Can You Open a Sentry Safe With a Magnet?

Opening a Sentry Safe With a Magnet Picture

The world of security and safes has evolved over the years with advancements in technology. However, the question of whether you can open a Sentry Safe with a magnet is one that has intrigued many. Sentry Safe is a well-known brand of safes known for their reliability and security features. But can a simple magnet compromise the security of these safes? In this article, we will explore the myths and realities surrounding this question.

Understanding Sentry Safes

Sentry Safe is a reputable manufacturer of safes that offers a wide range of products designed to protect valuable items such as documents, jewelry, firearms, and more. These safes come equipped with various security features, including combination locks, electronic keypads, and digital locks. The security mechanisms are designed to deter unauthorized access and withstand common methods of tampering.

The Magnet Myth

There is a misconception that a strong magnet can be used to open a Sentry Safe. The idea behind this myth is that a powerful magnet can manipulate the locking mechanism from the outside, allowing access without knowing the combination or having the key. This idea has been perpetuated on the internet and in movies, leading some to believe that it’s a viable method for breaking into a safe.

The Reality

In reality, opening a Sentry Safe with a magnet is highly unlikely and extremely challenging. Sentry Safes are designed to resist various forms of tampering, including attempts to manipulate the locking mechanism using external tools like magnets. Here’s why it’s not as straightforward as it may seem:

  1. Complex Locking Mechanisms: Sentry Safe employs advanced locking mechanisms that are not easily manipulated by magnets. These mechanisms are designed to resist external interference and remain secure.

  2. Magnets’ Limited Range: Magnets lose their magnetic force with distance. For a magnet to have any effect on the locking mechanism, it would need to be extremely powerful and placed very close to the mechanism. This level of proximity is hard to achieve without damaging the safe’s exterior.

  3. Lack of Precision: Even if you managed to place a magnet close enough to the locking mechanism, the precision required to manipulate it effectively is beyond the capabilities of most individuals. Sentry Safes are engineered to be reliable and robust, making them resistant to these types of attacks.

  4. Legal Consequences: Attempting to open a safe by any unauthorized means, including using a magnet, is illegal and could result in criminal charges.

Video: Opening a Sentry Electronic Safe with a Magnet

How Do You Break into a Sentry Safe Without the Combination?

If you’re looking to break into a Sentry safe without the combination, there are a few different methods you can try. One is to use a stethoscope or other listening device to hear the tumblers falling into place as you turn the dial. Another is to use a borescope or other optical device to see the tumblers and figure out the correct combination.

Finally, you can try using a magnet on the outside of the safe to disrupt the locking mechanism and open it up.

How Do You Manually Open a Sentry Safe?

Sentry Safes are designed to provide security for your valuables, and opening them manually without the combination or key can be quite challenging and may also damage the safe. However, if you’ve forgotten the combination or lost the key to your Sentry Safe, you have a few options to explore before considering more invasive methods or contacting a professional locksmith:

  1. Contact Sentry Safe Customer Support: Sentry Safe offers customer support services that can help you recover access to your safe. They may ask for proof of ownership, such as the original purchase receipt, the serial number of the safe, and other identifying information. If you can provide the necessary documentation, they may be able to help you retrieve your combination or send you a new key.

  2. Locksmith Services: If contacting Sentry Safe’s customer support doesn’t yield results or if you’d prefer a quicker solution, you can hire a professional locksmith with experience in safes. A skilled locksmith can use various methods to open the safe without damaging it, such as lock manipulation or drilling techniques. This is a more reliable and less destructive option compared to attempting to break into the safe on your own.

  3. Replacement Key or Combination: If you can’t retrieve the original combination or key, and contacting customer support is not an option, a locksmith may also be able to create a new key or help you reset the combination. This, however, typically requires proof of ownership and may incur additional costs.

  4. Safe Cracking as a Last Resort: Attempting to manually break into a Sentry Safe without the combination or key should be an absolute last resort and is not recommended. It can damage the safe, void any warranty, and potentially cause irreparable harm to the contents inside. It may also be illegal, depending on your jurisdiction.

Remember that it’s crucial to maintain proof of ownership and important documents related to your Sentry Safe in a secure location, separate from the safe itself. This will help expedite the process of recovering access in case you forget the combination or lose the key. Additionally, if you have concerns about the security of your Sentry Safe, consider consulting with Sentry Safe customer support to explore options for upgrading or replacing the safe with one that better suits your needs.

How Do You Open a Sentry Safe Without Power?

Opening a Sentry Safe without power can be challenging, especially if the safe relies on electronic components for its locking mechanism. Here are some steps to consider if you need to open a Sentry Safe without power:

  1. Check for Manual Override Key: Many electronic Sentry Safes come with a manual override key, which can be used to unlock the safe even if the electronic components are not functioning. Check your safe’s user manual or look for a keyhole on the safe’s exterior. If you have the manual override key, insert it and turn it to unlock the safe.

  2. Battery Replacement: If the electronic components of your Sentry Safe are battery-operated and have simply run out of power, replacing the batteries might solve the issue. Look for a battery compartment on the safe’s exterior and replace the old batteries with new ones following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  3. Use a Replacement Battery: If you don’t have fresh batteries on hand but suspect that dead batteries are the cause of the issue, you can sometimes use an external power source, such as a 9-volt battery, to temporarily power the electronic keypad. Connect the external battery to the appropriate terminals on the keypad, following the safe’s user manual.

  4. Contact Sentry Safe Customer Support: If none of the above methods work, it’s advisable to contact Sentry Safe customer support. They may be able to provide guidance or assistance in opening the safe without power. Be prepared to provide information about your safe, such as the model number and serial number, to help them assist you effectively.

  5. Seek Professional Help: If you’re unable to open the Sentry Safe manually without power, and you don’t have the override key or a replacement battery, it’s best to consult a professional locksmith experienced in safe openings. They have the tools and expertise to open the safe without causing damage.

It’s crucial to remember that attempting to force open a Sentry Safe without power can potentially damage the safe and its contents. Avoid using excessive force or tools that may harm the safe. Always prioritize safe and legal methods for accessing your safe’s contents.

How Strong of a Magnet Do I Need to Open a Sentry Safe

If you’re looking to open a Sentry Safe with a magnet, you’ll need a pretty strong one. Most Sentinel Safes require between 200 and 800 pounds of magnetic force to open them. So, if you don’t have a magnet that’s at least that powerful, you’re out of luck.

There are ways to get around this, however. If you have access to a welder, you can weld a piece of metal onto the safe door and then use a magnet to pull it open. This method requires some skill and knowledge, so make sure you know what you’re doing before trying it.

If all else fails, your best bet is to call a locksmith or safe technician who can help you get into your safe without damaging it.


While the idea of opening a Sentry Safe with a magnet may seem intriguing, it’s important to understand that this is largely a myth perpetuated by popular culture. Sentry Safes are designed to provide secure storage for your valuables, and their locking mechanisms are engineered to resist tampering. Attempting to break into a Sentry Safe with a magnet or any other unauthorized method is illegal and unlikely to succeed.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your Sentry Safe, it’s best to follow the proper procedures for gaining access, such as contacting Sentry Safe’s customer service or a professional locksmith. Trying to bypass the security measures can lead to damage to the safe and potential legal consequences. Remember that the best way to protect your valuables is to use your Sentry Safe as intended, following the manufacturer’s instructions for safekeeping.