7 Best Shotgun Safe | Ultimate Safety Lockers for Guns & Your Family

Best Shotgun Safe 

Around 2.5 million burglaries happen in America every year. Unfortunately, sometimes, people even face deaths during burglaries. 

If it happens in your household, it’s natural to freak out immediately. However, it can be challenging to contact the police at this moment. Then how can you protect yourself during a burglary attack? 

Owning a firearm is the utmost option to survive the situation. A shotgun is one of the convenient firearms for home defense. However, it’s challenging to store a shotgun at home. But the best shotgun safe can give you the piece of mind for storing your guns along with valuables.

Well, now, let’s check out some of the gun safes to keep your guns and your family protected.


Comparison Table of Best Shotgun Safe 

You will know about the difference between the shotgun safes at a glance at the comparison table. 

Name  Color  Lock Type  Material 
RPNB Rifle Safe Black  Electric  Alloy steel, Carbon steel, and metal 
Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle Black  Keypad code safe Alloy steel 
Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe Multi-color  Biometric  Aluminum
KAER Biometric Steel Safe Black Combination, electronic, key  Alloy steel 
MARCREE Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe Black  Biometric, key  Alloy Steel 
HOLOJOY Biometric Rifle Safe  Black  Combination, key, electronic  Alloy steel 
BBRKIN Under Bed Shotgun Safe Black Electronic  Alloy steel 


Best Shotgun Safe You Can Keep in Your Home

We’ve found 7 best shotgun lockers that have magnificent features and benefits. Picking any of these shotgun safes will be amazing for you. Let’s check them out.

  • RPNB Rifle Safe

We keep the RPNB rifles safe on our first recommendation because we love the versatile design and perfect width. It offers a 49 inches wide and deep chamber inside the locker where you can store more than five shotguns. 

Additionally, it has an ammo cabinet to store the bullets, money, and papers. Next up, it provides anti-theft protection with 5 live door bolts and welded tamper-resistant construction. 

The shotgun locker has been made of 16 gauge carbon steel with a black rocky finish that makes it more reliable. Therefore, it offers anti-corrosion that protects your guns inside. 

Moving on to the next feature, the motorized electronic keypad lock system allows you to set up a 3 to 8 digits passcode that keeps your gun locker secure. 

If someone tries to open the locker with three wrong passcodes in a row, you’ll notice the yellow light and beeping constantly. It’ll make the locker in sleep mode for 20 seconds. 

Operating the shotgun locker requires 4 AA Alkaline batteries that you need to purchase separately. 

Fortunately, this rifle’s locker includes pre-drilled holes and four mounting anchor bolts to set it up anywhere. You can use 2 backup keys for the vault and 2 emergency keys for the ammo cabinet if you can’t remember the passcode. 


  • Ammo cabinet with a vast space 
  • Advanced electronic keypad locking system 
  • Offers high resistance power that prevents corrosion and scratch 
  • Includes extra backup keys to open the locker 
  • Provides tamper-proof built, quality 


  • The electric keyboard can be stopped sometimes 
  • Doesn’t have a waterproofing capacity 


  • Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle

A versatile shotgun safe, where you can keep 50 inches long and 10 inches wide 5 rifles. With the electrical keypad system, you can install a 9-digit quick passcode and lock the firearms safely. 

Also, it offers an audible warning alarm if anyone enters the wrong passcode 5 times. You can adjust the warning alarm to silent mode if you want. But for your safety, you should keep it in warning mode. 

Langger V gun locker has a 12 inches deep and 56.5 inches-long chamber with a separate lock cabinet and removable shelves. 

Don’t you want to keep your bullets safe? You can save your home or office papers and money on the shelves. You can store your bullets in a small lock chamber to protect them from rust. 

When it comes to the interior section, it includes soft foamy barrel rest, and good quality carpeted floor to protect your firearms from dust and water. It also has tamper-proof internal edges. 

As this gun safe provides pre-drilled holes and 4 anchor bolts, you can install it without hassle. The firearm locker has a 14 gauge alloy steel construction with thick deadbolts, making it more robust than other lockers. 

So, what’s more, come in the package are two primary keys, 2 lock box keys, 4 AA batteries, 1 emergency battery pack, and an owner’s manual to operate the electrical passcode. 


  • It offers a wide removable shelf that holds papers, and lightweight firearms 
  • Come with a lock box to store bullets 
  • Easy to mount on the wall or bedroom closet 
  • Tamper-proof steel body construction 
  • Keyboard locking system with extra lock keys 


  • It takes a lot of work to mount the gun locker. You will require adjustable legs to mount it.


  • Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe

If you’re looking for ultimate firearm security, look at Barska’s biometric gun safe. Who doesn’t want to keep guns and bullets in a safe place? You also want the same, right? 

For protecting your firearms, the Barska rifle safe comes with a premium biometric scanner. 

You can open your gun safely within 2.5 seconds after easy fingerprint scanning. This way, you need to create your fingerprint as biometric identification. 

Suppose someone is trying to access your firearm locker. It will notify you with a loud alarm, making it an anti-theft gun safe. 

Furthermore, this rifle’s locker has 100% steel built quality with an extraordinary tamper-resistant body, including a protective floor mat, probe-resistant hinges, and 3 steel bolts. 

Barska gun locker features a long cabinet where you can store more than 4 rifles or shotguns. Good news! It was approved by the Department of Justice, and they declared it one of the most secure gun lockers. 

The installation is easier with the pre-drilled holes and 2 anchor bolts. Therefore, it comes with backup access for the biometric sensor, 4 AA batteries to store 120 fingerprints, 2 emergency battery packs, and 2 backup keys. 


  • Provide a tested number 1 biometric module 
  • Has easy backup access to figure out the fingerprint 
  • Pry-resistance hinges and sturdy locking bolts 
  • Loud alarm system with an optional silent mode 
  • Perfect choice for home defense firearms 


  • The small cabinet that can’t hold more than 4 guns 
  • Quality control issues with biometric system


  • KAER Biometric Steel Safe

What about having a gun safe with multiple entry modes? We bring KAER biometric firearm safe with three opening methods. 

You can access your locker with a one-touch biometric system, 9 digit PIN code, two emergency keys, and an external battery box. 

A 14 gauge cold rolled steel gun safe to keep 4 to 5 rifles. Luckily, it has a removable support frame and flannelette to store guns and also provides an adjustable steel shelf where you can store your jewellery and confidential papers. 

The firearm locker has 54.13 inches long and 11 inches wide chambers. Additionally, it offers a 180° angle cabinet door with a storage box, pistol pouch, and doorpost inside. 

Using the wrong passcode 5 times will lock the gun chamber for 1 minute and inform you with an audible alarm system. The alarm system has an optional mute function to keep it silent. 

Nonetheless, it provides a LED light that lights up whenever you open the cabinet door, pre-drilled holes, and anchor bolts to mount the gun safe. You will get emergency battery packs, 1 owner’s manual, and 1 pistol rack with the safe box. 


  • Come with extra racks, pistol shelves, and gun slots 
  • Provides mounting hardware 
  • Includes a LED light to brighten the cabinet while opening 
  • Additional battery box on the outside 


  • Weak hinge design 
  • Passcode and biometric control issues 


  • MARCREE Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe

On our fifth recommendation, we come with a MARCREE fingerprint gun safe. It has well-designed chambers, and the large one can hold 50 inches long 5 rifles. 

Therefore, the internal part has a soft carpet-protected floor and foam barrel holder for keeping the gun safe. 

Isn’t it challenging to remember the passcode in danger? It is, right? This gun safe offers a fingerprint safety locking system to make your access quick and easy, 

You can store 20 fingerprints in the biometric module and open the locker anytime within 0.1 seconds. 

Surprisingly, you can access the gun safe in three additional ways: emergency key, passcode, and emergency battery box with 4 AA batteries.

Hence, it provides induction password error alarm mode. It will shake and beep for 60 seconds if anyone tries to access it with the wrong passcode 5 times. You can turn on the mute function when you need to. 

There’s an adjustable storage shelf where you can keep your pistols and a metal lock box to store bullets and other essential products. In addition, this anti-smashing gun safe has 5 gun slots and pistol pouches. 

The LED magnetic induction light brightens the chamber and makes your firearms visible in the dark. Besides, it includes inner cabinet keys, 5 expansion screws, and an instruction manual. 


  • It has removable shelves and a locked cabinet 
  • Offers additional gun slots and pistol pouches 
  • Includes 4-ways entry mode to open the gun safe 
  • Extra-ordinary biometric module and innovative alarm system
  • Provides a LED induction light inside the chamber 


  • Limited internal space 


  • HOLOJOY Biometric Rifle Safe 

Are you looking for an extra large gun safe? Then HOLOJOY rifle safe can be great for you because it has wide space to hold tons of firearms. Well, you can store 37 to 50 inches long and deep 9 guns inside the main chamber. 

You can organize the magazine, bullet box, and other accessories on the adjustable bottom plates. Moreover, the door panel includes three pistol pouches to hold standard pistols and bullets.  

This firearm safe has three lock modes that you can choose between key, passcode, and fingerprint. 

Yet, it offers intelligent fingerprint technology and an anti-theft alarm system that will lock the chamber for 1 minute while entering the wrong passcode 3 times and fingerprint 5 times. It’s up to you whether to combine them or use them separately. 

HOLOJOY gun safe offers a firm triangle handle and an external battery box. To operate the battery box, you have to purchase 4 AA batteries. Thus, the safest option in an emergency is to open the locker with keys. 


  • It has enough space to keep 9 shotguns and rifles 
  • Provides pistol pouches on the door 
  • Emergency battery box to open the safe in an emergency 
  • Easy to assemble the adjustable racks and pouches 
  • Quick-access locking system 


  • Challenging to set passcodes and fingerprints 
  • Low-quality materials 


  • BBRKIN Under Bed Shotgun Safe

If you often go on long-distance night trips, you should keep a shotgun for your safety. But how to keep the shotgun secure outside? Most gun safes are designed for homes and offices. Don’t worry; BBRKIN introduces a portable shotgun locker with a sturdy handle. 

This under-bed gun safe has 43.3 inches-wide, 4.33 inches-long, and 12 inches-deep drawers, which can hold 1-2 rifles, multiple pistols, bullets, ammo, and magazines. Apart from guns, you can store jewelry and essential documents in the drawer. 

Next up, it has been made with a 100% steel body,tamper-proof internal edges, and three security deadbolts. You can keep the gun safe under the bed, cabinets, and closets and carry it in your car’s trunk. 

The most outstanding feature of the gun safe is the quick access PIN code and backup key locking system to immediately get your shotgun in an emergency. 

BBRKIN gun safe comes with mounting hardware to install it, 2 emergency keys, and a user manual. Let’s move to the impressive part: it offers an automatic LED light. Therefore, it lit up the drawer gun safe for 20 seconds while opening. 


  • Robust keypad locking system 
  • Additional emergency keys to open the gun locker 
  • Perfect choice for home defense 
  • Comfortable handle to carry anywhere 


  • Cheap quality batteries on the keypad module 


Things to Consider While Buying A Shotgun Safe 

When buying your safe gun, you should consider the must-have specifications. Here are the features. 

  • Multi-directional Security System  

Traditional gun lockers have two hinges in the back and a lock bolt in the front. But think deeply; is it enough to keep your shotgun safe? We don’t think so. 

You need an advanced gun locker with a central security system. 

The advanced lockers have more protection bolts on the front and back and near the hinges. 

  • Innovative Technology 

Modern gun lockers have innovative automation systems such as electric locking, biometrics, and keypad code. If you set up a biometric gun locker, then it’ll require your fingerprint to open it. Sounds impressive, right?

Also, for the keypad code, you can choose your preferred password to secure your gun locker. 

  • High Resistance Power 

A durable gun locker should have a long-time fire resistance capacity. Nevertheless, it should survive a minimum of 60 minutes at 1,200° F

In addition to fireproofing, you must consider corrosion resistance power because it’s necessary to keep your gun free from rust build-up. 

  • Robust Built Quality 

Most gun lockers are made of steel alloy. Suppose you want to store your gun for a long time. In that case, you must pick a locker with sturdy material and, most importantly, corrosion free-cabinets. 

  • Easy Installation 

Portable gun lockers are best. These gun safes come with an easy and quick installation process. Alongside, you can install your gun locker safely at any place. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is it worth buying a shotgun safe? 

Yes. Shotgun safes are great because they protect your guns from rust, water, and especially fire. Beyond the shotgun, you can keep necessary official papers, expensive products, and cash to keep them safe. 

  • How can I store a shotgun safe? 

The best place to store a shotgun safe is the bedroom closet. Moreover, you can keep it in the basement and garage.

  • Are shotgun safes bulletproof?  

No. Gun lockers are made of steel materials. So, they can’t resist bullets. But if your locker has thick steel, it can prevent the bullets from internal damage. 


Bottom Line

That’s it, then. We’ve given you a clear idea of the best shotgun safe. If you plan to get a shotgun locker, you can grab any of these products that match your budget.  

Avoid storing your gun loaded in the gun locker. We suggest keeping your gun safe in bedroom closets, office cabinets, near the dressing area, garage or basement. You’ll be happy to know that gun lockers require low maintenance.  

However, if you’re still confused with the choices, we suggest the RPNB Rifle Safe as it has deep chamber and unrivaled steel body. Plus, you get 2 backup keys for emergency cases. 

Best of luck!