How To Keep Guns Dry In A Gun Safe?

How To Keep Guns Dry In A Gun Safe

If there is moisture, the guns may be prone to rust. With time, moisture may damage them in a way they can’t be recognized. You should know that the use of rusty firearms is not recommended. There are many reasons behind that. If you have a gun, make sure it stays dry in the gun safe. Have you ever wondered how to keep your weapon dry from moisture? This is the right place for you to get the answer.

It is significant to note that buying a gun safe may not be enough if you do not maintain the necessary humidity in a gun safe. Excessive moisture will damage your guns. If there is not enough air circulation in the safe, your weapons can also get damaged. Remember that there is always moisture in the air. Even though the humidity level in the air is sometimes different, it is always present. When you open the gun safe, the moisture remains inside the safe.

In addition to that, keeping the gun safe in the basement trap more moisture inside because there is extra moisture in the bottom area of the house. Your guns are less likely to rust if you store them outdoors. However, taking safety measures is advisable to prevent moisture from entering the gun safe.

How to keep guns dry in a gun safe?

Use a dehumidifier

This has turned out to be the most common alternative. This method has become very popular in recent years. The electric one becomes the best dehumidifier. It effectively extracts moisture from the environment. The most widely used dehumidifier is known as Golden Rod. These are usually rod-shaped gadgets that can be easily attached to a gun safe. The most incredible thing about these gadgets is that they don’t take up a lot of space.

However, keep in mind that you will need to work if you want to use a dehumidifier. It would be best if you plugged the electrical equipment into an outlet. In some cases, holes must be drilled in the gun safe. So, what if you do not want to follow this hard method? In this case, you need to choose the battery-powered dehumidifier.

There is also a desiccant dehumidifier on the market. The only thing about this kind of dehumidifier is that it does not require electricity to operate. How does it work? It holds absorbent materials. Typically, most of these materials absorb moisture from the air that surrounds them. Using highly rated absorption dehumidifiers is probably the best option, particularly for those who don’t want to spend most of their resources on this.

Use of silica pack

It is another method to keep guns dry in a gun safe. You can search for a silica pack. It’s a much easier way to stay dry guns safe. You should also know that this pack is used to keep moisture out of enclosed spaces, like from inside the medicine bottle. How does the silica material work? It usually absorbs all moisture from the air that surrounds it. It is in no doubt to keep the environment dry.

Not only is it easy to locate but also cheap. You will need to use some to keep guns dry in your gun safe at all times. We also encourage you to change your plan from time to time. Many people prefer to pack the silica pack in an oven. This permits you to reuse packages. All you need to do is make sure the silicate pack does not contact the gun. Also, silica is known to destroy metal surfaces.

Place a gun in the air-conditioned environment

This is the easiest way to keep guns dry in a gun safe. When stored in the air-conditioned environment, less moisture can enter the weapon safe. It’s the same when stored in a heated room. With this method, all you can do is unbolt the gun safe every time. This will let some air enter the gun safe. Keep in mind that this method effectively works if you stay in a dry environment. Choose another way if you stay in a humid climate.

You can use the light bulb

Like the other ways in this list, it’s not only easy but also affordable. This method requires you to place the light bulb in the gun safe, then run the electricity. The best bulb should be that one with sufficient wattage. It not only warms the room it also removes all moisture. So, your weapons will always be dry.

This method will prompt you to drill a hole in the gun safe. Typically, this allows you to pull the cable from the socket to a bulb. It would be best if you chose a small light bulb, which fits snugly into a full-sized gun safe. If you have a bigger safe, reflect on using a bigger light bulb.

Use the case with a sealing system

Among the best gun safes on the market come with an integrated sealing system. Many of them are made of foam and silicone. That is why many gun enthusiasts put their guns inside the jamb of the door. The main function is to prevent humidity from getting inside. However, you should purchase the gun safe, which comes with this awesome feature. Making a silicone sealing system is a simple task.

Dry rice

An air dryer is considered an excellent option, although you may attempt it with the dry rice. Rice has been proven to reduce moisture. Which way do you approach this method? You need to put 2 cups of dry rice in the safe. Rice must be changed every four months.


Dry rice, dehumidifiers, and silica are reliable ways to keep guns dry in a gun safe. However, these methods are not necessary if the safe is placed in a dry location. If you open the gun safe regularly, there is no need to use an air dryer on the guns. The reason for this is that the fresh wind keeps the humidity perfect. To check the humidity, it is necessary to use a hygrometer. After carefully reading the above article, you will find that the gun is easy to keep dry.


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