How To Open A Stack-On Gun Safe Without A Key

Stack-On Gun Safe

Have you ever lost the key that is required to open a stack-on gun safe? If yes, you have chosen the correct way to open it. Fear not, be patient and calm because there are some techniques to open your stack-on gun safe without a key. If you lose a key, that does not mean you are indifferent, careless, and irresponsible to others. It is very natural for people to forget the whereabouts of the key. So, you can use ways to open a stack-on gun safe without a key, which is different.

How to open a stack-on gun safe without a key

1. Prying technology

Not all safe models are airtight because the safe must have a hole for a crack. Therefore, you need to check if there is a pry place in the stack-on gun safe where the rod can be placed. This will help smash the lock. Typically, this method damages the locking mechanism because it cannot be used again if it breaks.

You have to put a strong rod in the pry and push it up. Be very careful with this method because if you slide the rod safely out of the hole in the gun safe, you are likely to be attacked by the force of the spring on the locking mechanism. After using this technology several times, we guarantee that you will hit your target and open a stack-on gun safely.

2. Manipulation

Manipulation is a comprehensive method used to open a stack-on gun safe. In this process, it is necessary to use the borescope to let go of the spring force of the locking mechanism, which makes it easier to open the gun safe. This method can also harm the locking system.

The hammering method can be used, and for example, when the safe is hammered severally, the locking mechanism will again release the anchor that holds the safe lock bar. This method works after several attempts and allows you to open the stack-on gun safe without a key. However, you must send the gun safe to a repair center to reinstate the locking mechanism to be used later.

3. Drill a lock system

Drilling a stack-on gun is mainly complicated and troublesome ways. This method does not damage the whole locking mechanism of the safe. Also, drilling is a form of manipulation, but you need to attack the lock system’s screws with this method.

A drilling machine is required to make uniform contact by the locking mechanism. The roof of the locking system must be perforated to open it. If the screws are lost due to the pressure, it will make the safe door open. So, you can now open it by pushing the door. After opening the safe, you may need to purchase new screws to install the locking mechanism for the gun safe.

4. Scoop a locking mechanism

This method is mostly the cheapest option because it does not damage the locking system. It’s a type of manipulation method which follows a drilling technique. Most locksmiths use this method to open a stack-on gun safe. For this method, you need to add a hole around the combination key to the lock body and place the inactive borescope in the combination.

Therefore, this method can be used before trying out other expensive techniques. Typically, the scooping method will depend on the stack-on gun safe model, as the hole must be visible to fit the steel rod. If the safe doesn’t have this sort of hole, this method will not work.

5. Magnet

You can open a stack-on gun safe using a magnet, which is the earth neodymium magnet. This kind of magnet is available at e-stores like FlipKart, Amazon, etc., and on the DIY stores.  Neodymium magnets are commonly used to open any safe without a key.

It would be best if you had a bigger magnet to open the safe. You will need a soft cloth to the magnet hole when opening the gun safe, which is very easy. Now you need to shift the magnet in the locking area to position the magnet. The solenoid is hard to locate, so be patient. When you receive it, you can now access the locking device.

With a strong magnet, the safe can be reset effectively without damaging any part once you access the gun. It is crucial to keep the magnet on the floor. Typically, this is because a grounded magnet can be very dangerous. This is because it can damage the electronic devices in your home, such as cell phones and televisions. Also, please do not keep it near electronic devices.

6. Paper clip or wire

This is a method that everyone has seen in the movies. It also works in real life. Small items such as a thin wire, a plastic straw, and a paper clip can help open the gun safe. This makes it more natural and leaves no damage. However, this method relies on the safe model as it does not work on newer digital safes.

You need to find the correct hole to insert a thin wire and then move it around the body’s lock. Keep your ears near to the locking system and hear the sound. When you hear an encouraging sound, focus on that part. It’s a simple method because you open using some simple tools. This technology can save you large amount of money to hire a locksmith.

7. Call a locksmith

If you want to open a stack-on gun safe without a key, you can calla blacksmith. A locksmith has advanced knowledge on how to open it with a key. He will protect your safe from any harm and also save your weapon’s weak points.


All of the above methods are effective. They are simple, easy, and take less time. These methods don’t deserve a locksmith to open the gun safe; only follow the process. However, be careful when using the rare earth magnet method as it is so strong and can cause injury. But, if you are unsure and cannot open the safe, call your locksmith.


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