5 Best Under-Bed Shotgun Safe (2024)

Under-Bed Shotgun Safe

Going to bed with guns under your pillow is only okay on the Television. The reality is different; there’s no way anyone should risk their precious life by putting firearms nearby. 

But if there’s any invasion at night, not having a gun nearby can also put your life in danger! Also, what can you do to stop your toddlers from tampering with the guns? And how about keeping away nosy people from prying on your valuable items and documents? 

The solution is the under-bed shotgun safe. Not only will the safe store your valuables be hidden from others, but it’ll also protect those items from getting damaged over time. 

However, the market is filled with choices. But for your convenience, we’ve shortlisted 5 top safes according to experts’ and buyers’ reviews. So, sit tight and go through this article to get the gun safe of your preference.

Comparison Table for Top Rated Under Bed Shotgun Safe

This section features a comparison table to help you know these 5 gun safes differ.

Name Lock Type Built-in Light Anti-theft Alarm
BBRKIN Digital, Key Yes Yes
SnapSafe Electronic, Key No Yes
AEGIS Electronic, Key No Yes
POCHER Keypad No No
Pelican Steel Padlock No No

Top 5 Best Under Bed Shotgun Safe

To help you search for the best under-bed shotgun safe, we have gone through lots of safes and picked the top 5 out of them depending on their quality, strength, and safety features.

1. BBRKIN Under Bed Safe

BBRKIN brand offers a High-quality rapid gun safe for your home and vehicles. The safe is made with solid alloy steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges that make the safe durable for decades.

You can use a digital keypad to create your own PIN code or just use the backup key for quick emergency access. There’s no need to worry about safety; the lock mechanism is surely reliable. Even if someone tries to break the safe, the alarm system will notify you immediately.

Since the safe is quite large, you can keep 1-2 rifles, some guns, and ammo. magazines, jewelry, or any documents securely. With this size, you can easily install it under a bed, inside closets, or in your car.

The inside of the safe is beautifully designed with foam to keep your items scratch-free and free from shocks. 

One of the unique features of this safe is the automatic LED light system. The interior of the safe has a built-in LED that will automatically be on for 20 seconds after you unlock the safe. Pretty handy, isn’t it?


  • LED light inside allows you to see in the dark
  • Large safe to store more than enough valuables
  • Includes both electronic and mechanical locking systems
  • The interior is padded with soft foam to prevent scratches
  • A protective alarm warns you against unwanted access


  • Not suitable for storing bigger firearms

2. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

The second shotgun safe on our list is from the famous safe-making brand SnapSafe. It’s constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, making it durable enough to last longer than its warranty period. 

Just like the previous safe, this one also offers two types of locking mechanisms. You can use the digital lock with a 3 to 8-digit code or use a backup key. 

Not only can you easily tuck the safe under your bed, but also carry it in the trunk of small SUVs while storing shotguns, accessories, jewelry, laptop, or any other valuables. 

You can easily install the safe and there are pre-drilled holes for permanent installation. Moreover, the door is designed in a way that won’t allow unauthorized access; the anti-theft alarm will surely catch them off-guard. 

There’s also a commercial-grade 5-foot cable that can provide added security when anchored to any stationary object. No matter where you put the safe, you don’t need to worry about security, and its space-saving design will surely fit in. 


  • Durable 14-gauge steel construction protects from crash and heat
  • 40 inch wide chamber can accommodate plenty of valuables
  • Electric lock, mechanical lock, and anchoring cable for security
  • The anti-theft alarm stops uninvited access
  • Along with an under-bed safe, it can be sued as a trunk in SUVs


  • There’s no LED light to see in the dark

3. AEGIS Under Bed Gun Safe

For the third option, the AEGIS brand offers a sleek gun safe constructed beautifully with hard alloy steel. 

The access mechanism of this product includes both an electronic lock and a manual key. There are 2 backup keys included for times when the batteries are down, or you’ve forgotten the security code.

Although the safe looks thin, it can keep plenty of your firearms, documents, or other valuable equipment out of sight, but close by your hand under the bed. The interior has a protective mat to protect the items from scratches. 

This safe is constructed with tamper-resistant and pry-prof solid steel; the steel locking bolt design keeps unauthorized users from gaining access. Also, security cables and mounting bolts are included with the safe for added security

For unauthorized access, it’ll start a loud beeping sound and red light flash. Also, the digital keypad will be automatically locked. The beeping sound will stop if you open the safe with the key. So, it’s pretty tight security. 


  • A warning alarm alerts you when someone tries to access
  • Low carbon alloy steel body is safer for the environment
  • Smooth gliding rails allow silent operation
  • The included security cable provides extra protection
  • Fabric matt protects the interior items


  • There’s no LED lighting inside

4. POCHER Under Bed Gun Safe Drawer for AR Rifle

POCHER brand offers a streamlined and fully assembled gun safe that you can use immediately after unboxing.

For keeping your firearm secure forever, this rifle caddy for a truck is constructed with heavy-duty 16 gauge steel that makes this product tamper-resistant and pry-proof. Both exterior and interior locking bolts are made from heavy-duty steel.

Although this safe is large, it weighs only 43 pounds. You can carry this safe anywhere without any sweat, but your naughty toddler can’t!

Including your kids, no other unauthorized person can access this safe, you can lock it with the built-in keypad lock that runs on batteries. Also, there are pre-drilled holes in the bottom corners to avoid theft.


  • The Alloy steel body makes the safe durable, but lightweight
  • Rubber padded corners prevent any scratch outside
  • Felt fabric mat protects guns from scratches
  • Smooth-gliding rails allow you to take out guns silently
  • Both horizontal and vertical handles make carrying easier


  • Cables for the lock and interior lighting aren’t included 

5. Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases

If you’re looking for a professional-grade rifle case like the armed forces use, this one from Pelican is for you. 

The shell of this case is built from several blended materials of different strengths. Although this safe is very sturdy, it’s the most lightweight case on this list. So, you can easily carry your important items with you worldwide.

Also, there are fold-down handles that save space when you try to fit the case in a tight space, like under a bed or closet.

This rolling case has strong wheels to take it anywhere easily. You can lock it with the steel padlock system, although there’s no digital lock system like the previous safes. 

Unlike the bold exterior, the inside of the case has 3 pieces of foam set to keep your equipment safe from shocks and bumps. The whole case is made crushproof, dustproof, and watertight; there is an O-ring and automatic pressure equalization valve that balances the interior pressure and keeps water out.

You can use this case as a single or double rifle case when needed. Many professionals like the military, divers, police, and firefighters use this case regularly. 


  • So durable that police use this case often
  • Dustproof exterior saves you from cleaning hassle
  • Strong wheels to carry the case even in hilly areas
  • The case can withstand extreme temperatures and direct heat
  • A completely watertight case that heavy rain can’t penetrate


  • It doesn’t have any fingerprinting or electric lock

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying The Best Under Bed Shotgun Safe

Knowing the under-bed safe’s key feature will help you choose your ideal safe from hundreds of gun safes. Let’s check some of the crucial characteristics of an under-bed shotgun safe.

  • UL Security Rating

Underwriters Laboratories, or UL, is a century-old safety certification organization. The most famous gun-safe manufacturer submits their safes to UL for security testing. 

If you see your shotgun safe is rated as RCS, TL-15, or TL-30, the safe has an amazing ability to withstand attack. However, if you see ratings as B or C, they’re not for resisting attacks. Rather, they are just safely constructed.

  • Locking Mechanism

The locking system is the most important factor for under-bed gun safes since it’s directly related to security and accessibility. Many gun safes use biometric locking mechanisms. You can just use your fingerprint to unlock it anytime.

Some gun safe has an electronic or digital lock to use a PIN code, while others only have a mechanical lock with a key. Nowadays, most gun safe has the combination of any 2 or all 3 of the locking mechanisms.

It’s best to choose a gun safe containing all the 3 types of locking systems. If you can’t find one, choose a safe with any 2 types of lock. Safes with only one locking type have less efficiency in case of emergency or safety.

  • Size & Capacity

If you see your gun safe can only hold a rifle and not other kinds of stuff of yours, what’s the point of buying it? Or what if it doesn’t fit under your bed at all? 

This is why the size and capacity of the gun safe are important. Measure your open space where you like to keep safe. Also, see how many items your selected safe can hold.

  • Weight

The weight of a gun safe is important for 2 main reasons. The first reason is you travel a lot and you need to carry around the cases to different places or at the upper level of a tall building. For this purpose, you need a lightweight gun safe.

Another reason is safety, for this, you might need a heavier safe. If the safe is too light, your kid or any bad guy can take the safe away and try tampering in dangerous ways.

  • Material

Most of the manufacturers mainly use 14-gauge steel for making under-bed safes for its durability. However, some safes are made of aluminum and plastic, they are also durable enough to last many years. Additionally, some safes are made from a blend of several materials.

Usually, a safe made from several high-quality materials is preferable, since they have the strength of several materials. So, if you buy a blended safe, it’ll be durable enough for you. Also, 14-gauge steel safes are sturdy enough to last long.

  • Weather Resistance 

Weather resistance features can make your safe resistant to heavy rain, dust, rust, heat, and many more. If you don’t wanna throw away your safe after one or two years, you must not forget to get a weather-resistant gun safe.

  • Lighting

There are mainly two reasons why you need lighting inside the shotgun safe. First of all, when you sense any danger or bad guy at night, you can access your weapon easily and get the exact gun you were looking for. 

Secondly, you won’t need to alert the bad guys trying to find weapons with bright lights on. 

Although this feature isn’t mandatory, having this is obviously an advantage for you. Usually, LED lights are preferred for this job since they will give you enough lighting without brightening the whole area.

  • Fire Protection 

Fire hazard is more common than home burglaries nowadays, that’s why it’s more important to have a fireproof safe. For the best performance, go for the safes that are made with hardy material. If the safe is UL rated, it’s more likely to be fireproof.

  • Interior Design

The interior of your gun safe is very crucial as that’s where your valuable items will be kept. There should be any type of foam or pad to keep the guns and other items from shocks, bumps, scratches, and clashes with one another.

  • Cost 

Cost can change your perspective on products or change your criteria for buying a gun safe. Higher cost means higher quality, so, if possible, buy a more expensive gun safe with better features like fingerprint technology.

Nevertheless, sometimes the safes are costlier because of customization or more aesthetic design. But those criteria aren’t mandatory for gun safes, so if you’re on a tight budget, forget the pleasant look and focus on getting a safe with a proper security system.

For a safe with a fingerprint lock system, it can cost you 300 bucks or even more. The mid-range pricing for the shotgun safe is $150 to $300. Any safe under $150 is either too small or has fewer features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put a gun safe in a closet?

Yes, many bedroom closets have smaller closets within them. It allows you to hide your gun safely perfectly.

  • Are gun cabinets and gun safes the same thing?

No, gun cabinets are different from gun safes. Gun cabinets are usually made of metal or wood and are also lightweight. But gun safes are made from stronger materials and also heavier.

  • Can a locksmith open a gun safe?

Yes, if you lost your keys or forgot your passwords, a locksmith can help you access the gun safe.


Hopefully, with all the discussion about the best under-bed shotgun safe, you’ve found the safe you were looking for. However, if you’re still confused about which product you should buy, or looking for our suggestions, then it’s alright.

We suggest you grab the Pelican Protector case if you want to travel or carry the case with you frequently. Otherwise, go for the BBRKIN  since it has more positive features than any other cases on this list.

The remaining products are also good; buy one that meets your circumstances. But don’t forget to take good care of the safe after buying. Otherwise, the safe will be damaged within a few years.