Small Rifle Safe For Closet

5 Best Small Rifle Safe For Closet In 2024

Best small rifle safe for closetThe small rifle safe for closet is a safe that is designed to be hidden in a closet. These are great options for people who need quick access to their guns but also want them hidden from the public eye.

Many closet gun safes are electronic, which means you have to enter a code or scan your fingerprint before it opens. This adds an extra layer of security so no one else can easily access your closet gun safe.

Dealing with firearms can be risky if they are not stored properly. Many people use small rifle safes for closet which come in handy to protect weapons from unauthorized access, which will make sure that nobody else except those who are supposed to have access gets close enough or has any knowledge about its existence at all!

The Best Small Rifle Safe For Closet come in various forms but it should be designed with sturdy metal and should be burglar-proof, fireproof and tamperproof. These features help keep your gun away from the from prying eyes, making sure they are used to your favor only.

Moutec Large Rifle Safe

Moutec Large Rifle Safe

  • Larger safe stores up to 5-6 rifles /shotguns
  • High strength and solid structure.
  • Smart technology & reliable locking mechanism 
  • Instantly unlocks the safe with a PIN code
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Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe for Home

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe for Home

  • DOJ Approved Biometric rifle safes
  • Quick access security solutions 
  • Allows access to your valuables in just 2.5 seconds
  • Solid Steel Construction with 3 built-in steel bolts
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RPNB Rifle Safe

RPNB Rifle Safe

  • Fits perfectly for up to 5 rifles up to 49” long
  • Has a separate Ammo Cabinet inside
  • Anti-Theft Protection & Tamper Proof
  • Made of sturdy 16-GAUGE carbon steel
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Quicktec Large Rifle Safe

Quicktec Large Rifle Safe

  • Can hold up to 5-6 rifles with scopes
  • 500 DPI optical sensor which retains 125 fingerprints
  • Can access your firearms easily after 2.0 second scan
  • Made of highly thick steel material
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Best Choice Products Rifle Safe

Best Choice Products Rifle Safe

  • Made of a high-quality solid steel construction
  • Has built-in rifle rack that can store up to 5 rifles
  • Designed with an internal lockbox with 2 compartment keys
  • Digital keypad lets you program it with your own 8-digit passcode
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Top 5 Best Small Rifle Safe For Closet 

1. Moutec Rifle Safe

Best Small Rifle Safe For Closet

This closet gun safe is great because it fits inside your drawer and does not take up much space at all. The Moutec Large Rife Safe is a great option for people who want a small rifle safe for closet but also need quick access to their weapons when they are in a rush. This best small rifle safe for closet has space enough inside it that can store up 4 guns, or 5 if you’re willing put some serious strain on the hinges! You can also store AR 15 comfortably in this small rifle safe.

Moutec Large Rife Safe is also durable – this thing survived being set on fire without burning down completely unlike other safes I’ve seen in my day (and trust me there have been plenty). The exterior dimensions are 57″ tall x 13-8 inch deep with 14 “wide open spaces perfect for storing 50” longarms. This top rife safe for home is a sturdy and secure lockbox with two spare keys to open it. Inside, you’ll find five pre-drilled holes for mounting on the floor or wall – there are also foam pads available so as not scratch any surfaces!

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2. Barska Quick Access Gun Safe

Barska Biometric Rifles Safe For Closet

The Barska rifle safe is a great choice for those who want to keep their rifles in the closet and not on top of it. This small rifle safe is made to fit in the closet so you won’t have any problem with that. Not only does this unit come with shelves, but also has protection at bottom that will prevent any damage from occurring when stored away! It can hold up four guns with plenty of ammo storage options available on top!

This Barska gun safe is a great way to protect your guns from unauthorized users. It features the ability of storing up 120 different fingerprints, which means you don’t have worry about running out! The only downside (and it’s not really an issue) is that these safes use batteries because there aren’t any power outlets nearby. If they run out of power when trying to unlock them, you can easily do it with the backup key Fabulous right?

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3. RPNB Rifle Safe

RPNB Small Rifle Safe For Closet

This RPNB Rifle safe is not only spacious but also reliable. This 5 star rated product can store up to 5 long guns and 4 handguns, plus there’s plenty more storage options with removable shelves on top! The interior lining will protect your firearms from damage while providing you peace-of mind knowing they’re fully carpeted inside so as not cause any scuffs or scratches during transportations.

This gun safe is similar to the Barska quick access gun safe in dimensions and capacity which makes it a great option for a closet gun safe too. A great thing about this safe is that its shelf is removable. You can store your own PIN number with the electronic combination keypad. Plus with 3 locking bolts activated at all times–you can be sure no one but YOU gets access into the safe. It is a good small rifle safe for the money to fit in your closet.

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4. Quicktec Rifle Safe

Quicktec Closet Rifle Safe

Quicktec’s electronic rifle safe is great if you want a place to store your gun that won’t take up much space. This closet-sized small rifle safe has an exterior dimension of 14 inches wide by 13.8 inches deep and 57.2 inches high, making it wider than most other similar safes on the market today! This closet rifle safe is perfect if you need to store multiple rifles without fear that they’ll be crowded!

The biometric rifle safe is a great way to keep your gun collection secure. With up to 125 fingerprints stored on this sleek device, you can scan any one finger in multiple angles for maximum security! It comes with 5 one inches locking bolts that ensure none but YOU will be able to open it. With 3 pre drilled holes, you can mount it against wall or floor boards. In this closet rifle safe you can store 4 to 5 rifles comfortably with or without scopes.

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5. Best Choice Products Rifle Safe

Small Rifle Gun Safe for Closet

The rifle safe is a perfect addition for anyone who has one of those pesky children in their lives that seem to think they’re qualified judging by how many toy guns are constantly being fired off around them. This closet rifle safe is slightly bigger than other small rifle safe I have reviewed earlier. So before you buy you need to be sure that it can perfectly fit in your closet! That’s something you should check with every closet rifle safe.

This top long gun safe has enough room for 5 rifles inside and doesn’t come fully carpeted, only on its bottom it is carpeted. The 3 locking bolts ensures that the door stays closed when you lock it. This closet gun safe comes complete with an electric combination lock which requires you put batteries into it before opening up the door, but don’t worry because backup keys and locks are included as well!

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Best Small Rifle Safe For Closet Buying Guide

The right closet gun safe can make the difference between peace of mind and anxiety when you’re away from your home, or feeling vulnerable knowing that someone could walk in at any time. It’s important not just get something compact and durable but also lightweight – this will make it easier (and less expensive). So what are some essential attributes to look for?

1. What size closet do you have?

The first thing to consider when buying a closet gun safe is the size of your closet. Obviously, if you have a closet that can fit an entire rack system for your weapons, then you can purchase any style and type of closet gun safe to fit your closet. But if you have a closet that can’t fit anything other than coats and items of clothing, then you will need to get something that is more compact and discreet. Many closet gun safes are not much bigger than a shoebox or smaller.

2. How many weapons do you want to store?

The number of closet gun safes you need is proportional to the amount of weapons you have. Some closet gun safes are only big enough to fit one or two guns, while others are large enough for an entire arsenal of weapons and grenades. The Small Rifle Safe For Closet that would best suit your needs will be determined by how many weapons you want to store and what kind of closet gun safe you want to get.

3. How much do you want to spend?

The price range for closet gun safes depends on the size, storage space, and technology of the closet gun safe. Of course, closet gun safes are generally more expensive than typical under-the-bed or in-the-wall models due to their small sizing. If you only have a couple of handguns or rifles that you want closet gun safes for, then you should be able to get a cheap closet gun safe.

4. Mounting hole

Mounting a gun safe is important for ensuring that your firearm stays in its place. You can either mount the front side of it on wood or use an external mounting option like walls if you’re looking at getting one built into your own home’s studs themselves! Therefore, before buying a small rifle safe for closet make sure it has enough pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom.

5. Fire safety

When it comes to fire safety, the best way is by preventing any form of flames from reaching your valuable items. To do this you should get a safe that can withstand high temperatures and has been tested for protection against fires. However, in that case, the cost of the closet rifle safe would be higher. If you don’t have enough budget then try to keep the combustible material away from safe.

6. Security Locks

You need to protect your guns from kids and intruders, so security locks are a must. When it comes to securing your guns, you don’t want just any old lock system. For starters they need digital locks with biometrics or key capabilities in order for them not be easily opened by little hands-and three year olds can do some serious damage when given the right tools! The best closet gun safes have multiple locking systems so there is always an option out their that will suit whatever situation arises at home.

7. Durability

The best way to protect your gun from an intruders is by getting yourself a strong, durable closet safe. You can find them at low prices if you know what type of material and construction method they have used for the safe! Metal or hard substances will give more protection than wood because criminals usually don’t want anything that would make noise when being broken into so these types aren’t noisy during their burglary attempts which could alert homeowners nearby who might catch onto something happening before it’s too late


In conclusion we can say that gun safes are a must-have for any family that owns firearms. The best way to stay safe from gun violence is by getting yourself some quality, heavy duty protection. And a “best small rifle safe for closet” is a good way to keep your gun safe and sound. If you own more than one firearm, you need to buy a large safe. But if it’s just for one or two, then a small rifle safe will be okay.  

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