Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review (2024)

Verifi S6000 Review

The Verifi S6000 smart safe is the most advanced gun vault on earth. With its large-area TouchChip fingerprint sensor, you can access your firearms in a matter of seconds when needed! It offers the largest and only FBI certified fingerprint sensor in any handgun safe. The Verifi S6000 is a safe that automatically performs thorough self-diagnostic tests on the batteries, fingerprint sensor and lock mechanisms every 24 hours. The device also has an emergency call feature so you can get help if needed in case there’s ever any problems with your battery or security system.

The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is a high-tech safe that offers advanced security features and convenience. Here is a brief review of its features and performance:


  • LCD Display
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • FSD Approved
  • Fingerprint sensor with 3D technology
  • High Security Override Key
  • Low Battery Power Consumption
  • Auto lock to securely lock door
  • 12 Gauge Steel Door and 14 Gauge Steel Body


Little Expensive
Unclear Warranty

Verifi S6000

If you are looking for a smart biometric gun safe that ensures your gun or other valuable equipment is safe, lights up in the dark for easy viewing of content, auto locks soon as you close the door, as well as features a robust and compact  construction, then this Verifi S6000 smart safe delivers that efficiently. With a large fingerprint sensor, you will be the only person who can gain access to the safe. The safe is so versatile that you can store anything in it, from guns and jewelry to sensitive documents. It’s highly recommended for anyone who needs a place to keep their precious items!

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Features of Verifi S6000 Smart Safe

TouchChip sensor

The heart of any biometric gun safe is its fingerprint reader; that’s why Verifi designed this S6000 smart safe with most advanced and large TouchChip fingerprint sensor. The TouchChip sensor has a high resolution of 508 dpi to easily read your fingerprints. This enhances performance for recognition systems and helps capture more minute details in your prints, meaning you’ll be able access your firearm quickly if necessary! That’s why Verifi designed their new Verifi S6000 Smart Safe with an industry-leading and most reliable sensor for quick access you can depend on.

Single set of batteries for years

With the Verifi S6000, you’ll never have to worry about constantly changing batteries or needing an outlet. It has a long lasting battery life that will last years on end!

Verifi S6000 Fingerprint lock security

Access & Event Logs

The logs are the key to any security system’s success because they provide a detailed look into how well it protects your assets. There is an access log that shows when someone opened or closed their safe, as well as event and alarm logs so you can see what happened before without having anything happen again! The last 1,000 records of each type (access/event) will always stay unlocked unless admins register it.

LED lighting system

The LED lighting system in this Verifi Smart Safe can be varied to provide just enough soft, indirect light without causing night blindness and is perfect for illuminating your safe’s contents at night. However if you find yourself needing more stringent or direct illumination just hold down the start button on front of unit when turning it up then release once desired intensity has been reached; there’s no need to keep holding that button!


The Verifi S6000 Smart Biometric Gun Safe aims to provide you with a safe that is both powerful and easy-to use. No more worries about accidental access, because this gun vault can’t be opened unless your fingers are firmly planted on its near field scanner!

Easy User Management

With one simple touch, you can add more security and convenience for your family with the Verifi Smart Safe. You will be able to easily manage user accounts by adding or removing users at any time. The LCD screen offers an intuitive interface so it has never been easier than now before logging into this safe where everything is put on display including how much battery power remains left, customize user names,  view access logs, change lighting settings, and more.

Carpeted Interior

The interior of this smart safe is lined with soft, black carpeting to protect valuables from scratches and reduce noise produced by items coming into contact. The lining also helps absorb any shocks that may occur when you open or close your safe!

Solid Steel Construction

Verifi S6000 Smart Biometric Safe

Solid steel construction makes this safe enough to store important documents. Concealed hinges and a recessed door help protect against pry-attacks. For easy mounting to prevent unauthorized removal, pre-drilled holes are located at the bottomThe body and design of this Verifi S6000 may look simple, but it is strong. Thanks to its solid steel construction you can rest assured that if someone wants in they’ll have a tough time doing so even with all of their might!

Engineered in the USA

Zvetco Biometrics is an American engineering company, working to make life safer for everyone. They do this by developing biometric security devices that ensure your personal information or other things remains secure and hidden from prying eyes. Zvetco Biometrics is the market leader in biometric security and their product Verifi biometric are used by hundreds of corporations, banks and government institutions across America.

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Review


  • Storage: 0.85 cu. ft.
  • Internal Dimensions: 7.3 (H) x 17.1 (W) x 11.8 (D) in.
  • External Dimensions: 7.9 (H) x 17.4 (W) x 16.1 (D) in.
  • Door Opening: 5.7 (H) x 14.0 (W) in.
  • Walls: 2mm, ~14ga.
  • Door: 4mm, ~8ga.
  • Max. Fingerprints: 40 Enrollments
  • Power: (4) AA batteries (included)
  • Powder Coating: Matte black industrial
  • Bolts: (2) 20mm motorized locking bolts, ~3/4”
  • Mounting Holes: (2) floor / (2) wall
  • Safe Operating Temps: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • Tamper Alerts: Unauthorized fingerprint, backup key used, reset attempt
  • Other Alarms and Alerts: Open door, low battery
  • Access and Event Logs: Previous 1,000 entries
  • Self-Check Diagnostic: Every 24 hours and after every use
  • California DOJ approved Firearm Safety Device: Yes
  • Fingerprint Sensor: TouchChip® silicon active FBI certified capacitance sensor 

Final Verdict

The Verifi S6000 Smart Safe has received positive reviews for its reliable performance and advanced security features. The biometric fingerprint scanner is highly accurate and responsive, allowing quick access to the safe’s contents. The tamper alerts provide an additional layer of security, and the auto-locking mechanism ensures that the safe remains locked after multiple failed attempts to open it. The fire-resistant materials used in the construction of the safe provide added protection for important documents and valuables.

Overall, the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe is a reliable and convenient option for those looking for a high-tech safe with advanced security features.


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