How To Open A Cannon Safe Without The Combination

How To Open A Cannon Safe Without The Combination ( Step By Step )

Cannon is the most excellent decorated safe vendor for protecting weapons and other valuables. Typically, cannon gun safes focus on two types of safe locks, which include electrical and mechanical. If you don’t have the cannon gun safe combination, don’t suddenly start at the beginning. You can do some easy things to open it without damaging it.

Here is how to open a cannon gun safe without the combination.

1. Using a backup key

The backup override key is supplied with each Cannon electronic safe. It is an option way to access the safe, having nothing to do with anything special. If you accidentally don’t have the combination, this is the priority thing.

The most popular canon gun safe manufacturers offer two sets of override keys for the safe. Occasionally the keyholes are concealed behind or beneath the safe. All you have to do is employ the key as it replaces the entire locking mechanism and opens the safe for you. Use the reset button to reset the lock so that you can easily use the Safe in the future.

Also, the backup keys indicate when the Safe’s battery is low. You can open the safe immediately with the keys. So before trying anything else, use some backup keys. This will fix the problem immediately and without any additional effort.

2. Use the Canon Customer Service

When you contact Cannon Safe, you will be asked to fill out a form. Please note that you are not guaranteed that you will have access to the safe and that you will have to pay specific fees. Some Cannon Safe models cannot be opened.  You can take the following steps:

  1. Complete the form in its entirety. Cannon’s Safe uses this information to verify if the primary reset grouping is obtainable for your safe. Not all Cannon Safe models have the master reset combination.
  2. A customer service representative can email you the master reset combination application form and a service request number if the combination is there. The application form must be complete and certified. Remember to sign the notarial documents with a notary in attendance; otherwise, further complications will arise.
  3. Response to the client service email using the digital copy of a complaint form. Once you have submitted your form successfully, you will need to call 800-242-1055 and make a payment. The master reset codes are inexpensive, and you may use the most common credit cards to pay.
  4. You will receive a master reset code by email. Be sure to add and to the safe senders’ records.

Cannon Safe

3. Use the manual override key

Some of the cannon gun safes contain the manual override key. Typically, it would be best if you utilize any equipment or tools which come with this safe. Manual override locks are usually located prominently on the front of the safe. Confirm that a manual override key is always in your control and a safe place. This is the most suitable way to get a gun secure without damaging or using a combination.

Open the gun safe with the key and reset your combination with the help of the instructions. If you’re trying to reset a lock combination, it is best to keep your weapons and valuables in a different storage box if you’re trying to reset the lock to lock it again.

4. Use the magnet

You can open some cannon safes with a magnet. Rare earth magnets are usually manufactured by neodymium. They can usually be found at online stores like Amazon and in DIY stores. For best results, use a large magnet.

Uncommon earth magnets are powerful, so be careful when using this method. It can quickly destroy other electronic devices such as computers, external hard drives, and cell phones. Anyone with a pace maker or other metallic medical tools in their body needs to use the rare earth magnets because they can be dangerous.

5. Use a hammer

If you don’t have the combination, there is a small risk of losing the back keys used for the safe lock. Therefore, you will have to use other unlocking techniques if you think about opening a cannon gun safe.

Is it likely to unlock the cannon safe using a hammer? For many essential safes available, this is indeed possible. Canon safes have an internal solenoid. It would be best if you hit the Safe with a hammer on top. Also, the safe handle must be turned at the same time. Drop the solenoid for only some microseconds. And since you also turn the handle, the gun safe will open when paired correctly.

This is a pretty obvious method. Be aware, however, that this method may damage the locking mechanism that can compromise the cannon gun safe for later use. Use this method only if you are not concerned about safe separation.

6. Use a wire or paperclips

There is always space linking the frame and the safe door, regardless of how stable and robust the combination lock is. Wrap a thin wire or a paperclip around the front door. Find the area with just about a locking mechanism and keep your ear near to the door. Typically, listen for sounds, which show movement in a lock. Concentrate on moving a wire or paperclip through this area until you open the gun safe.

7. Use the drop method

If nothing else fails, the drop method may work for you. Typically, this method only works for gun safe on a lighter side. If the canon gun safe goes down, enough force can act on the safe mechanism in the reset position. Usually, a small drop would be sufficient to open the cannon gun safe.

If the first attempt does not help, try the same way a few times before moving on to a higher one. Also, try to unlock the door after every drop. Increase the height by half an inch, repeating the drop several times each distance. If this method does not open the gun safe after reaching 4-5 inches, it is best to stop. This can do more damage than opening a gun safe, making it difficult to open in other ways.


Cannon Gun Safe is the leading trusted brand. If you don’t have the combination, these different ways can assist you in opening the cannon gun safe. However, your best option would be to leave this to the professionals or contact a manufacturing company to assist you in opening it.


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