Best Biometric Under Bed Gun Safe

Top 5 Best Biometric Under Bed Gun Safes of 2024

Nowadays, biometric gun safes are the industry standard for those who desire convenient access to their weapons while maintaining top-notch security. To top it off, many biometric gun safes have a futuristic appearance in terms of their lights, access scanners, and overall design.

However, thieves and criminals can breach at any moment in the house. That’s when it’s nothing less than convenient to have the best biometric under-bed gun safe. Just one fingerprint and you have the gun at your hand. 

However, finding a suitable one is totally nerve-breaking. To narrow down the research, we’ve shortlisted the 5 best choices one could get today according to buyers’ and experts’ reviews. 

Let’s check out which one suits your needs. 

Comparison Table of Top 5 Biometric Under-Bed Gun Safes

Let’s discover how these biometric under-bed gun safes differ from each other. 

Name    Build-Up Substance     Type of Lock
Gunvault Microvault Alloy Steel  Electronic 
RPNB Gun Alloy  Steel  Electronic, Key
PINEWORLD Gun Alloy Steel  Electronic Combination Lock, Electronic, Key
MAXSafes Gun Carbon Steel  Electronic
ENGiNDOT Gun Alloy Steel  Combination Lock


Top 5 Best Biometric Under Bed Gun Safes 

Here, we’ve reviewed on top 5 biometric under-bed gun safes, depending on their excellent features, including material, storage, lock type and so more. So, keep reading till the end and select one that might catch your eye.

  • Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe

The first product from our list is from GunVault. It’s one of the best biometric gun safes on the market right now for the security system. 120 fingerprints with a 4ft cable will be appropriate for your gun’s safety!

Besides, the micro vault XL biometric system recognizes fingerprints to access safe contents. Its high-end algorithm ensures lightning-fast access, even in the darkest situations, with added security. It’s nearly impossible to pry open using hand equipment because of its upgraded locking mechanism and accurate fittings.

However, if there’s any breach or issues with accessing the biometric lock, you get two backup override keys. With them, you can unlock the safe in any emergency. 

Now, what’s the most concerning features after security? That’s durability, right? This gun safe checks it too. It’s made of heavy 18-gauge steel to ensure world-class protection against all durability threats. 

Plus, there’s a soft foam padded interior to keep your guns and valuables secured – no matter what the impact is. Truly assuring.

And what about installation? No worries. GunVault has that too. You can mount it anywhere regardless of directions. 


  • Pry resistant against all hand equipment for additional safety
  • Quick installation due to multi-directional mounting possibility
  • Ultimate durability against all scratches and thefts
  • Easy to carry around being lightweight
  • Includes pockets and straps for the storage facility


  • The only backup is a hand-operated key


  • RPNB Gun Safe

You must store your firearms safely in case you have small children who may not realize the potential risk they pose. RPNB confirms this with the DOJ certificate which is the cherry on top!

This gun safe provides you with two-point fast entry. This RPNB gun safe provides you with a smart biometric scanner, instant entry mode, and hand-operated keys. 

For a speedy entry, a 500 DPI semiconductor fingerprint sensor produces images of the fingerprints that match perfectly in less than 1 second.

Besides, these biometric under-bed gun safes are damage-proof and give you anti thieves protection by California DOJ certification. They are black and 2.63kg in weight. 

If you’re looking for rugged and tough under-bed gun safes, this one will be a great choice. The RPNB handgun safe was skillfully made with a durable 16-meter carbon steel structure that will last for many years, providing great strength. 

Additionally, it has a black rocky finish that resists corrosion for a long-lasting period. Impressive, don’t you think?

Overall, this gun safe is easy to install as it comes with pre-drilled holes. It also includes hardware for simple floor mounting.


  • Access is quick due to the vertical orientation.
  • A resistant powder coat lengthens longevity
  • Fast and accurate scanner scans fingerprints for convenience
  • Pre-drilled holes are added for easy fitting
  • The corrosion-resistant coating increases durability


  • Large firearms can not fit inside the protective foam cushioning


  • PINEWORLD Gun Safes

Everyone loves to have an authentic fingerprint scanner, don’t they? Pineworld gun safes will provide you with that as it comes with the Pineworld App. It ensures safety against unauthorized attempts.

You may quickly open their safe box in under 0.5 seconds thanks to their highly responsive fingerprint scanner and phone-level thumbprint machinery. In the majority of circumstances, the 0.9% failing rate assures that the gun storage is swiftly unlocked.

Of course, we all want more security for our firearms. The Pineworld gun safes provide more security to your firearms than a 14 or 16-gauge safe. 

The pistol safe is composed of 10-gauge solid steel. Each side of the pistol safe is 2.5 mm of heavy steel, making the box difficult to break. No outside attacks will harm your pistols that’s for sure.

Surprisingly, you will get four quick entry techniques. The high-sensitivity biometric scanner captures fingerprints from various angles to enable speedy access to any way of touching the scanner. 

The safe can run on 4 AA batteries for 18 months as well, but it also has a USB-C charging port that may be used in a crisis to unlock the safe in absence of a battery. 

Furthermore, this safe offers two keys and a tactile 5-digit keypad as backup ways to open it.

Last but not the least, Pineworld gun safes are safer for kids and robbers since the PINEWORLD App alerts you when illegal attempts are made to unlock the safe. 


  • The safe has an authentic biometric technology scanner for fast scanning
  • Construction is heavy duty for long-term use
  • Multiple accessibilities is added for benefit
  • It comes with the app for using safe from the phone simply
  • Screw cables keep safe and secure 


  • The gun safe is not waterproof and is heavy-weight


  • MAXSafes Gun Safes

When compared to a conventional keypad lock, MAXSafes Biometric Pistol Gun Safe’s fingerprint technology ensures one-handed entry to your device and is more precise and secure. 

Do you need extra strength and protection? Then you can go with this gun safe. This safe is made of a heavy 14-meter durable door and a heavy 14-meter carbon steel construction. 

Plus, the MAXSafes gun can easily store two full-size pistols, a passport, cash, and magazines, so no worries about storage. 

Then again, it includes the use of a dependable, high-strength locking system and accurate fittings that are nearly hard to open with hand tools. You can be sure about your security from unapproved attempts.

Just as importantly, you’ll get finger vein recognition too. It’ll make sure your fingerprint works even if your finger is oily, wet, or sweaty. What more do you need?


  • It provides a super biometric finger-vein recognition for easy access
  • Made with sturdy steel for durability
  • This safe can handle up to two pistols for convenience
  • Backup keys are available to save from locked-out situations


  • The product is not adjustable for everything


  • EGiNDOT Gun Safe

For the last product, we have EGiNDOT Gun Safe. This one is astonishing with the metal oxide cover which will protect your safe from corrosion and rust.

Yes, it has a backlit keyboard, larger protruding buttons for easier reach, an auto-open lid system for rapid access, and an LED internal light.

Also, an On/Off Sound switch is here for convenience that covert entrance to your gun safes in the dark. 

We all prefer heavily built and flexible gun safes, don’t we? The thick gauge alloy steel of this pistol safe has a metal oxide covering to resist deterioration and assure resilient protection. 

Besides, you’ll get enough storage to keep two handguns and ammo.

Let’s tell you that, this Gun Safe will provide you with a three-way entry. You can manually open your handgun safe, using a PIN, a certified fingerprint, or a very secure key lock.

Also, it can quickly examine and program at least 20 fingerprints for various users. 

Digital keypad and fingerprint sensor give you more safety and fast access as well. You can open the locker anytime you want.


  • The safe is very reliable with the storage system
  • It’s very easy to install with pre-mounted holes
  • Two backup keys are available for emergency situation
  • It provides high-validity thumbprint unlocking for at least 20 users


  • This ENGiNDOT safe’s Flexible turn dial is quite cheap and fickle
  • This gun safe is not waterproof


What to Consider Before Buying the Best Biometric Under Bed Gun Safe

There are several factors to think about while choosing a biometric under-bed gun safe. Here is some detailed information for your convenience. 

  • Door

Door safes have a locking entry, that’s why it has become very popular with people. 

Furthermore, A slipping storage tray is a useful feature on under-the-bed gun safes with doors. They always take up the available storage space in a safe. 

However, they do help a little bit with accessing and arranging your safe.


  • Drawer

In place of a door, some under-the-bed gun safes have a locked drawer. The fact that drawers take up available storage space, though less than a door-style gun safe, is probably the main disadvantage of drawer-style gun safes. 

It’s a little challenging to create a useful safe that will adjust under almost all bed frames because of the reduced storage capacity.


  • Construction Feature

Determine the thickness of the steel before making a purchase of a biometric under-bed gun safe. 12- to 10-gauge is good, though it is not common, and 16-gauge is the lower end. 

Next, look for any deep weak areas, such as those at the hinges, joints, and so on. Fewer and narrower gaps are acceptable, and seized pins are essential. 

Then, check whether the safe includes anchor points so you can anchor it to any solid surface or the floor. Continue if it doesn’t.

Figure out if the bed gun safes are fireproof or not. Because fireproof materials will do a lot to protect your possessions. 


  • Locking Mechanism 

The weakest part of a safe’s construction is its locking system, therefore make sure you spend money on a reliable lock. The majority of under-bed safes have electronic locks, which might be a good option for everyday storage. 

Water may easily destroy electronic locks, therefore place the lock in a location where this won’t take place.

Also, do you need a fast entry at the midnight? Then, choose a mechanical lock rather than an electric one. Both types of locks are reliable and have good performance ratings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time would it take for my biometric fingerprint to train?

That depends on the specific fingerprint reader. Despite this, we often advise against using electronic locking methods in safes that might need quick access late at night.

  • Why would you keep a gun safe underneath your bed?

There are two primary causes. Firstly, as long firearms cannot fix in bedside gun safes, it is wise to store one nearby in an underneath-the-bed safe. Secondly, a floor-mounted under-bed gun safe can be your best alternative in case of a tiny arsenal or few storage choices. 

  • Are gun safes under beds fireproof?

It varies on the gun safe, but the majority of under-the-bed gun safes are insufficiently protected against heat, fire, and water damage.


Final Words

That’s all about today’s article. Hopefully, you have got details information about the best five biometric under-bed gun safes. 

Just give a shot at one of these under-bed safe guns, and you will find how useful these gun safes are! Choose one, which fulfills your requirements the most. 

If you are still confused, get the Gunvault Microvault gun safe. It has an updated locking mechanism, heavy-duty construction, backup keys, and a foamy interior to keep your pistols protected.

Best wishes!


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