7 Best Biometric Shotgun Safe For 2024 ( Buying Guide )

Best Biometric Shotgun Safe

Shotguns are recognized for their dependability and simplicity of usage around the world. To buy and use one, you don’t need to be an expert. Instead, you can become good enough with a shotgun to protect your home or go hunting with one with a little practice. 

However, owning a shotgun comes with a lot of responsibilities. To store your shotgun safely and conveniently, gun safes are the best option!

Gun safes can be a fantastic place to store other valuables because they’re typically bigger, fastened to the ground, and frequently resistant to water and fire. Along with your firearms, items like jewelry, cash, and even crucial documents can be stored safely in a safe.

 If you’re searching for the perfect gun safe for your home, look no further because we’ve prepared a list of the best biometric shotgun safe available! Let’s check them out.

Comparison Table of Best Biometric Shotgun Safe

By analyzing the table given below you can easily pick your desired biometric shotgun safe –

Brand Color Material
Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Black Digital Alloy Steel
Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe Multicolor Aluminum
KAER Biometric Steel Safe Black Alloy Steel
Hunting Goods Biometric Rifle Safe Black Alloy Steel
HOLOJOY Biometric Rifle Safe Black Alloy Steel
MARCREE Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe Black, Fingerprint-Safe Alloy Steel
Pataku Gun Safes for Rifles and Shotguns Black Alloy Steel, Metal


Top 7 Best Biometric Shotgun Safes (2024)

There are many different brands of shotgun safes available in the market and so it can get tiring to do the research yourself. But no worries because we have all the information you need!

1. Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe 

Langger V is one of the most highly recommended shotgun safes. It guarantees durable wall-to-wall protection because of its sturdy construction, which has 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner borders. 

A removable storage shelf inside the rifle safe can be placed if your rifles are less than 43.5″. You can store your pistols and other accessories on this shelf if your rifles are shorter than that length. 

Moreover, there are three different ways to lock up and access your rifles with the Biometric Rifle Safe. The safe has a one-touch biometric system, a 9-digit keypad that can be customized, and two emergency keys for quick access. 

Keep the backup battery pack and keys outside of your safe in case the batteries run out.

The installation is easy as well with the pre-mounted holes. You can install it by yourself which is a great deal.


  • The bigger shelves with much more depth allow you to store your firearms conveniently.
  • The installation process is fairly easy and you can arrange it yourself!
  • Lockbox and detachable storage shelves always come in handy to store your valuables.
  • You can switch on silent mode to defend your property more covertly.


  • Because of the specific dimensions of the shelves, they might not be deep enough for rifles with scopes.

2. Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe 

Next in line is the Barska Quick and Easy Access safe which is known for its stealthy build and convenience. With just a fingerprint scan, you can swiftly and securely access your belongings in this spacious biometric safe. 

The biometric safe’s scanning technology is here, which can store up to 120 distinct users, is the answer to safely storing your belongings and having immediate access to them. 

With its cutting-edge biometric module, fingerprints may be scanned in less than 2.5 seconds for dependable quick access, dependable gun security, and improved home protection. 

Barska always ensures the top-notch quality of their products so you never have to worry about the security of your guns! 

The safe also has a fire alarm security option which can help you to prevent disasters and keep your house protected. Get your Barska gun safe today for a safer future!


  • Fast 2.5 seconds access lets you have the best home defense experience.
  • Fire alarm protects you from unforeseen accidents.
  • The smart device can recognize up to 120 unique fingerprints making it stand out from other brands.
  • Battery-efficient technology doesn’t let the product consume too much energy.


  • The safe is not water-resistant.


3. KAER Biometric Steel Safe

If you’re looking for a modern, sleek solution to keep your shotguns safe at home, you should check out KAER biometric safe. They are made to be easily accessed and the product’s larger deadbolts provide you with extra security.

You can lock it with a backup key or passcode to prevent theft. Keep your firearms away from your children and safely store them using a KAER steel safe! 

Unlike other gun safes, the door can be opened 180 degrees. The design of the gun cabinets has external hinges for more convenient storage.

Therefore, you can put your pistol in the pistol pouches that are supplied on the inside of the door panel, saving space and making it simpler for you to store additional items. 

Note that the gun cabinet has LED lights inside, which turn on when the cabinet is opened and help you quickly locate the gun in the dark. Storing your firearms has never been easier!


  • Adjustable and compact gun slots allow easy storage.
  • Unauthorized attempts will automatically lock the door to ensure safety
  • Internal LED lights can help you find your firearms even in the dark!
  • If the batteries run out, you can insert an external battery box.


  • There’s no additional fire alarm unlike some advanced gun safes available in the market.


4. Hunting Goods Biometric Rifle Safe

Hunting Goods is one of the most sophisticated gun safes out there. With distinctive exterior designs for use in homes and offices, it is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Plus, the gun safe is made with low-carbon alloyed steel with a shiny black outer appearance.

This fingerprint gun safe has a Touchscreen with a blue backlight. The numbers are lit up via a touch panel. As Internal Led light provides optimum convenience in the dark, it is convenient to use at night. 

With a single-second fingerprint, the safe can be opened. 

Furthermore, the number of registered fingerprints is 160 at most making it highly convenient to use in workplaces. 

Last but not least, to silence the keypad in a quiet setting, use the silent mode setting. Switching between silent and voice modes is simple.


  • Both a vibration and a password error alarm are provided for security
  • The entry of a fingerprint incorrectly 3/5 times sets off an alarm.
  • Handy to store the rifle barrel brush on the designated brush rack.


  • The gun safe isn’t water-protective.
  • The batteries required to operate the device are not provided.


5. HOLOJOY Biometric Rifle Safe

If you’re looking for a portable gun safe that you can carry around with you anywhere, HOLOJOY should be your pick! It is conveniently sized to put in a bag or under a car seat. 

This tough and portable gun safe can be used to store and safeguard your handguns, passports, important papers, family heirlooms, media cards, ammunition, and other valuables.

High-density egg foam lining prevents scuffing on your valuables. These foams can also be eliminated if necessary to provide optimal storage capacity. 

This gun safe may be necessary if you have young children at home to keep them away from firearms. It’s because the walls of the locker are sturdy and it’ll protect the guns from tamper, rust, and attacks.

Additionally, you no longer need to store harmful things in places that are out of children’s reach. You can stop worrying about your kids handling guns and other potentially harmful objects.


  • Adjustable interior shelf provides the most storage possible.
  • Security wires add to the anti-theft defense.
  • Hard exterior includes a tamper-proof, anti-rust, and impact-resistant stone powder coating.
  • Interior part is foamy to protect the guns


  • Some of the products may not have an attached gun brush.


6. MARCREE Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe

To keep your guns safe and sound, MARCREE gun safe is an excellent option. With greater capacity than comparable items, it can hold nearly 5 weapons up to 50 inches in length. 

When you need access to the gun cabinet the most, you may open the safe quickly thanks to the semiconductor fingerprint identification technology, which unlocks in 0.1 seconds. and buys you more time in a dangerous situation. 

The alert will sound for 60 seconds if the incorrect fingerprint is entered five times in a row. A vibration warning will also go off if the gun cabinet is moved roughly at the same time. 

So, if someone tries to mess with the gun safely, you will know within seconds!

Remember that, spare keys will come with the package too. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out ever.

Moreover, the interior material is made of foam; which means if ever your firearms fall down, they won’t get damaged.

Lastly, there are removable shelves. You can easily adjust them to your own preference. You can also remove them if you don’t like them.


  • You can use it at night thanks to LED lights.
  • Mute function helps to open the locker silently
  • The device is made entirely of steel for durability
  • Removable shelves help to customize the locker


  • The device can only register 20 fingerprints which is less than what most other biometric gun safes in the market offer.


7. Pataku Gun Safes for Rifles and Shotguns

Last but not the least, Pataku gun safes are one of the safest options to store your guns. This gun cabinet makes it much simpler to store four rifles or shotguns with accessories, such as scopes. 

For storage of more fragile items, this locker has a floor covered with soft carpeting. This way, your guns will be more protected.

You only need to install the batteries and register your fingerprints when the gun safe is purchased and assembled.  

The gun locker’s bottom and back both have mounting holes that have already been punched out, making it simple to attach bolts and mount them to a wall or floor. Anyone can follow the easy instructions and install it on his own!

You’ll be glad to know that it has a high level of security to open the safe. A digital keypad is added here. You just need to insert the passcode and be done. The door will open smoothly.

Plus, spare keys will be there for manual unlocking. How impressive!

Then again, inside the safe, you can keep your valuables too. For example, documents, money, passport and jewelry can be kept without any hesitation.

Overall, the fitting is smooth as well. It comes with 10 pre-drilled holes which will be super easy to install safely anywhere.


  • The detachable steel shelf offers you to maximize space.
  • Alarm modes ensure utmost security at all times.
  • 5 locking bullets give the gun safe a very stealthy build.
  • Installation is easy due to pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Digital keypad makes the unlocking fast


  • The rifle shelves aren’t adjustable according to the length of your guns.
  • The additional depth doesn’t quite improve the storage space.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Biometric Gun Safe

Since there are many high-quality biometric gun safes in the market, you may be confused about which one to purchase. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind before you get yourself a gun safe!

  • Easily Programmable 

Biometric gun safes are advanced devices and might seem daunting to many. So, it is important to look for one that comes with easy and specific instructions. 

You should purchase a gun safe that is convenient to operate and easily accessible.

  • Allows Multiple Fingerprints:

Suppose you are out of the house and need access to something that is stored in the gun safe, sounds tricky, doesn’t it? 

Always opt for a gun safe that can register multiple fingerprints as you are not the only one who will be using it!

  • Size and Capacity

Another important thing to consider is how much storage the gun safe can provide. Measure your rifles and shotguns beforehand to know exactly how much space you need.

  • Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable racks in the gun safe always come in handy. You can conveniently place your valuables and utilize the space as needed.

  • Fire Alarm

Theft isn’t the only disaster that can occur, fire accidents are quite common too. If your gun safe has a fire alarm, it will not only protect the valuables inside it – but also alert you to protect your house.

  • Durable Material and Water Resistance

Make sure your gun is safe and is made of sturdy material so that it can resist any damage. Water-resistant gun safes add an extra layer of protection.

Consider the aforementioned factors before purchasing your desired gun safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it Possible to Break into a Biometric Gun Safe?

A biometric safe is extremely hard to crack due to its high quality. In essence, there is no way to open a biometric safe without destroying it. The best course of action is to take your biometric safe to a nearby locksmith if you are locked out and trying to get back in.

  • Are Biometric Safes Fire and Water Resistant?

The answer depends on the brand you are pursuing. Most biometric gun safes are made of metal making them water-resistant and immune to heat to a certain extent. However, once the safe is bolted down – it is no longer resistant to fire or heat

  • Can Someone Hack Your Biometric Fingerprint?

Your body has a physical connection to your fingerprint. Therefore, it cannot be stolen or lost by accident. Passwords and other personally identifying information are easier for hackers to obtain but fingerprints are difficult to access.

Final Words

All of the choices we discussed above are from reputed and affordable brands that are known for their reliability. Even if you don’t own a shotgun but you’re worried about the safety of any valuable items in your house, consider purchasing the best biometric shotgun safe because it comes with a ton of advantages!

You can start with Langger V for its sturdy construction, easy fitting, biometric system, and detachable storage.

All the best!