paired up nicely against thick walls made out high density foam lining inside which protects all guns safely tucked away until you require them later! In addition, these safes meet California DOJ approval standards to hold five handguns.

The Stealth Safe is a must-have for gun lovers! It has an external power port, speed reducer to catch the door and electronic keypad that can be programmed with 6 digits. The audible feedback will alert you if it’s been opened incorrectly while in silent mode there are no sounds at all making this safe perfect for those who want their Stealthy ways unnoticed by others around them or even themselves when they’re alone inside of it – not like we would everaezle out loud about how many guns I have stored away from sight so take me seriously folks!!

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2. GunVault GV2000C-DLX Multi Handgun Safe

best multi pistol gun safe

The GunVault GV2000C-DLX Multi-Vault Deluxe Safe is a great investment for those looking to protect their firearms. It has several features that will make life easier, such as its keypad and space large enough to hold more than one handgun at once! While the Fort Knox safe we just looked at had problems with only having over 1 000 possible combinations on it (which could deter some people), this problem gets solved by containing 12 million separate access codes in each of these units making them virtually unbeatable when compared head-to height other safes out there today

This safe is a must for anyone looking to store valuables! Not only does it have an affordable price tag, but with its many features like internal lighting and two override keys you’ll be able make sure that your most important items are protected. There’s also 16 gauge steel construction which makes this product extra durable so nothing can get through even if someone tries hard enough trying invade the safety deposit box within these walls-or at least not without being detected by those computer alarms inside first.

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3. Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe

Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Safe

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is one of the most reliable and durable fireproof home safes on today’s market, with a design that can be used for storing cash as well as other valuables. If you need to go away for an extended period – fear not; your precious items will stay right where they’re at thanks to this top-notch product! Let’s take some time now examining just how strong it really is: its steel construction ensures lasting quality while also enduring temperature fluctuations over longer periods than any traditional metal would withstand (like 60 minutes).

This security safe can be opened with a passcode that you create on your self-prompts, or an emergency override option is available if needed. Once the right code has been input successfully and turned clockwise one time in order to open up this container. The Home Safe is a lifesaver for storing valuable documents, jewelry, pistol and other important properties. The back-up key can be used in case of emergency with an electronic keypad that ensures secure operation; 2 live door bolts make it even more difficult to break into your belongings while pre drilled mounting holes provide versatility so you’re able easy access without cluttering up space! This heavy duty safe includes two concealed hinges on top making it resistant against prying attacks as well which makes this product perfect if security matters most.

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4. The GunVault GVB1000 Multi Handgun Safe

Top multi handgun safe

The GunVault GVB1000 is one of the most affordable multi handgun safes on the market. It features a bio-metric lock system, making it super easy to get into even if you don’t have your hands free. You simply swipe your finger over the pad and open it up. The GVB1000 features a low battery indicator, which will let you know when the batteries are starting to run low, so that you never find yourself locked out of your safe.

This best multi pistol gun safe is also very light weight and easy to carry around with you if need be. It is a heavy-duty, steel gun safe with an extra high performance algorithm for fingerprint identification and very low false reject rates (frr). It can store up to 20 fingerprints from any one person! The foam lining inside protects your firearm or other valuable items. While it can still hold up more than two handguns at one time there are few extra storage options included with the GVB1000, which makes this model less than ideal for gun enthusiasts.

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5. V-Line Slide Away Safe

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe for multi handguns


Slide-Away Quick Access Security Safe is a versatile heavy duty security case with pull out drawer. The outer shell and drawers face are made of tough 12ga steel, making it perfect for protecting your computer tablet or hand gun from threats that may arise while on the go! It offers Genuine SIMPLEX Mechanical Pushbutton Lock which can easily programmed by you – no batteries needed (therefore saving money). With Versatile Mounting Solutions design in mind; this product comes standard equipped with mounting brackets allowing users to mount their safes onto either top surfaces as well underneath secure ones as well.

Constructed from heavy duty, high quality materials this 11 5″d x 8 3/4 “w x 2.5″h pullout drawer is perfect for storing your gun and other valuables. Foam layers protect precious belongings while also providing customizability to fit what you need most!. Crafted from durable materials, this drawer can hold up to two full size 1911 type handguns with ample room left over for extra magazines! The top layer of foam provides protection against bumping by unwanted hands as well so you won’t have any issues when it comes time for an emergency situation at home or on-the go.

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What to look for when buying a multi handgun safe

When buying a multi-handgun safe, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, security, and ease of access while considering your specific needs and preferences. Here are some important factors to look for:

Security Features:

  • Locking Mechanism: Choose a safe with a robust locking mechanism. Electronic locks, biometric locks, and mechanical combination locks are common options. Ensure that the lock meets your security requirements.
  • Steel Thickness: Thicker steel construction provides greater resistance to tampering and break-ins. Look for a safe with a gauge rating that suits your security needs.
  • Locking Bolts: Check the number and thickness of locking bolts. More and thicker bolts provide added security against prying attacks.
  • Re-locking Mechanism: Some safes have a re-locking mechanism that triggers when tampering is detected, making it harder for unauthorized access.
  • Anti-Pry Features: Features like a pry-resistant door and reinforced door frame can enhance security.

Fire Resistance:

  • Determine the level of fire resistance you need. Look for a safe with a fire rating that suits your requirements. Fire-resistant safes are rated based on how long they can withstand fire and at what temperature.

Storage Capacity:

  • Consider how many handguns and other valuables you need to store in the safe. Ensure the interior size and layout accommodate your firearms and any accessories you wish to store.

Access Mechanism:

  • Choose an access mechanism that suits your preferences. Electronic locks and biometric locks offer quick access, while mechanical combination locks are reliable but may be slower to open.

Biometric Features:

  • If opting for a biometric lock, ensure it has a reliable fingerprint recognition system and the capacity to store multiple user profiles if needed.

Mounting Options:

  • Check if the safe has pre-drilled holes or mounting hardware for securing it to a wall or floor. This adds an extra layer of security.

Interior Organization:

  • Look for features that help organize and protect your handguns and accessories. Adjustable shelves, interior lighting, and padded gun racks are beneficial.
  • Consider whether you need a portable safe with a carrying handle or cable for securing it in a vehicle or to a fixed object.
  • Assess the build quality and finish of the safe. A durable, scratch-resistant finish will ensure the safe looks good over time.

Price and Budget:

  • Establish a budget based on your requirements. While safes with advanced features may cost more, investing in a high-quality safe is crucial for firearm security.
  • Check the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support options. A good warranty provides peace of mind, and responsive customer support can be valuable if you encounter issues.

Certifications and Standards:

  • Look for safes that meet recognized industry standards and certifications, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings for burglary and fire resistance.
  • Read user reviews and seek recommendations from firearm owners or experts to get real-world insights into the safe’s performance and reliability.
  • Ensure the safe complies with any local or state laws and regulations regarding firearm storage.

Remember that the primary purpose of a handgun safe is to secure your firearms, so prioritize security features and your specific needs when making a purchase decision.

7 FAQs about “multi handgun safe”

  1. What is a multi-handgun safe?

    • A multi-handgun safe is a secure storage container designed to hold and protect multiple handguns simultaneously. These safes are typically used by firearm owners to securely store and access their handguns while keeping them out of the reach of unauthorized individuals.
  2. How many handguns can a multi-handgun safe hold?

    • The capacity of a multi-handgun safe can vary widely. Some safes are designed to hold just a few handguns, while others can accommodate a dozen or more. The number of handguns a safe can hold depends on its size and interior layout.
  3. What types of locks are commonly used on multi-handgun safes?

    • Multi-handgun safes can feature different types of locks, including electronic keypad locks, mechanical combination locks, and biometric fingerprint locks. Each type of lock has its own advantages and considerations, such as speed of access and reliability.
  4. Do multi-handgun safes offer fire protection?

    • Many multi-handgun safes come with fire-resistant features, but the level of fire protection can vary. These safes are typically rated based on how long they can withstand a fire and at what temperature. Buyers should check the fire rating to ensure it meets their needs.
  5. Can a multi-handgun safe be mounted to a wall or floor?

    • Yes, many multi-handgun safes come with pre-drilled holes or mounting hardware, allowing them to be securely attached to a wall or floor. This adds an extra layer of security and prevents thieves from easily carrying away the safe.
  6. Are multi-handgun safes portable?

    • Some multi-handgun safes are designed to be portable and may include a carrying handle or a security cable for tethering to a fixed object, such as a bedframe or vehicle. Portable safes are convenient for those who need to transport their handguns.
  7. What should I consider when choosing a multi-handgun safe?

    • When selecting a multi-handgun safe, consider factors like security features (locking mechanism, steel thickness, re-locking mechanism), fire resistance, storage capacity, access mechanism (keypad, biometric, combination), interior organization, portability, durability, price, warranty, user reviews, and compliance with local laws and regulations.


Having a multi handgun safe can provide you with a lot of benefits, including:

-The ability to store multiple handguns in a single safe

-The ability to keep your firearms safe and secure

-The ability to access your firearms quickly and easily when needed

In the past, people have used a coffee can or a shoe box to store their handguns, but today there are much better options available. A handgun safe is a great way to keep your home and family safe from theft and accidents.

If you have more than one handgun it’s also a good idea to get a multi handgun safe so that you can store all of your weapons together in a single location. So there you have our top 5 best multi handgun safes. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends on social media and click the like button or leave us a comment.

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