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Barska safe is a well-known personal safe, which people use to store different items like weapons, wallets, and other valuables. It is popular because it comes with a battery-operated locking mechanism. Also, it has a digital keypad, which you can use to open a safe. If the battery is low, you may need to know how to open it without a key.

Typically, there are several ways you can open it. Many people might say that this may be impossible, but in a real sense, it is possible. There are many simple solutions to this problem, and you will discover them as you continue reading this article.

Here is how you can open a Barska safe without key:

BARSKA Biometric Safe

There are several ways to open a Barska gun safe without a key. Typically, you can open it by turning the knob left or right or using the drill. While all these options may seem helpful, they’re also recommended as they are easy and cannot damage your safe. So, here are the methods:

Turn the dial

This method of opening a Barska safe without a key is less harmful than prying open though it requires patience and steady hands, as turning a wheel with your hands takes time. Typically, the wheel has twelve positions, so it will take time to turn the wheel manually.

Prying opening

It appears like an easy task, though this method can damage your safe if not done right. Trying to force yourself can break the metal in your hands and even dislocate your shoulder from the arm.

Using a pocketknife

This method is pretty safe and requires little effort. Typically, the first step is looking for the lock you need to open. You should be aware that not all lock brands or models are possible for this idea as it requires opening the keyhole. Once you’ve found the lock, take out the pocketknife or other household knife and then insert it in a keyhole so it’s not very far from the door knob or handles.

Troubleshooting step

Here is a particular thing to try when troubleshooting. Make sure the battery lasts for long as possible. It is crucial to use the correct batteries. The batteries, which are branded, are more efficient and last longer than the ones not branded. Make sure you replace them if necessary. Try pressing a power button to confirm the keypad continues to work. Otherwise, the batteries may be sufficiently charged, but the bolt cannot be worked up.

Code deactivated

Another possibility is that the lock has been disabled. If you know your code, try entering it again. Have someone else test your code to see if they can perform the required action.

Time delay or lock mode

The safe must have a penalty lock to prevent unauthorized use, which can only be accessed by entering the accurate four-digit code in the correct order. However, it may still be prone to theft or accidental opening if many wrong codes are entered and not followed one by one.

If the keypad does not beep, wait 10-20 minutes and then try again. The code re-entry button may not ring immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to control how many minutes are needed for the light to turn green. In this case, wait 10 minutes and re-enter the code.

Jammed bolt work

Sometimes bolts can get jammed for various reasons, such as excessive pressure on a lock, debris entering the safety mechanism, or replacing an old lock. If you hear the security system try to retract or lower the bolt work, but it won’t open, it may be due to a jam.

It is time to let go of the inner frustration by kicking the vent and safe. The Barska safe will open, and you will access your valuables. Make sure you don’t kick the handle or the keypad. After entering the code, drag the controller in the other direction and continue with the current code. This releases excessive pressure on a bolt and helps the handle move freely.

Wire disconnected

Sometimes parts of the keypad wiring can break or come loose. Look at all the cables, so you do not worry about expensive repairs. If all are in the proper condition, disconnect the keypad wire, remove the batteries, and close the safe. Just wait about 20 seconds before putting the batteries back in the safe and following the instructions found on the box to reconnect the wiring.

If the main cables to the safe are broken, a technician should be called to help with the repair. Make sure you tell them what kind of safe you have so that they can take one with them.

Calling the locksmith

The common mistake many people make when they forget the key is calling the locksmith rather than finding a key. If the key is lost, here are some instructions you need to follow to help you open the safe. Before you call the locksmith, first try to look for the key.

People often lose the keys inside a house. For this reason, it is imperative to have a keyless lock system with a manual emergency unlock that anyone can activate if they forget the keys. If the key is not seen, try these instructions and call the locksmith if all does not work.

How Barska safe works?

Barska safe uses unique biological features. The common types are fingerprints and facial recognition. The most used one is fingerprint recognition technology to ensure that the unique fingerprint you use is the one that can open the safe fully.

For added security, Barska safe also features a key and lock combination. This is when you need to add security levels. The advantage of Barska safe is that it can recognize a wide variety of fingerprints. This means you will use different fingers or multiple people to access the safe, and it doesn’t require a key or remembering the combination.


Opening a Barska safe without a key can be a challenge for many people. If the above options are exhausted, there is just one thing you need to do: call a professional locksmith from your safe’s manufacturer.


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