5 Best Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews (2024)

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

For your gun collection, you need to have a safe that can effortlessly protect your stuff. And for that, you have to have the perfect one.

The solution is Steelwater. Yes, Steelwater has one of the best lockers, giving you the utmost security, comfortable usage, sturdy construction, and customizable options. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best Steelwater gun safe reviews that’ll be your gun protector for a long time. Thank us later when you actually feel the advantages of the locker.

Let’s buckle up!

Comparison Table of 5 Best Steelwater Gun Safes

Let’s see the comparison table of the 5 Steelwater gun safes,

Name Material Lock Type
E.M.P Steelwater 39 Long Gun Safe 12 Gauge Steel Electronic, Key
Steelwater Extreme 45 Long Gun Safe 9 Gauge Alloy Steel Combination
Basic Series Steelwater 24 Long Gun Safe 14 Gauge Steel Key
EMP 60 Minuter Fireproof 20 Long Gun Safe 14 Gauge Steel Anti-Theft
NEW And IMPROVED Steelwater 16 Long Gun Safe 12 Gauge Steel Digital Lock, Bypass Key

Top 5 Best Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

We know what type of gun locker you want and found out some of the best Steelwater gun safes. These will serve you greatly, no doubt of that. Choose one depending on your requirement!

1. NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Gun Safe– Our Top Pick

The first product on our list is known for the highest security with the double-bitted key. It’ll make sure your guns are safe and you never get locked out of the locker.

Here, the EMP-proof modern keypad allows soft touching for 200figernprints whenever you want to open up the shelf. You just have to insert the passcode and have access easily. 

Plus, the keypad is designed to operate in low light so if you ever have a situation where you need to unlock it secretly, you can do that.

Likewise, the bypass key is added to the package. Don’t worry about being locked out if you ever forget the password, there’s a backup.

Moving on to the construction part of this Steelwater gun safe, it’s made with 12gauge alloy steel, of course, one of the best which can last for decades. The walls and door won’t get rusty after some years as they’re super thick.

Not only this but also the locker protects against fire very smoothly. If ever there’s any inconvenience about smoke or fire, this locker will expand the door seal 8 times and will protect your rifles.

Besides, the 8x hard plate is drill resistant. No one can ever have the opportunity to steal your guns.

For your customization, you can simply organize the door part. There are space for keeping your pistols and bullets separately. Also, the material is soft so it’ll keep the guns undamaged.

Last but not least, there are USB ports and AC outlets to use for electronic purposes. What more do you need?


  • It comes with EMP proof keypad for security
  • The USB outlet will let you use electric devices anytime
  • Fire resistance is excellent here to avoid inconvenience
  • Comes with heavy-duty steel that confirms durability
  • Bypass key is added for extra safety


  • Can’t hold more than 12-15 guns

2. Steelwater Extreme 45 Long Gun Fire Protection 

Have you ever seen a long gun safe that can protect your gun for 2 hours straight from the fire? Well, this locker from Steelwater does this pretty effortlessly. Let’s see how!

At 1875F, this amazing gun safe will guard your rifles against any type of risk. You already know how dangerous guns are, so if there’s any smoke or fire, they may get more threatening. No worries, as the locker, will keep them protected.

Then again, it’s made with 9 gauge steel; which means it’s very sturdy. No outer influence can harm the whole item ever. Besides, it’ll stay for a long time being durable.

You might know that punching, prying, or drill attacks can happen to your gun safe. But here, there’s no chance, as it’s drill resistant. The hard plate is 8x huge so that it can protect the gear drive, re-locker, and linkages.

Don’t forget about the 5spoke handle system. It’s very polished and strong; hence, you can easily lock and unlock the safe.

Oh yes, there is a door organizer in this Steelwater gun safe too. It has space to put additional pistols or other accessories like magazines and bullets for the fastest access. Impressive, don’t you think?

Therefore, the adjustable shelves will help you to rearrange the whole interior. If you want to add more rifles to the locker, move the racks. It’ll change the look, and you can also put extra stuff here.


  • The locker has powerful construction for longer usage
  • It confirms long-time fire protection for security
  • Have adjustable shelves for personalized interior
  • Door organizer helps to find the stuff pretty easily
  • The hard plate helps to avoid any drilling or prying


  • Fingerprint feature doesn’t work smoothly

3. Steelwater Basic Series 24 Long Rifle Safe

Some people love to keep it low and we appreciate it. If you want to have a good gun safe at a reasonable price, here is the basic series of the Steelwater safe. It’s made with solid steel that’ll be your partner for ages.

Inside this locker, you can simply keep 18-20 long guns. There’ll be no issues even if they’re scoped. 

Plus, the interior is adjustable. If you want to remove some of the racks from the interior, you can do it easily. It’ll save you some extra space where you can keep another 1-2 rifles.

Remember that, the inside material of the locker is super soft. If ever any of the guns fall down, for the foamy texture, they’ll be unharmed. Praiseworthy indeed!

Coming to the exterior part now, this basic gun locker is made with sturdy 14 gauge steel construction. No rust or inconvenience will happen no matter how long you use it. 

And for the locking system, it’s EMP proof. The easiest method ever to unlock the locker. Just put in the password, and it’ll gently open the door. Plus, it’s anti-theft too. No breakage will happen, as it’ll beep if the wrong code goes in.

But don’t worry if you forget the pin. The gun safe comes with a bypass key. You can open the locker anytime.

The door seal will expand during any fire situation too. It’ll keep your guns safe for 45minutes straight at 1200F.

Thus, the installation system is super simple here. It has pre-drilled holes in the bottom so you can fit it in your house, office, or any place you want.


  • It comes with sturdy construction for perfect durability
  • EMP-proof digital keypad ensures the highest security
  • Keeps the rifles safe from fire by expanding the door seal
  • The drill anchor holes confirm the simplest installation
  • Adjustable racks give extra space for some extra guns


  • Changing password is somewhat challenging

4. Steelwater EMP 60 Minute Fireproof 20 Long Gun Safe 

A giant gun safe with accurate locking bolts is bliss for any gun holder. If you’re looking for something like this, look no further. Also, it has LED interior lighting, which is the cherry on top!

This EMP-proof gun locker from Steelwater has an excellent security system. Insert the password you set to unlock the locker. And if you fail by forgetting it, no worries at all! There’s a bypass key as backup.

Moreover, the body of the locker is made with 14guage steel. You already know this type of steel is so thick and heavy-duty that no breakage can ever happen here. Also, it’ll be the same as new even after using it for years.

Talking about breakage, there’s this interesting feature in this locker. It has relocking structure; if anyone tries to punch or attach the lock, they won’t succeed. You can set up the two intel locking to keep your guns guarded.

Now, the inside part of the locker, it’s made with soft foam. In case your ruffles fall down, they won’t get damaged. Besides, the ground is made of carpet so the guns will surely be in the highest protection.

You’ll be glad to know that the Steelwater gun locker has fire resistance to secure the guns from extreme fire. In 1875F, the door of the safe will expand for 6o minutes. No smoke can even harm firearms until the situation is solved.

Coming to your customizable option part, the locker has movable shelves. You can keep around 10 long guns inside it. If you want to keep more, just remove the racks.

On top of that, the door organizer is here to add more convenience. Your small pistols, magazines, bullets, or other belongings can be here, safe inside the locker if you want.

Lastly, there are pre-drilled anchor holes to help you with the fitting. No professional help is needed to set up the installation instead, you can place it in your home, office, or any secret place.


  • It’s made with foam to keep the guns guarded inside
  • Has a digital keypad system for extra security
  • Fire resistant to keep the rifles safe from fire 
  • Anchor holes help with the simple attachment
  • Made with heavy material for durability


  • Not balanced


For the last one, we have the improved Steelwater gun safe with the fireboard layers on walls, floor, ceiling, and door jams. What is more important than a supremely secured locker, right?

This locker has the newest design with a semi-gloss powder coat black construction. It’s made with 12G steel which won’t be rusty for over the years. 

On the other hand, the 7 chrome locking bolts are super sturdy. They’re 1-5” larger with the capacity to lock the door perfectly.

Guess what? This one has a fireproof quality for protecting the rifles inside for 60minutes. No harm will cause to the interior part for this time being as the door seal will enlarge 8times more to prevent smoke.

Well, the inside material of the locker is extremely comfy (we mean for the guns). If any of the rifles ever fall down, they’ll be uninjured. 

It has a door organizer so you don’t have to think about your accessories at all. Put the bullets, jewelry, money, or other things safe in there. 

Let’s tell you that, Steelwater gun safe has two shelves inside it. A full-length shelf and a small-length one. You can adjust them by your preference or remove them if you want to have some extra space.

For easy fitting, there are pre-drilled anchor holes as well. The steel-plated holes will let you install the whole thing anywhere.

Not only this, but also the LED light is here for good vision. If you want to take out the guns in the dark, you can do it smoothly with the digital keypad. Once you insert the passcode, the light will turn on.

To sum up, there are 2 extra USB ports and AC outlets. For charging purposes, you can take full advantage of it. All-rounder, isn’t it?


  • This locker is built with effective steel for resilience
  • It has multiple shelves to organize things properly
  • Fire resistance help to avoid fire-related issues
  • The Interior part has comfy material to protect the guns
  • LED light is added for good vision


  • A little bit overpriced
SteelWater gun safe reviews

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the “Steelwater Gun Safe”:

What is a Steelwater Gun Safe, and why do I need one?

A Steelwater Gun Safe is a secure storage solution designed specifically for firearms. It offers protection against theft, fire, and unauthorized access, making it a crucial investment for firearm owners who prioritize safety and responsible gun ownership.

What features does a Steelwater Gun Safe typically offer?

Steelwater Gun Safes commonly include features like solid steel construction, pry-resistant doors, advanced locking mechanisms (such as electronic keypad or biometric locks), fireproof insulation, adjustable interior shelves, and ample storage space for firearms, ammunition, and other valuables.

How do I choose the right size Steelwater Gun Safe for my needs

Selecting the appropriate size depends on the number of firearms you own and the additional items you plan to store. Steelwater offers safes in various sizes, indicated by their gun capacity. It’s recommended to choose a safe with a slightly larger capacity than your current collection to allow for future acquisitions.

Are Steelwater Gun Safes fireproof?

Yes, most Steelwater Gun Safes are fireproof to a certain degree. They are typically equipped with fire-resistant insulation that can withstand high temperatures for a specified period, usually ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This feature helps protect your firearms and important documents in case of a fire.

5. How secure are Steelwater Gun Safes against theft and unauthorized access?

Steelwater places a strong emphasis on security. Their gun safes are constructed with solid steel, reinforced door frames, and advanced locking mechanisms. Depending on the model, safes may feature drill-resistant hardplates, relocking systems, and pry-resistant doors. Many safes also have provisions for anchoring to the floor, adding an extra layer of security.


That’s all. We hope you got enough information about the best Steelwater gun safe. It’s time to choose the accurate one, depending on your preference.

If you ask, we’ll say to start with E.M.P Proof Steelwater 45 long gun safe. It has a low-light keypad, pre-drilled anchor, hard plates, and a sturdy body. Plus, the locker is drill resistant for the highest security. 

Other Steelwater gun safes are amazing too; you just need to select one that meets all your requirements.

However, keep the locker safe from your pet and child. They can get curious anytime, so it’s better to place the shelf anywhere private.

Good luck!