How to Install Gun Safe in a Closet

If you’re looking for a method to keep your weapons and ammunition as secure as possible, then the gun safe is a great option. The best way is to install a gun safe in a closet or a house. But many people ask the question of how to install a gun safe in a closet. If you know how to install it, it comes with many advantages.

For instance, it becomes out of reach to the wrong hands, convenient, and requires minimal tools. Also, it is the most secure way if you have a gun. Since you probably do not want to show your gun to the public, installing a safe in a closet becomes the best option.

The Advantages of Keeping a Gun Safe in a Closet

  • It is not easy to cut or remove the sides as the three sides of the walls surrounding it.
  • It is easy to access locations of the closet, hence making it easy to access the safe when you need it
  • Many homes have multiple closets, therefore searching through everyone is important to find a safe
  • As a rule, guests do not go to a closet; hence it’s generally safer there


  • Installation of the gun safe is difficult due to limited space
  • There is less internal space to move around correctly after installing the gun safe

How to Install a Gun Safe in a Closet?

You can hide your gun safe in the closet, which is the finest place to do this. If there is a security breach at night, the bedroom closet is the ideal area to place the gun safe. If you need to hide a medium-sized gun safe, you must take advantage of the square room inside. Gun Safes are frequently hidden in closets because of the doors.

Most gun owners secure the gun safes on the wall or the closet floor if they have smaller weapons, such as handguns or pistols. Gun safes become the best place to secure your guns in different ways. But I will show you the simplest way to install a gun safe in the closet.

Here Are Two Ways To Install a Gun Safe in a Closet

1. Standard method

This is a distinctive procedure, which many gun owners follow. It involves several steps, like updating the interior and also choosing the correct safe.

First, make sure the interior is updated

In many homes, closets are designed to hold shoes, clothes, and other standard-sized items. In this case, you’ll have to bring some changes to your wardrobe to install a gun safe. So, what can you do first? You need to remove unwanted and unnecessary items to create room for a gun safe.

It may be essential to remove the closer rods and the self-units to expand the space. You must follow the plans for safe placement. Small gun safes are an excellent idea to consider if you don’t plan to upgrade the gun safe and closet at once.

Choose the correct safe

Before you start thinking about improving the closer, looking for a suitable and safe size for a closet is recommended. The larger the gun safe in the house, the more visible and challenging it to fit into the closet. When buying a gun safe, you must ensure that you have correctly measured the dimensions of the door set and the closet. Lao, measure the space of a closet where the gun safe should be placed must be measured. The higher the precision, the easier the installation will be.

Communicate with the moving company

The gun safes are available in different sizes. The moving companies will not be necessary if you need to acquire a smaller safe. However, if you have enough guns, weapons, and ammo, you need a big safe. During this time, you will need to hire a moving company. Before buying a gun safe, you need to decide. It is recommended to find a company which is licensed to do this job. You can also start looking online and find out for yourself if you don’t want to spend the extra money.

Put the gun safe in a closet

Once a gun safe arrives at home, you can install it in your closet. Sometimes you may require other tools such as the sliding tool to position it where you want. If it is large, you need the assistance of a moving corporation. And if it is in the closet, you can drag it inside. Sometimes it is necessary to move it in another direction and then straighten it.

Bolt the safe

To prevent theft of the gun safe, it must be anchored with bolts. If intruders get in, they can easily take the gun safe together if they have enough time. Therefore, bolting is the best way to secure your gun safe from the influence of a thief.

2. Anything other than the ideal method

If you want to do it yourself, you will love it because it is entirely manual. This is the best way since it eliminates everything needed to buy tools, wait for delivery, move the gun safe, etc. You can assemble it yourself in the house, for you only need to request it in several parts. And best of all, when you move to another place or apartment, you can disassemble it down and take it with you wherever you need it.


The closet is a great place to protect your gun safe from theft. If you can bolt your gun safe and avoid it from tipping over, storing it in the closet is the best option. The closet protects the sides of a safe and is a great advantage when installing the gun safe.

Whichever route you choose, installing a gun safe in your closet will help optimize your space by increasing the safety of your valuables. While purchasing the perfect gun safe for your place, make sure you select the right one. This will make everything go smooth when installing.


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