Pistol Safe Under $100

The Best Pistol Safe Under $100

In the realm of firearm ownership, responsible storage is paramount, and finding an affordable yet secure solution is a common concern for many gun owners. The market offers a range of pistol safes designed to provide a budget-friendly option without compromising on the safety and accessibility of your firearms. For those seeking a reliable and cost-effective storage solution, the quest for the best pistol safe under $100 becomes crucial.

Best Pistol Safe Under 100These safes are tailored to meet the needs of gun owners who prioritize both security and affordability. While their price point may be modest, these safes are engineered to provide a level of protection that ensures peace of mind without breaking the bank. Whether for home defense, personal safety, or simple peace of mind, the best pistol safes under $100 offer a balance between accessibility and secure storage.

This guide will explore various options in the market, considering factors such as build quality, locking mechanisms, ease of use, and overall user satisfaction. Join us as we navigate through the landscape of budget-friendly pistol safes, helping you make an informed decision to safeguard your firearms without exceeding a $100 budget.

RPNB Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Lock

RPNB Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Lock

  • Has a stylish design
  • Instant access to your valuables
  • Easy mounting with pre-drilled holes
  • Smart biometric scanner 
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First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF

  • Quick entry with 3 to 8 digit number keypad
  • Foam padded interior 
  • Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel
  • Durable locking mechanism
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Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

  • 0.5-cubic-feet security safe with electronic lock
  • 3 operation indicator lights
  • Includes 2 emergency override keys 
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
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STOPBOX - Quick Access Handgun Lock Box for Pistol

STOPBOX - Quick Access Handgun Lock Box for Pistol

  • Secure, Quick, & Reliable Access 
  • No batteries, electronics, or keys needed
  • Made in the USA
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
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Top 4 Best Pistol Safe Under $100 

1. RPNB Pistol Safe – Our Top Pick

RPNB Pistol Safe Under $100

Want a biometric handgun safe that is worth the price? Then this RPNB Gun Security Safe might be the best bet. It has many cool features that you’ll love. This top pistol safe is a good way to protect your gun. It has sleek design that includes mounting hardware and will open in both vertical and horizontal positions. Any firearm that is 12 inches or less will fit inside the safe perfectly.

You can open this pistol safe with either a key or a code. You need to have your own code so that you can get in the gun safe. Make sure it has at least 4 digits and 8 digits code maximum. But if you don’t want to use code option, get an RFID card that also opens it! And you can also open it with your fingerprints! You can add up to 20 different fingerprints on this one! The gun safe will beep when you open it, but if you like silence, you can turn off the beeping sound on this one! Though its price is not exactly under $100 but we thought it might me a better option for you. You can buy this pistol safe for $126 now.


  • Has a stylish design
  • Several unlocking methods
  • Easy mounting with pre-drilled holes
  • Interior foam keeps weapons safe
  • Customizable beeping sound


  • No lights included inside
  • Not waterproof and fire-proof

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2. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Best Pistol Safe Under $100

People who carry guns with them should use this First Alert Portable Handgun safe. This safe is small and slim, so you can take it anywhere. It is made of 18 gauge steel for more security than other cheaper plastic-made safes that people can buy. The inside of this safe has foam to protect your gun from getting scratches on it. You can open the safe in 1 to 2.5 seconds using a keypad with 3 to 8 codes. You can also use a backup key if you have one. It is helpful if the keypad or battery dies so you can unlock it with this backup key.

This handgun safe has steel cables on it so you can secure it anywhere, like your car trunk, self, floor, etc. This pistol safe also has a locking system that ensures smooth opening of the gun safe. This safe has a special type of passcode, “No See” Passcode. This makes setting passwords without being revealed to others. Again, this First Alert Portable Handgun safe is DOJ approved. Also, this is one of the best pistol safes under $100. It has many awesome features and we recommend it if you want something that is secured and cheap.


  • Quick access with keypad
  • Very cheap under $100
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Battery & security cable included
  • Predrilled holes for mounting
  • No see entry Passcode


  • Battery drains so quickly

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3. AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box – 0.5 CF

Amazon Basics Steel Security Pistol Safe Under 100

It is a versatile and durable safe for storing all sorts of valuables. It has been designed with steel construction that guarantees its quality, as well as interior dimensions L 13.5″ x W 8.75” x H 9-1/2 inches; thicknesses on both sides at 2″. This safe is not completely water and fire-resistant.

It comes with mounting holes at back and middle dividers inside. If you own larger weapons, feel free to remove the middle divider inside the safe as well for increased storage capacity. Do not be fooled by the keypad tone of this safe! However, remember that if somebody tries getting into your gun cabinet through any means then they’ll hear an annoying noise telling their attempt was destroyed.


  • Reprogrammable accessibility
  • Adjustable interior divider
  • Can be mounted to wall, shelf, or floor
  • Overriding key available
  • Keeps scratches away


  • Loud keypad tone
  • Not fire and water-resistant

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4. Stopbox Handgun Retention Device

STOPBOX - Quick Access Handgun Lock Box for Pistol and Magazine

The Stopbox safe is a brilliantly effective weapon lock box. It has been designed to offer the best quickest access possible, and basic protection against unauthorized access as well as theft! I have had the chance to spend quite some time with this little safe- it’s extremely unique in terms of how quickly you can get your firearm out when needed without having too much trouble getting at what’s inside or fumbling around looking for locks everywhere.”

Now, you may be thinking “plastic”? Yes. However it isn’t really meant to be a standard safe like those that we typically think of as such – but more concealed and protective. This gun safe is not something you should leave alone. I would recommend it if you want to be able to quickly get your gun out, and if you have other ways to keep them secure. Because, this safe isn’t meant to be left alone, it’s meant to be when you are on the go, or at night when you are next to the safe, but may need it very quickly.


  • Extremely quick access
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Unique design (only safe like it)


  • Made from plastic

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Things to consider in a pistol safe under $100

Best Pistol Safe Under $100

Pistol safes are not all the same, but there are fantastic options to fit any budget and size. Before buying a best pistol safe under $100, you should consider what kind of firearms you’re storing and how quickly access may be needed. This is because the size, type, and steel gauge can all affect a safe’s security level as well.

For example; if someone wants an extremely high-quality pistol they might opt into getting firearm safe that has more expensive materials or craftsmanship. So, which pistol safes are best suited for you, depends on your current collection and what you might get in the future in order to give enough room for storage. Here are the other important things that you should consider:

Size of the safe

If you are thinking about getting more guns in the future, then you should buy a gun safe that is larger than what you have now. If you are looking for something to travel with or just lock away a pistol, passport and cash, then get a small and simple one.

You can buy stack-on safes, but experts recommend having one large safe with a dependable locking mechanism. For example: if you have long guns that are only used for shooting or hunting, you might be happiest with a vertical long gun safe. If you have many different kinds of guns, buy one long safe to put all of your guns in.

Type of safe

Different people have their own preferences when purchasing these safes. But, it will mainly depend on the type of your firearm. There are different types of safes for all sorts of guns-long gun, pistol and even ones to store your long rifles or shotgun. But before you buy one make sure that it will suit your firearm in which you plan on storing them.

Locking mechanism and power source

There are three kinds of locks–biometric, electronic, and dial. Biometric locks will allow you to access your firearms quickly. Electronic and dial locks will take longer. Biometric and electronic locks need batteries or an electronic power source to operate. But, a dial lock does not have this requirement.

A traditional gun safe usually has a combination lock. This lock is on the door and it extends into the metal frame too. This kind of safe is popular for storing long guns and larger collections, like one at a gym. The dials also have more numbers than your average gym locker combo code, so it’s harder to break. It also has a high-end feel to it!

Some safes use a keypad or unmarked buttons that must be pressed in the right order. These are easier to use, and take less time than a rotary dial. Some of these advanced safes have biometric scanners that only allow the safe to open when it detects the appropriate fingerprint. These give you almost instant access, and offer high security.


A safe doesn’t do any good if someone can break in. That’s why you should not rely on the free hard cases that come with guns. These safes are not made well. They are made of weak metal or have locks that can be broken with force.

Instead, get a safe for your gun that has strong metal and an unbreakable lock. All of these safes will protect your gun from getting damaged by contact with the hard shell or fire, which is really useful when you’re storing guns for long periods of time!

Fire protection rating

You can purchase a safe to keep your guns in, but be sure that it has the right fire protection. The steel used for gun safes is very durable and will withstand temperatures up high as 2,500°F – which would melt most other products on earth; however even though house fires usually don’t exceed 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit (about 600 Celsius), this doesn’t mean you should skimp out when buying one! Make sure there’s at least 30 minutes worth of time so they’ll survive whatever may come their way.


Best Pistol Safe Under 100

Are biometric pistol safes secure, and are they worth the extra cost?

Biometric pistol safes can be secure, but their level of security depends on various factors, including the quality of the safe, the biometric technology used, and how well they are designed and manufactured. Here are some considerations:

  1. Biometric Technology: The reliability and security of a biometric pistol safe depend on the quality of the biometric sensor and software. High-quality sensors are more accurate and less prone to false readings.
  2. False Acceptance and False Rejection Rates: Biometric systems can have false acceptance (the system allowing unauthorized access) and false rejection (the system denying access to authorized users) rates. A good biometric safe should have low false acceptance rates to ensure it doesn’t open for unauthorized users.
  3. Backup Access: It’s essential to have a backup access method, such as a keypad or key, in case the biometric sensor fails or malfunctions. This ensures you can still access your firearm in emergencies.
  4. Durability and Tamper Resistance: A secure biometric pistol safe should be built with strong materials and tamper-resistant features to prevent physical attacks.
  5. Power Source: Biometric safes typically run on batteries. Ensure the safe has a reliable power source and low-battery alerts to prevent being locked out when the batteries run out.

As for whether they are worth the extra cost, it depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Convenience: Biometric safes offer quick and easy access, which can be crucial in emergencies. If you prioritize fast access to your firearm, the extra cost may be justified.
  • Security: A high-quality biometric safe can provide a secure storage solution. However, you should be willing to invest in a reputable and well-reviewed product to ensure reliability.
  • Budget: Biometric safes tend to be more expensive than traditional key or combination safes. Consider your budget and whether the added convenience and security are worth the additional cost.
  • Usage Scenario: If you need to access your firearm frequently, such as for home defense, the convenience of a biometric safe may outweigh the cost. However, if it’s for long-term storage with infrequent access, a less expensive option might suffice.

In summary, biometric pistol safes can be secure and offer the advantage of quick access, but their security and value depend on various factors. It’s essential to research and choose a high-quality biometric safe from a reputable manufacturer to ensure it meets your security needs and justifies the extra cost.

What is the difference between a pistol safe and a gun cabinet?

Pistol safes and gun cabinets are both used for firearm storage, but they have significant differences in terms of size, security, and purpose. Here are the main distinctions between the two:

Pistol Safe:

  1. Size: Pistol safes are smaller and more compact compared to gun cabinets. They are designed to store one or a few handguns and, in some cases, magazines or other small accessories.
  2. Security: Pistol safes prioritize security and quick access. They typically have robust locking mechanisms, such as electronic keypad locks, biometric fingerprint scanners, or combination locks. Some models are built to be tamper-resistant and pry-resistant.
  3. Portability: Many pistol safes are designed to be portable. They often have features like cable attachments or carrying handles, allowing you to transport them easily, whether for travel or securing in different parts of your home.
  4. Quick Access: Quick access is a key feature of pistol safes. They are designed for fast retrieval of firearms in emergency situations, such as home defense.
  5. Single-Purpose: Pistol safes are primarily intended for the secure storage of handguns. They may not have the capacity to store long guns or rifles.

Gun Cabinet:

  1. Size: Gun cabinets are much larger and are designed to hold multiple firearms, including rifles and shotguns. They often have multiple compartments or racks for organizing firearms.
  2. Security: While gun cabinets offer a level of security, they are generally less secure than pistol safes. They often have glass or wooden doors that can be broken into if a determined intruder gains access.
  3. Display: Gun cabinets are often used to display firearms as well as store them. They may have glass panels or decorative features to showcase your firearm collection.
  4. Key or Lock: Gun cabinets typically use traditional keys or simple locks for access. They are not designed for quick access in emergencies.
  5. Storage Capacity: Gun cabinets are suitable for storing a larger number of firearms, making them a better choice for collectors or hunters with multiple weapons.
  6. Long Gun Storage: Gun cabinets are specifically designed to accommodate long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, in addition to handguns.

In summary, the key differences between pistol safes and gun cabinets are their size, security features, purpose, and storage capacity. Pistol safes are smaller, more secure, and designed for quick access to handguns, while gun cabinets are larger, often used for long gun storage, and may prioritize display over high-security features. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences for firearm storage.

How can I ensure my pistol safe is compliant with local firearm storage laws?

Ensuring that your pistol safe is compliant with local firearm storage laws is crucial to avoid legal issues and promote responsible gun ownership. Here’s how you can ensure compliance:

  1. Research Local and State Laws:
    • Start by researching the firearm storage laws in your local area and state. These laws can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another, so it’s essential to be aware of the specific regulations that apply to you.
  2. Contact Local Authorities:
    • If you have any doubts or questions about the laws and regulations in your area, consider reaching out to local law enforcement agencies or firearm licensing authorities. They can provide guidance on the specific requirements you need to meet.
  3. Review Safe Requirements:
    • Carefully review the laws and regulations that pertain to firearm storage. Look for specific requirements regarding the type of safe, locking mechanisms, security standards, and other criteria your pistol safe must meet.
  4. Check Safe Specifications:
    • Compare the specifications and features of your pistol safe to the requirements outlined in local laws. Pay close attention to factors like locking mechanisms, construction materials, and any other features that may be mandated.
  5. Consult an Attorney:
    • If you have any concerns or questions about your pistol safe’s compliance with local laws, consider consulting with a legal expert, such as an attorney who specializes in firearms law. They can provide professional guidance tailored to your specific situation.
  6. Keep Documentation:
    • Keep copies of the local firearm storage laws and any correspondence or documentation related to your pistol safe’s compliance. This documentation can be valuable in case you need to demonstrate compliance in the future.
  7. Regularly Check for Updates:
    • Laws and regulations can change over time. Make it a habit to regularly check for updates or changes in firearm storage laws in your area. Stay informed and ensure that your safe continues to meet the current requirements.
  8. Secure the Safe Properly:
    • Even if your pistol safe meets legal requirements, it’s essential to secure it properly. Ensure that it is anchored securely if required by law, and store it in a location that is also compliant with local regulations.
  9. Teach Responsible Storage:
    • If you have family members or others in your household who may have access to the safe, educate them on the importance of responsible firearm storage and the local laws that apply.

Remember that compliance with firearm storage laws is essential not only to avoid legal trouble but also to promote firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. Ensuring that your pistol safe meets or exceeds the legal requirements in your area is a critical step in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pistol safes fireproof?

A handgun safe is not the perfect solution for protecting your pistol from fire. A small size firearm safe won’t provide adequate protection against an extreme situation.

The contents of a pistol safe will be less protected in the event that you have to evacuate, so its best if they can stay put during an emergency situation with plenty of room left over on each side. A smaller size would make things harder for those trying desperately fighting off flames; which means an extra large gun safe may actually be better suited than anything else could ever hope to offer.

Should you have multiple pistol safes?

Multiple pistol safes are a great way to protect your firearms and other valuable items. They can be placed in various locations around the house, making them easier for you or others who may need access during emergency situations. This also helps spread out valuables so that thieves will have less luck getting all of our stuff!

Are pistol safes secure?

Pistol safes are essentially scaled down versions of full-size gun safe. Meaning they’re not quite as secure, but at least you can carry them around and that makes up for it in some ways! They take less space than other alternatives too which is why these smaller pistol models work well if your living situation requires something portable or discreet while protecting whatever’s inside from unwanted visitors.

How much should you spend on a pistol safe?

The prices vary depending on how fancy or simple you want your pistol safe. You can get a quality $100 model, but the cost will go up to about 300 for something smart safes with all of its bells and whistles!

Can pistols rust inside a safe?

The answer is yes! You can cause your pistol or gun safe to rust by keeping it in a humid environment, which isn’t great for the metal. One way you might be able reduce this risk of happening would be adding an extra dehumidifier into its setup; letting out moisture before any problems arise will help avoid them later on down the line.

Can I transport my pistol safe easily, and are there portable options available?

Yes, there are portable pistol safes designed for transport. They often have cable attachments for securing them in vehicles or hotels. Ensure they comply with local laws and regulations when traveling.

Do pistol safes require maintenance, and how often should I check them?

Yes, pistol safes should be periodically inspected and maintained to ensure they function correctly. Check the batteries in electronic safes, lubricate hinges and locks as needed, and regularly test the access mechanisms to ensure they work reliably. It’s a good practice to inspect them at least twice a year.


Pistol owners want to protect their weapons from home invasions, while also make sure they can quickly access their pistol for home defense. This is why many people will keep a gun under bed or beside themselves at night time. And for this, a pistol safe comes very handy because when you’re not here a child or burglar won’t grab it easily from under the bed/nightstand.

And from the above list of the best pistol safes under $100, I hope you will find what safe works for your application, but remember every one has little things that make them better than others so please keep this into consideration when looking at different brands or models!

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