Do You Really Need A Gun Safe?

Do You Really Need A Gun Safe

A gun safe is a tool intended to store a single or more gun or ammunition. Owning guns is loved by many gun owners, but most of them it’s about protecting their families. If you find an intruder in your home, ensure you are well prepared to defend yourself against them and protect your family from harm. Prevention to access them is a legal requirement in many places and requires a gun safe, gun lock, or metal gun cabinet.

Gun safes have greatly replaced the wooden gun cabinets with the etched glass fronts that were widely used decades ago, even though some gun safes look like these gun cabinets. While having a gun in your home will protect you from intruders, also it can pose a threat to the family if it is not properly protected. Keeping a weapon away from friends or children is just as significant as protecting it from intruders. That is why gun safe is very important.

Do you need a gun safe?

Yes, you need it because of the following reasons:

Protect your family

The best thing about having a gun safe is that it protects your family. When doing so, you do not want the gun to fall into your hands or other children’s hands because something can go wrong. Approximately 89% of children’s deaths happen in the home. Despite how interested your kid is in the gun, there will be no access if a gun is inside the safe.

You probably want to think that your children are honest and will not disobey you; however, it is best to acquire extra precautions and ensure they do not have a way into a gun. If you own shotguns, consider purchasing a long gun safe, as it will accommodate firearms of all sizes.

Protect your gun against theft

As a homeowner, your biggest concern maybe that someone is breaking into your home. If someone gets into your home, they have the right of entry to all things that belong to you, and if you do not have the gun safe, they will have access to the guns as well. Since gun is very valuable, they’re the ideal target for theft. It would be very bad for a thief to lay his hand on your weapon. Locking the gun inside the gun safe prevents access. Most home burglars are willing to take their time as possible. A safe will avert this from happening.

Keep the gun out of the reach of a home intruder

One of the mainly common concerns of law-abiding gun possessors is the possibility of an intruder causing harm with a gun they have. You possess a firearm to protect you and also your family. Therefore, if this gun is pointed at you, the whole purpose will fail. When storing your gun in the safe, make sure it is only in your hands. Also, if you have a bedside case, you quickly and easily get it.

Keep the gun in a safe place

While the gun safe may seem absurd, some gun owners fear that they won’t be able to access it quickly enough if they are stolen. With a modern safe, you can keep your gun secure. Thanks to modern lock technology, you can access the weapon simply by entering a fingerprint or even a four-digit code.

Protecting your property in case of fire

With the safe gun in use, you don’t have to worry about losing a weapon in case of a house fire or other disaster. The majority of gun safes can withstand relatively high temperatures. Therefore, when choosing the perfect gun safe which will belong to your home, be sure to find one with high fire resistance.

If your gun is open and a fire starts, you could lose it. Guns are very valuable equipment, so protecting them is important. Do yourself a good turn and get the gun safe. It keeps everyone around you safe, and you will not lose under any circumstances.

Factors to consider when buying a gun safe

Electronic vs. dial lock

A dial or a combination lock offers access when the correct numbers are put in the right order. This mechanism is durable and maintenance-free. In contrast, the dial lock uses more time to open than the electronic lock and does not automatically lock whenever the gun safe door is closed.

Electronic locks, including fingerprint or biometric locks and keypads, permit faster and easier access and self-locking. But like all electronic devices, they take less time, their parts can fail easily, and need to be replaced regularly.

Strength of Steel

The door and walls of a gun safe have steel material. Thickness is measured with a gauge, and if the meter is small, the steel will be thicker. A 10-gauge wall safe is safer than a 14-gauge wall safe.


Larger gun safes can vary from a hundred to a thousand pounds. To deter gun thieves, a weight of 750 pounds is enough when it empty. Ideally, they are also bolted on the floor or else to the wall.

Fire protection

Some say that fire offers more threat to gun owners than theft. House fires can go up to 1200 Fahrenheit in 10 minutes; however, some guns melt at about 800 F, so protecting them from fire is very important. The fireproof safe has a thin, insulating coating and offers long-term heat protection. UL-rated fire resistance is paramount. It often has thicker gypsum board or ceramic panels, keeping an interior below 175 °C for between 15 minutes and 4 hours.


External hinges open the gun safe for easy access, but intruders can also gain access. However, if there are enough locking bolts in the door, the door will stop without hinges.


Owning a gun becomes a big responsibility. You need to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and make sure each person near the weapon is 100% safe. One of the best things to do while you have a gun is to buy a gun safe. With this article, you know why you need a gun safe, which is crucial to yourself and your family.

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