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Having small handguns with you and not knowing where to put them comfortably is a real hassle; we understand that. You must have a safe place for your pistols.

Hence, we’ll talk about some of the best small handgun safes: portable, secured, deeply constructed, and easily accessible. You can travel with them, keep them in your closet, or anywhere you wish.

Plus, you’ll learn about the checklist while buying them, so you don’t waste your time and energy on the wrong products. Let’s start, shall we?

Comparison Table of Top Rated Small Handgun Safes

Let’s find out how these small handgun safes are different from each other,

Name Build Material Lock Type
XDeer Carbon Steel Fingerprint/Code/Key
RPNB Gun Alloy Steel Combination
Verifi Smart Steel Electronic
Awesafe Sturdy Steel Combination, Electronic
RPNB Mounted Steel Combination
Vaultek Waterproof Steel Built In Lock
SentrySafe Alloy Steel Electronic
RPNB Mounted Steel Electronic
Dalmbox Carbon Steel Combination
Onnais Stainless Steel Fingerprint, Key, Combination
Langger V Wall Safe Alloy Steel Electronic, Key
Billconch Electronic/App/Fingerprint/Keys Metal, Carbon Steel
RPNB Gun Safe Steel Combination
Onnais Portable Fingerprint, Combination, Key, IC Card Aluminum
BBRKIN Steel Electronic

Reviews on Best Small Gun Safes

After considering the pistol capacity, keypad system, fingerprint, and durability, we found out the 15 top most amazing small gun safes. Choose one from them, depending on your taste!

XDeer Biometric Gun Safes 

XDeer Biometric Pistol Safe

The first gun safe we have is from XDeer. It’s one of the most convenient handgun safes in the market right now, with an FCC certificate and DOJ approval. Also, it’s equipped with a biometric fingerprint, the cherry on top.

This handgun safe is made with heavy-duty steel for the longest durability. It’s pry resistant to keep the locker from any attack.

On top of that, you can put 4-8 pistols inside it comfortably without them being rusty. It’s because the inside environment is dry and cool too.

There are three ways to open this gun safe. You can use a fingerprint, key or pin code; it’s up to you. Either of them will serve you the fastest unlocking system.

Oh yes, multiple users can have the accessibility of the pin code.

Another great thing about XDeer is that it has an LED light inside the locker. You can turn it on for better vision and find your favorite piece.

Therefore, the shock absorption quality is top-notch here. No outside inconvenience can harm your firearms. Cool, isn’t it?


  • It has enough space to put multiple small handguns
  • Made with sturdy steel for durability
  • DOJ approved to avoid any risk
  • It confirms shock absorption power for extra safety
  • Various methods are available to unlock for ease


  • Battery accessibility is not good

RPNB Gun Safe

RPNB Gun Safe Pic

If you love tough and rugged handgun safes, look no further as RPNB is just like that. It also has 4 racks for pistols to keep the whole thing organized.

RPNB gun safe is specially made for people with children. As you already know, children are curious; for them, this one has potential construction. No matter how often they try to open the locker, it won’t open.

Also, the built-up is robust. No drilling or pry attacks can happen as well.

You can also put your guns easily inside it as it has a convenient design. The inside material is soft, so your pistols will be durable for a long time, as well as your locker.

Moreover, there are three entry types for quick access. You can set 4 digit keypad and use it whenever you want to. Besides, the immediate access mode and manual keys are available for backups.

You’ll also have enough interior lighting so that if you want to find your firearms in the dark, you can do it simply.


  • It comes with an organized interior for easy access
  • Different types of entry available for quick work
  • The inside part has lighting to better vision
  • Made with strong material for reliance
  • Comes with a backup key for emergency


  • No instruction manual is added to the locker

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

Verifi Smart Safe S5000

We all love premium stuff, don’t we? Verifi Smart Safe will give you that vibe with the 3D technology which will blow your mind. Let’s see how!

Tested by the FBI, this one has the utmost security ever. It’s anti-spoof and has 3D technology which will literally recognize every unauthorized fingerprint. Also, if your hand is dirty, it’ll figure it out. Impressive!

There’s a backup key, too; hence you don’t need to worry about being locked out.

Then again, the auto-locking door is just excellent. You don’t have to push it or check if the door is properly closed every time. Instead, you can be carefree because this lockers door will shut down in no time.

You can also turn off the settings if you don’t like them.

Remember that inside the safe, there is LED lighting so you can take out your pistol correctly.


  • It confirms security with the 3d technology
  • The LED light helps to see better in the dark 
  • Auto-locking door is here for extra convenience
  • A backup key is added for quick access


  • Expensive compared to other handgun safes

Awesafe Gun Safe

awesafe Gun Safe Image

A portable gun safe is always a dream. Awesafe confirms it with its adjustable design and, most importantly, the reliable locking mechanism.

The gun locker is lightweight and movable. You can place it anywhere you want. You can also take it with you if you ever go on a vacation to keep the pistols with you.

Not only this, but also the interior part here is made with a sponge. Your guns will be comfortable inside them without being damaged.

The gas strut is located in the locker for the auto door opening. It helps to open the door more quietly and quickly.

Plus, an LED light gives you a good picture inside the locker. You won’t ever bring out the wrong pistol, that’s for sure.

Coming to the locking mechanism, there are three ways to open it. You can use a fingerprint, password, or keys, whatever is smooth for you. Everything will work properly.

Last but not least, the pre-drilled holes are here for easy fitting. What more do you need?


  • With the portable design, it can be moved anywhere easily
  • Comes with an excellent locking mechanism for easy access
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes are available for easy installation
  • LED light is added for improved vision
  • The interior has a sponge for keeping the pistols uninjured


  • Biometric sensors get hot sometimes

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe Image

Here we came up with another RPNB product. It has a mounted desk design to place it anywhere under a desk, stand, bookshelf or vehicle. The professional look is also attractive!

There are multiple mounting options settled in this handgun safe. Depending on your preference, you can mount it from the left, right or top.

Also, if you have children in your home, you can place the safe somewhere to protect them from firearms.

It has mounting options and the locker is made with sturdy steel. It’s long-lasting and durable to be your gun’s partner for ages.

Furthermore, the 500DPI semiconductor fingerprint sensor is just out of the world. It has high-resolution power, which can match your prints in less than 1sec. No hassle in unlocking the locker at all.

With the silent mood here, you can bring out your pistols silently anytime you need. It can be adjustable so turn it on/off on your own terms.


  • It confirms the semiconductor fingerprint sensor for easy access
  • Can be settled down anywhere for ease
  • It has a silent mode to operate quietly
  • The mounting system is simple from any side of the locker


  • Buttons are pretty flimsy

VAULTEK LifePod 2.0 

VAULTEK LifePod 2.0 Secure Waterproof Travel Gun Safe

Waterproof products are lifesaving and VAULTEK confirms it. Go for this one if you want to have something that will last for decades in great condition.

With VAULTEK you’ll get premium entry methods. Here are the numeric keypad and backup keys for your utmost security. Only you can have accessibility to these smooth features.

On top of this, you’ll get the backlit LED keypad which is touch activated. Just insert a 4-digit pin, and it’ll provide you with a lock pad, status indicator, and battery indicator.

The cool part about this gun safe is that it’s waterproof. The latches of the safe have seals that let water float in them. It won’t grasp it. Your locker will be excellent.

Around 9.25” long guns will fit here. The interior has soft foamy material, which will keep the guns undamaged.

Last but not least, the built-in lock system will protect the guns from unexpected attacks. You’ll be secure with it anywhere.


  • The locker is water-resistant for maximum usage
  • Comes with LED keypad for extra facilities
  • It has premium entry methods for easy ingress
  • Enough long guns can be fit here for your benefit
  • The soft material inside the locker keeps the guns safe


  • Can be small if you have too many pistols

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe for Handgun Image

Have you ever wanted to have a small, safe gun with an advanced protection system? Well, SentrySafe will easily give you that with a biometric finger scanner.

The outer body of this gun locker is made with solid steel;means it’ll be durable for a long time. No corrosion will happen as well.

Likewise, the interior part is superior too. It has warm, soft material, which will keep the gun safe and protected.

You don’t have to carry every size of gun with you, right? Let’s tell you that, this locker is for someone who wants to carry his handgun with him wherever he wants. One pistol is enough and this locker will handle it.

The gas strut is inside the safe so you can quickly lock and unlock it.

Lastly, the fingerprint scanner has a soft touch. It takes a second to open the locker.


  • The locker is durable with solid steel
  • It ensures portability with the one-gun carriable structure
  • A gas strut is added for fast opening and locking
  • The inside material is sturdy to keep the gun safe
  • Biometric fingerprint confirms utmost security


  • Cracked fingers take time to open the locker

RPNB Portable Security Safe

RPNB Portable Security Safe Image Image

RPNB is so popular out there and it’s for the long-lasting effect. This one comes with 16 gauge steel construction that’ll be extremely durable.

If you have a child in your home, you already know how dangerous it can be to put a whole gun safe in front of them. Instead, you can use this portable one that can always be by your side.

This gun safe has an emergency pop-up door; hence you can immediately access your guns

Plus, the battery-powered pincode is here. You just have to put in your password and it’ll open quietly. Note that the sensor will sleep for 5 minutes if you type the incorrect code. 

The inside of the safe is great for keeping guns and you can also protect your valuables here. For example, passports, cash, watch, jewelry, and many more.

Therefore, the pre-drilled holes are here so that you can install them anywhere in your home. No professional is needed. Instead, you can do the work singlehandedly.


  • The body is made with steel to the last longer
  • Sensor sleeps for a few minutes if typed wrong for extra security
  • Predrilled holes come for easy fitting
  • Other valuables are safe inside the safe as well


  • The beeping sound is very loud

Dalmbox Gun Safe

Dalmbox Gun Safe for Pistols & Small Handgun Picture

Isn’t it cool to have a combination lock in your handgun safe? Exactly! And Dalmbox gives you that unique feature that also provides additional protection.

You just have to reset the lock just the way you want. It’s classy, easy, convenient, and fast.

On the other hand, this safe is very portable to use. You can carry it everywhere regarding your preference. You can use your firearm as quickly as possible in any risky situation.

In the interior part, there’s the protective foam. It can be used as a barrier to keep the guns intact. So no attacks can hamper your safe as well as your pistols.

Guess what? Dalmbox has steel cables for the anti-theft method. No unauthorized access or no thief can ever have access to your safe. Impressive, don’t you agree?

Lastly, the whole gun safe is little yet sturdy. It’s made with heavy-duty steel, which will protect the guns for a long. No rust or corrosion will happen too.


  • It comes with an anti-theft steel cable for additional safety
  • The construction is sturdy for longer usage
  • Combination lock makes it unique and easy to access
  • The inside material is foamy to keep the pistols intact
  • Super portable to carry anywhere


  • The locking mechanism is poor


ONNAIS IRON SE Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols Image

Onnais guns guard your security and we can guarantee that. It comes with biometric fingerprints, which serve you with the utmost protection and immediate accessibility.

You can keep this gun safe in your room, in the drawer, wall, car or office. It’s adjustable so keep it where you feel much safer.

Then again, the whole cabinet is super lightweight yet sturdy. It has a large capacity to hold 2 standard-sized pistols. You can carry two different options.

The great thing about Onnais gun safe is that it has 3-way access. For your convenience, you can open the locker with the biometric option, keypad lock, or backup keys. Go for what works for you!

Remember that you can have 30 users’ fingerprints, which is excellent. Your near and dear ones can have access anytime they want!

The safes lid is pry-resistant as well. No matter how many attacks it gets, it won’t break or get damaged. 

Just as importantly, there is steel cable in case you need to tie it up to your car or desk. Praiseworthy indeed!


  • The safe can be kept anywhere with extreme safety
  • It’s super lightweight and sturdy to move everywhere
  • The three ways access makes it easier for any user
  • Steel cable is added for additional protection
  • Pry-resistant features help to avoid attacks carefully


  • The interior material is not up to the mark

Biometric Wall Safe For Handguns

Biometric Wall Safe Picture

Langger V is very popular for its organized setup. It has 2 adjustable shelves with a black coated look that makes it extraordinary. Let’s see!

So, this gun safe is constructed with a strong steel structure. Nothing can ever damage the walls of the locker by prying or punching. Plus, the built-up is worthy for a long time.

It also physically protects the pistols with two live door bolts. If you try to open it with your hands, you can’t do it, that’s for sure.

Furthermore, the biometric fingerprint here is a gem. It can take up to 100 fingerprints. You can give access to anyone you like. The pin code and backup key options are there, too, if you need them.

Coming to the interior part, the gun locker has two shelves. You can easily put your guns, important papers, wallet, money or jewelry, anything you prefer. 

Last but not least, the locker is super simple to fit. The pre-drilled holes are here; hence you can mount it smoothly.


  • It ensures assurance of the guns with multiple biometric technologies
  • Made with powerful material for reliance
  • It has a pre-drilled anchor for smooth mounting
  • Confirms two shelves for organized outlook
  • Live door bolts help to add extra security


  • A little expensive


BILLCONCH Gun Safe for Pistols Image

Everyone has a smartphone in their hands today. How will you feel if your gun safe can open with the help of your phone? Amazing, right? Well, Billconch is offering you this feature which we think is absolutely a blast!

This one right here has 4 different ways to open up the safe. They’re fingerprint unlock, app unlock, keyboard system, and key unlocks. Just imagine having a bunch of opportunities. It must be very convenient.

Especially for the smartphone, you can download an app (details in the instruction manual). See whether your safe is locked or open from anywhere.

Not just the access method, but the safe itself has a large capacity to put your 2 standard-size guns in there. It means you can carry your safe with your two favorite firearms.

Let’s tell you that the material is top-tier here. It’s sturdy and durable at the same time. The carbon steel shell makes it scratch-resistant, which means your safe will last long with the same new fresh look for a long time.

The inside part is super foamy and soft of this beast. Your guns will be in a dry and comfy place with uninjured conditions.

Also, the LED light is here for better vision. Anything else you need?


  • The locker confirms multiple access options for convenience
  • Built-in with sturdy material for durability
  • Padded foam is available inside it to keep the guns protected
  • LED light helps with good vision


  • The battery needs to be upgraded

RPNB Pistol Safe For 2 Guns

RPNB Quick Access Gun Safe Image

Next up, we have another gun safe from RPNB. It’s equipped with an auto-open lid. You don’t have to open it yourself whenever you need your gun.

This safe is very thoughtful about children. It comes with an RFID lock which will help your child be safe and far away from the shelf. As they’re curious, you’ll get to be tension free once you lock it.

Well, most of the time, products drop from our hands and increase the risk of damage, right? Here, it won’t happen as the safe has shock proof handle. But, even if it falls, this feature will help to overcome that.

The whole construction is tough and rugged too. It’s expertly crafted so that it can last for decades without any trouble. The locker prevents rust, corrosion, and scratches any day.

You’ll be happy to know that RPNB also provides an anti-theft feature. Nothing can break in here as it has a pry-resistant door. 

With the backlit keypad and manual keys, you can unlock the locker easily. It’s simple to use. Your guns, files, money, and jewelry will be extremely safe too.


  • The RFID lock ensures children’s safety
  • Shock proof handle is added to protect from serious damages
  • The body is tough for extra durability
  • Anti-theft feature helps to avoid break-ins
  • It has 2 opening methods for convenience


  • Customer service is not fast

ONNAIS Gun Safe – Portable 

ONNAIS ALLOY SE Portable Gun Safe Image

You must be thinking about why we chose another Onnais gun safe. Well, it’s because this locker is super classy and portable. Also, this one has a battery indicator, which will allow you to see if your battery is low!

Onnais gun locker is super portable. Whether you want to stay at home or want to go on a vacation, you can take it anywhere. It also has a charging port to charge it from time to time.

Additionally, the gun safe has a retractable handle. This handle is super powerful and smooth to the touch. You can carry your locker as a bag wherever you go. Convenient, don’t you agree?

On top of that, it can hold 2 standard-sized pistols. You can have an option and you can carry your firearm for your benefit. 

The inside material is soft; hence your guns will be protected. They won’t get defaced while you’re traveling.

Oh yes, the gun safe has an IC card unlock (you have to place it in the given area), digital passlock, fingerprint, and metal keys for easy unlocking. You’ll never be locked out, that we can assure you.



  • The locker has a heavy-duty handle for easy carrying
  • Battery alert is added to see the percentage
  • Mutiople unlocking methods are added for simple unlocking
  • Interior material is soft to keep the firearms intact
  • Portable to carry anywhere


  • The cable is poor

BBRKIN Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Biometric Fingerprint Safe Image

For the last one, here is BBRKIN. You’ll be glad to know that this one can access 20 individual fingerprints, which is insane. Plus, you can touch the safe 1,000,000 times; it’ll be with you for a long time!

You can just simply touch the print area and get the fastest 1sec access. You can also set the password of your preference and insert it when you need your pistols.

Now the thoughtful thing about BBRKIN is that it has silent mode. Sometimes you might need to open up your locker silently; this safe will help without disturbing others.

Don’t forget that, it’s made with reinforced steel which will protect your guns from break-ins and damage. The locker will be durable, too, as it has powder coated finish.

Finally, the LED is here to help you find out your pistol at nighttime which we think is a great feature.


  • The locker has fast access with multiple opening methods
  • LED light helps in the dark to find the gun easily
  • There is a silent mode to work in silence
  • Reinforced steel helps with durability


  • Front face is made of plastic

Buying Guide for Best Small Gun Safes

Well, you need to be careful before buying your favorite small gun safe. Here are some of the checklists experts suggest:

  • Construction

The first thing you need to look for is the heavy-duty built-in. If the construction is sturdy, your safe will last longer.

And for the interior part, make sure it has soft material. It’s because this material will protect your guns from serious damage.

  • Multiple Unlocking Systems

Its better if your safe has at least 2 unlocking systems, whether it’s a pin code, fingerprint, app lock or backup key. Just ensure you get another extra option so you won’t get locked out.

  • Portability

Small handgun safes need to be portable. Make sure your safe has an amazing handle, lightweight design, protective lid, and easy accessibility to travel with it anywhere.

  • Easy Fit

An easy installation process is necessary. If you want to fit your safe in your car, office, or home, get yourself a safe with mounting holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should you put your handgun safe?

You can put your handgun safe anywhere as they’re (almost) portable. Fit them in your bedroom, car, office, laundry, basement or inside closet depending on your preference.

  • Do guns rust in a safe?

If your gun safe has excellent foamy material inside, then it won’t get rusty. Temperature and moisture inside the locker also play a huge role to keep the pistols intact.

  • What can you put inside the gun safe to keep moisture out?

There are different moisture-absorbing devices in the market. You can keep it inside the locker. So that it can absorb all the moisture in the air and make the air dry and cool.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the best small handgun safes. We’re sure you now have the idea about some of the top safes that’ll save your gun’s life. 

If you don’t know where to start, just purchase XDeer Biometric Gun Safe. It’s DOJ approved with sturdy steel and shock absorption power, durable for longer.

Other lockers will be amazing too. Just go for one that matches your requirements.

Good Luck!

By Palmer