5 Best Bedside Fingerprint Gun Safe (2024)

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 Most people find it convenient to keep their guns by their side while they’re sleeping. It can be for self-defense or security, whatever you want. But how can you find something that can be close to you but still stays safe from your close ones?

Well, you got to have the best bedside fingerprint gun safe. It’ll serve you with fantastic security, built-up, reasonable size, and, most important, gun safety. Plus, you can keep your pistols with you without worrying about your family.

Hence, today, we’ve discussed some excellent bedside gun lockers. You’ll find them worthy. Rest assured.

Let’s start, shall we?

Comparison Table of Top Bedside Fingerprint Gun Safe

Let’s compare the top 5 bedside gun safes,

Name Material Lock Type
Langger V Carbon Steel Electronic, Key
Z ZLJUAN Alloy Steel Fingerprint, Code, Key
RPNB Certified Polypropylene, Steel Electronic
VERPROOF Alloy Steel Key, Electronic
RPNB Steel Electronic, Key

Reviews on 5 Best Bedside Fingerprint Gun Safe

After hectic research, we finally got convinced about the top 5 fingerprint gun safes. They’re easy to store your pistol, convenient to maintain, and long-lasting.


  • Langger V Biometric Gun Safe

The first product on our list is from Langger V, one of the best bedside fingerprint gun safes that your side can easily keep. Also, it provides an anti-impact latch that secures the entire locker.

Made with 16 Gauge steel, the biometric gun shelf is super durable. In addition, the carbon construction helps the locker stay rust-free for a very long time. 

Moreover, it has a single anti-impact structural body which will keep the gun safe from thieves. Any unauthorized entry will be impossible with this build-up.

You’ll be glad to know that Langger V has a biometric sensor system with high-resolution power. It means you can use around 20 fingerprints and get access within 0.2 seconds.

There are backups, too, such as pin code (4-8digits) and manual keys. No chance of getting locked out. Convenient, isn’t it?

You’ll get a beep sound if anyone tries to have access. For 3 wrong codes, it’ll alarm. You can also turn it off by using silent mode if you want to.

Let’s inform you that, the inside part is filled with thick foamy material. Your gun will be comfortable without any damage if they fall, that’s for sure.

Therefore, you can keep this gun locker anywhere, such as bedside, desk, nightstand or vehicle. You can install it by yourself as it comes with included screws. What more do you want?



  • It comes with a high-resolution biometric system for fast access
  • The locker has backups for convenience
  • Installation is super smooth with attached screws
  • The interior part is foamy to keep the gun uninjured
  • Carbon steel construction ensures long-term durability


  • Difficult to reset a new pin code


  • Z ZLJUAN Mounted Gun Safe

Protecting your gun from children is a huge task and you must do it properly. Z ZLJUAN confirms that with the easy vertical design and interior light. Let’s see how!

Well, this mounted gun safe’s vertical structure helps you install it simply anywhere private. For example, you can fit it under your desk, bedside, vehicle, bookshelf, and many more. It’ll be accessible to you effortlessly and still maintain privacy.

In addition, it comes mounted; which means you can place it without any effort. It’ll work every way from left, right, up or down.

Within 1sec, with your touch, the locker will open pretty fast. If ever you want to use your firearm in any emergency situation, you can take this advantage. Plus, the three entry methods (3-8digit pin, 2 keys, and fingerprint) are for uncomplicated unlock.

Guess what? Z ZLJUAN is made with a soft sponge pad, reducing the noise while opening the safe. No one will know when you take out your pistol!

Besides, the interior lighting is amazing in this locker. It’ll help you see your gun’s placement and where the safe is located precisely.

Just as importantly, it comes with a battery reminder too. It means the feature will warn you with 10 beeps when you need to change the battery. How thoughtful!



  • It comes with mounted holes for easy fitting
  • The locker has an interior light for better visual
  • Can open the safe in multiple ways for convenience
  • Battery reminder helps not to turn off the item without a warning
  • A soft pad reduces the extreme noise of opening and closing the safe


  • Expensive compared to other bedside gun safes


  • RPNB Certified

Premium gun safes are everyone’s favorite and we’re sure you love them too. RPNB is one of them, which is tough and still maintains to be soft inside to keep your guns undamaged. Plus, it’s California DOJ Certified!

The slim and vertical design of RPNB is considered cool as it helps you to get your gun in a second, even in the dark. You can install it everywhere, depending on your preference too.

Additionally, the construction is sturdy of this one to keep it as new as possible for decades. No harm will happen to the coating or the entire product, that’s for sure.

Moving on to the accessibility of the locker, it’s the programmable electronic keypad. It’s here with the PP buttons, so you can work with a single hand (necessary for risky situations).

Furthermore, the safe has a low battery warning feature that’ll help you to change the battery as soon as possible before it shuts down.

The inside part is trustworthy, too, with the soft material. If ever your gun falls by mistake, the ground will handle the firearm from breaking. Praiseworthy! what do you think?



  • A programmable electric pad helps to unlock the safe fast
  • The design is vertical and slim to mount properly anywhere
  • Interior stuff is smooth to avoid risks
  • A low battery warning is added for extra convenience
  • The outside material is strong to avoid corrosion


  • Fitting procedure is tough for tiny thumb screw


  • VERPROOF Gun Safe

If you want a gun safe with fast activation, go for VERPROOF. It provides a drop-down drawer to give you the fastest outcome possible. Likewise, it’s scratch resistant to keep the locker new forever.

Of course, you can have a bedside gun safe as it’s necessary if you ever face any harmful situation. But an open gun safe can be dangerous to you as well as your family. No worries, because VERPROOF has a sturdy drop-down drawer that’ll drop instantly once you insert the pin.

You can unlock your safe using 3 methods: keyboard, fingerprint, and manual keys. With the print and keyboard, you can open it within 0.5 seconds. Very quick indeed!

Additionally, for your backup, there will be backup keys to save you from getting locked out.

The construction is powerful as well. It’s because the locker is made of alloy steel which means it avoids break-ins without any trouble.

Let’s talk about the inside part of the gun safe now. VERPROOF is super organized. It has a thick foam sponge that’s scratch-resistant and dustproof. Your gun locker will shine brightly every day.

On top of that, the inside part ensures a good light design which will help your better vision at night. If you ever install it under the bed, this feature will be lifesaving.



  • The drop-down drawer helps to open the safe fast
  • It confirms multiple opening methods for easy use
  • Sponge material helps to avoid damage to the gun
  • Construction heavy duty for reliance
  • A good light system is here for better visual


  • A loud noise happens when the drawer drops down


  • RPNB Gun Safe

For the last one, we have another RPNB gun safe. This time it has a 500DPI biometric sensor for auto opening. Also, you can keep a gun around 9 inches here, which is the cherry on top!

With the smart sensor, it’s extremely simple to enter the locker. All you have to do is to select your preferred method and click on it. You have multiple options in RPNB, such as fingerprint, 4digit keypad and 2 backup keys. 

If you don’t like the sound of the opening, you can turn it off anytime.

A great thing about RPNB is that the design is super convenient. You can fit it beside your bed-stand, bookshelf, or under a desk or vehicle. Mounting holes will be added for your quick installation.

Not only this but also high-level security is attached to this gun safe. The construction is crafted very expertly here. It means for the coming years. You won’t face any corrosion, rust, scratch, or damage. Such durability, don’t you agree?

Moreover, a pistol around 9 inches can be easily stored here. You can put a spare magazine as well if you want.

Last but not least, interior lighting is available in RPNB. If you want to use your firearm at midnight, feel free to open the locker as it’ll be visible and fast all the way.



  • It confirms various entry options for extra safety
  • It can be installed anywhere with the mounting holes
  • Interior lighting is added to see better at night
  • It’s made with steel for top-tier durability
  • A mute option is available if anyone doesn’t want to listen to the beeps


  • The drawer is very loose


Buying Guide of the Best Bedside Fingerprint Gun Safe

You don’t want to waste your valuable money on cheap things, do you? That’s why we’re here to give you some friendly tips on buying the best product. They include,


  • Multiple Locations

You first need to consider if the gun safe can be installed in various locations. It really gets easier because if you want to keep the locker near your bed, you can do it and even if you decide to sleep on the couch or other places, you can also move it there.

Thus, it’s better to check if it can be adjusted in multiple situations.


  • Sturdy Construction

Another thing you have to be careful of is the body of your gun safe. Look, if the construction isn’t strong, no matter how good it looks, it won’t last for long. And if it doesn’t last for long, then what’s the point of wasting your money on this in the first place, right?

This is why make sure your locker has a premium steel body before purchasing it so it doesn’t get rusty or break after some years.


  • High Security

Now, it’s a major characteristic. A gun safes worth is its supreme security. Find out if the product has at least two entry methods. It can be a pin code, fingerprint or manual key.

But remember to get a safe with backup. You never know when you’ll get locked out; hence keep an option always.


  • Easy Installation

Last but not least, the easy fitting will save you energy so much. If the gun safe has pre-drilled holes, then it’ll be much more convenient for you to set it up alone.

Otherwise, you’ll need professional help.


Final Verdict

That’s it. We’re sure now you know about the best bedside fingerprint gun safe to buy. Of course, you can choose a perfect one that’ll meet your demands. But if you’re still hesitant, start with Langger V, one of the best. It has high-resolution biometrics, thick interior foam, steel construction, and an easy-fitting system.

Other ones are also great. Thus, you can give any of them a try. They won’t disappoint you.

However, keep the locker locked beside your bedside as your child or pet can get injured if you don’t.

Good Luck!


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