Gun Safe For Rifles – Protect Your Firearms From Theft, Damage, & Fire

Best Gun Safe For Rifle

A rifle safe serves as a crucial investment for firearm owners seeking to secure their firearms, ammunition, and valuable accessories. These safes are designed not only to provide a secure storage solution but also to ensure the safety of your family, prevent unauthorized access, and protect your firearms from theft, damage, and fire.

Hence, the best rifle safe is very essential for you that will keep your rifle secured, unharmed, and durable from kids and thieves. You don’t have to worry about any more risks regarding them and your family member. However, you can give one or two family members access for emergencies.

Read this guide to learn about rifle safes, how to buy them, and more detailed information. Let’s start!

Comparison Table of Best Rifle Safe

Let’s see some differences between the 10 rifle safes,

Name Color Material Lock-type
Stealth Black Alloy Steel Combination
Langger Digital Black Steel Biometric
SecureIt Matte Black Military Steel Key
Kodiak Black with White Logo Alloy Steel Type1 Electronic
Hornady Black 16 Gauge Steel Key
Tiskgg Black Anti Pry Steel Digital
Kaer Ash Black Stainless Steel Biometric
BBRKIN Matte Black Metal, Alloy Steel Key, Electronic
Tigerking Black with White Logo Steel Combination, Electronic
BARSKA Black Alloy Steel Electronic

9 Best Gun Safe For Rifles

After a hectic research and consideration from experts and buyers’ opinions, we shortlisted the top 10 rifle safes you can keep in your house. You won’t regret it, for sure, if you choose one from the below.

Stealth 23 Gun Safe

Stealth EGS23 Gun Safe

The top product on our list is from Stealth. It’s one of the best rifle safes out there for its amazing construction and security protection. Plus, it’s California DOJ-approved!

With the all-steel construction, the gun safe can be your safety charm. We mean, your rifles inside the locker will be out of danger. The 14 gauge will also stay for over a decade, that’s for sure.

Moreover, the door seal here is robust. No matter what risk happens around you (fire or smoke), your safe will guard the guns for 30 minutes straight until the inconvenience is solved.

Another amazing thing about Stealth is its highest security system. With the modern electronic lock, which is UL-approved, you’ll be assured that no one will have access to it besides you.

It has a UR20-20 lock and re-locker for extra safety as well. Impressive, right?

To your advantage, you’ll also get a large storage pouch inside the locker with a triple magazine pouch and 4pistol holders. All the accessories can be stored in the same place.

Therefore, the shelf is loaded with a 3spoke handle. You can smoothly lock and unlock your rifle locker anytime.


  • It ensures high security with a superior locking system
  • Comes with an all-steel construction that confirms the durability
  • The locker has enough space for keeping accessories
  • Fire resistance to avoid all kinds of risks
  • The spooky handle ensures easy to-lock and unlock


  • No bypass key option is available

Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

How would you feel if you got a rifle shelf that’s large enough to keep most rifles, including the 3 biometric safe features? Exactly! Langger is just like that, which will confirm the utmost assurance to your guns.

In this gun safe, you can store around 5rifles that are 50” long. Whether they have scopes on or not, they’ll fit.

In addition, there is a removable storage shelf which will help you keep other belongings like magazines, bullets and many more if you want. You can easily remove the shelf if you think you don’t need it.

Moving on to the next feature of  Langger, which is the biometric security guard. This safe has three modes for it; you can either set up the 9-digit keypad (takes 100fingerprints) or 1 touch biometric system. Both will help.

And if you forget the pin code, there are 2 spare keys that’ll come with the package. 

Oh yes, there’s a lock box, too, if you want to keep your money, knives, jewelry or other personal things inside the locker.

The installation process is easier as well. It has mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes, which will help you fit the whole item yourself. No worries at all!


  • Multiple security systems ensure extra protection
  • The locker is easy to uninstall with drilled holes
  • It comes with a lockbox and adjustable shelves for customization
  • More than enough rifles can be stored for the large space


  • The metal walls are thin

SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Safe

SecureIt Agile Model 52 Gun Safe

A premium rifle safe is everyone’s favorite and we’re sure you love them too. SecureIt can be your new bestie with intelligent firearm technology and flexible storage. Let’s see how!

Like the military craftsmanship, this gun safe is made with the same professional support. It weighs 105 pounds which is so lightweight. You can move it from one space to another in your house smoothly.

Another thing is this rifle safe is adaptable. No matter how many guns, pistols or rifles you keep, it’ll still be organized. 

Guess what? This gun safe makes sure of the keypad control, which will recognize every unauthorized access that’s not yours. Without you or someone who knows your passcode, no one will be able to access the locker. 

Plus, it hides another backup key override to ensure you’re not locked out.

Last but not least, the gun shelf has 4 pre-drilling holes to make sure your easy installation. How thoughtful!


  • Made with 20 years of military experience to confirm strength
  • It has professional keypad control for safety purposes
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy fitting
  • Adaptable storage makes it easy to keep guns organized


  • A bit overpriced compared to other rifle safes

Kodiak KB5529ECS Gun Safe 

Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles & Pistols

If you’re looking for a rifle safe that’s sturdy, look no further because Kodiak is something that you need. It has a rugged steel plate that protects the walls against drill attacks or breakage.

Kodiak is famous among people because of the strong outlook it has. The locker is made with 2.00mm thick steel, which will be there for you forever. No rust, no damage or nothing will happen.

Also, the deluxe door is super smooth to open/close whenever you want.

Coming to the security part, this safe has a type1 of electric lock. With the proper password, you can access it.

Not only this, but also, for protection, the locker will ensure you with 30minutes of fire resistance at 1400F. The door seal will expand 7times more just to keep your rifles shielded. Praiseworthy indeed!

Lastly, the interior is convenient with the movable shelves. You can put up 30 long rifles and 10pistols altogether anytime. If you need more, just remove the extra racks. That’s it!


  • The safe ensures fireproof quality to save from risks
  • It comes with adjustable racks for a customizable interior
  • Thick construction keeps the whole thing durable for years
  • An electric lock is provided for utmost safety
  • Have drill holes for simple installing


  • If the rifles are scope mounted, only 26 of them will fit

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

A gun locker with a child-resistant feature is rare. But Hornady confirms it to give you some extra assurance. Besides, it has a touch-free entry system which is super unique.

Hornady gun safe is made with 16gauge steel, including multiple internal locking lugs. The locker will be anti-rust, anti-breakage and tamper-proof for a long period of time.

On top of that, you can easily install the whole thing inside your cabinet or in any place in your home. It comes with vertical and horizontal pre-drilled holes to make the task simple.

Do you know the exciting thing about this rifle safe? It’s a touch-free entry. The system locks any access from an unauthorized person and we think it’s amazing for securing your privacy. 

Just put the RFID wristband which will come with the package and keep it over the safe reader. It’ll recognize you every time you’ll try to open it.

Believe it or not, the safe is also child-proof. It’s pry-resistant, has lock strength and is hinge attack resistant. Your child and pet will be safe around it (if you keep it outside).


  • It has pre-drilled holes for a simple installing process
  • Ensures touch-free entry for easy usage
  • Has heavy-duty construction for durability
  • The locker is child resistant for child safety


  • The locking knob looks cheap

Tiskgg 8 Guns Large Rifle Safe 

Tiskgg Large Fireproof Rifle Safe

Tiskgg rifle safe is excellent for your basement, bedroom or living room. The best part is it’s super large that can store up to around 8rifles altogether. What more do you need?

So, this locker is constructed with solid steel. It has 22mm bolt bars and a hard plate that are also drill-resistant. These will make sure your gun safe is secured from any unsanctioned access.

Plus, the steel body will be safe for over a decade as it has a heavy-duty body.

Coming to another safety part, Tiskgg gun locker has an anti-theft system. It has an alarm that’ll beep if anyone tries to break in or even if your child is curiously handling it.

The safe mode is also amazing here. If any inconvenience happens, you can silently open the safe and take out your rifle.

To open up the locker, there is an electric lock. Insert your Pincode and take out the gun. Or if you even forget the pass, just use the spare key that comes with the product.

Don’t forget that this gun safe is can be simply assembled as it has pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Just fit in the thing anywhere within 30 minutes of time.

Hence, the rifles’ racks are adjustable here. If you want to remove them, you can do it or put other gun accessories here without hassle.


  • The locker comes with an alarm to ensure more security
  • Construction of the safe is sturdy for more resilience
  • It just takes a few minutes to install the whole product 
  • The removable shelf is here for customization purposes
  • It can store multiple rifles together for its larger space


  • The instruction manual isn’t clear

KAER 3-5 Rifle Gun Safe

KAER 3-5 Gun Safe

Finding rifles in the dark can be troublesome, so KAER made one with LED to give you proper direction. It’s accurate for emergencies and we can guarantee that.

The gun locker is made with 100% 14gauge steel, which is very strong. The edges of the shelf are also tamper-resistant, so no outer influence can break it.

Moreover, the locking bolts are ⅞” thick which is for added security.

On the interior part, there are adjustable pistol racks. You can put your pistols or guns wherever you want inside them. Or even if you want to remove it, you can do to add some more space for the rifles.

Not only this, but also, there are soft inner linings that’ll actually keep your guns guarded if they ever fall down.

Now, let’s tell you about the lock pin setup. The safe has a biometric fingerprint which can take up to 30 prints at once. You and your closed ones can easily access it. Also, you’ll be notified if you give the wrong info and the door will be locked for 1minute.

In this situation, you can use the emergency key which will be given. 

Therefore, the safe has external hinges, so you can put them anywhere easily.


  • Made with authentic steel for long-term use
  • The interior part has soft material to keep the guns shielded
  • Comes with a biometric procedure for extra security
  • External hinges make it simple to place anywhere at home
  • Has LED light inside for easy direction


  • The safe doesn’t come with 4AAA batteries

BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

A lockbox inside the rifle safe is necessary and BBRKIN comes with it. You can keep your gun accessories there and also other belongings if you want to.

In the BBRKIN locker, you can literally put around 5-6 50” rifles smoothly. They can be with/without scopes, no worries. The pry-proof and tamper-resistant steel will keep them safe for ages.

Other than this, there is a separate lockbox included for your additional convenience. For example, if you want to keep multiple things, such as money, jewelry, bullets or handgun, you can keep them here.

The removable shelf of this locker is top-notch. They’re profound; hence you can put pistols without any issue.

Moving on to the security system, this gun safe comes with smart biometric technology. BBRKIN has an electric keypad and manual key for your facility. It can read 100fingerprints as well, so you can easily add your trustworthy members

You can select the silent mode, too, if you don’t want to make any noise when you open up the locker.

Furthermore, the backside of the self has 5 pre-drilled holes, so you can settle it anywhere. The bottom side has attached bolts so that it doesn’t move. Your rifle’s inside will stay in place.


  • It has two locking mechanisms for your safety
  • The installing princess is simple with multiple drill holes and bolts
  • Tamper-resistant and pry-proof to avoid any breakage
  • Can allow more than enough fingerprints to secure the access
  • Constructed with highly defined steel to manage durability


  • No customer service is available

BARSKA Fireproof Rifle Gun Safe

BARSKA Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Safe

For the last one, we have Barska, that’s DOJ-approved for an extra guard. Also, this locker comes with a 9V battery which is the cherry on top!

The rifle safe has 6 steel locking bolts for your additional safety. No matter how risky the situation is, you can always rely on this.

Not only this, but also the fireproof quality makes Barksa more secure. If ever there is any smoke or fire, the door seal of the safe will expand for 1 hour and will protect the inside belongings as soon as possible.

Moreover, the 9V battery will operate full-time without any disturbance.

You’ll be glad to know that the shelf comes with quick keypad access. Just set the Pincode and open your locker anytime you want. If you forget the pass, there’re spare keys to use.

The mute option is here too. Just silence it if you don’t like the beeping sound.

Furthermore, you can store up to around 30 rifles together in this giant locker which is a great deal. There are removable shelves as well if you want to customize the inside part. 


  • It comes with a powerful battery for heavy-duty usage
  • Ensures security through keypad access
  • Confirms fire resistance by expanding the door seal for protection
  • Locking bolts are added to avoid risky situations


  • A little expensive compared to other gun safes

How to Purchase the Best Rifle Safe for Home

Well, buying the wrong safe for your rifles can be a great hassle. It would waste your valuable money, which we don’t want. You should consider the following characteristics to ensure you got the right thing.

  • Strong Body 

The first thing that needs to be on your mind is the body part. If the construction is sturdy, your locker will be safe for ages. Go for the alloy steel or metal build rifle safe if you want your products to be safe and secure.

On the other hand, you should consider the interior part of the safe too. Try to check if the inside material has soft foam, or carpet on the ground so that if the guns fall inside, they remain undamaged.

  • High-Security System

Safes are all about security and you have to make sure of it. Before purchasing a locker, confirm that it has a powerful password system and backup keys. 

Sometimes some shelves don’t come with keys and that’s okay because they have other options as a backup.

But as a would-be owner, you must ensure it has an alternative.

  • Simple Installation

Often people get into trouble for installing the product. Either the safe is too bulky or has no drilling holes. Look after your safe carefully if it has an easy-fitting system.

  • Extra Shelves and Space

Always purchase a rifle safe with extra room for keeping the accessories. If the safe has some additional racks and a lock box, it’ll be pretty easy for you to organize things inside.

Moreover, the shelves need to be adjustable so that if you don’t want the interior like that, you can change it easily.

Gun Safe For Rifle: Secure Your Firearms and Ensure Safety

Gun safety is of paramount importance in today’s society, with responsible firearm ownership requiring proper storage to prevent accidents, theft, and unauthorized use. Gun safes, especially those designed for rifles, play a crucial role in providing a secure and controlled environment for firearms. This article delves into the world of gun safes for rifles, exploring different types, features, factors to consider, and the broader responsibilities associated with owning firearms.

Types of Gun Safes for Rifles:

Gun safes for rifles come in various designs, catering to different needs and preferences.

  • Traditional Safes: These heavy-duty safes offer robust security with features like combination locks, digital keypads, and solid steel construction. Available in different sizes, they are suitable for storing multiple rifles along with accessories.
  • Cabinet-Style Safes: These safes resemble lockable cabinets, providing secure storage while being more space-efficient than traditional safes. They often have simpler locking mechanisms and can be a practical choice for those with limited space.
  • Biometric Safes: Leveraging advanced biometric technology, these safes grant access through fingerprint recognition. They provide quick and convenient entry, but concerns about potential technical failures or unauthorized access should be considered.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Security Features: Locking mechanisms are pivotal – digital locks offer quick access, combination locks are reliable, and biometric locks add convenience. A safe’s steel thickness and construction quality determine its resistance against forced entry.
  • Fire Protection: Firearms can be damaged by fires, so a fireproof gun safe with proper ratings and materials is essential.
  • Interior Layout and Organization: Adjustable gun racks, shelves, and additional storage space for ammunition and accessories enhance organization and utility.

Factors in Choosing a Rifle Gun Safe:

Several factors influence the choice of a gun safe for rifles.

  • Number and Type of Firearms: Consider the size of your firearm collection and whether you own other firearms in addition to rifles.
  • Available Space and Location: Determine where the safe will be placed and ensure it fits comfortably while allowing for proper access.
  • Budget Considerations: Gun safes vary in price, so set a budget that aligns with your needs and priorities.
  • Future Expansion: If you plan to expand your firearm collection, choose a safe with ample space for growth.

Installation and Maintenance:

Proper installation and maintenance are essential to maximize the effectiveness of a gun safe.

  • Placement and Anchoring: Securely anchor the safe to the floor or wall to prevent unauthorized movement or theft.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically inspect and maintain the safe’s locking mechanisms, hinges, and fireproof seals to ensure optimal performance.
  • Upgrading Security Features: As technology advances, consider upgrading your safe’s security features to stay ahead of potential threats.

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities:

Responsible gun ownership extends to complying with local firearm storage laws and ensuring unauthorized individuals cannot access your firearms.

  • Compliance with Laws: Understand and adhere to local regulations regarding firearm storage to avoid legal complications.
  • Preventing Unauthorized Access: Safeguard your firearms from children, visitors, or potential intruders by keeping them securely stored.
  • Educating Family Members: Teach your family about gun safety and the importance of not disclosing safe access information to unauthorized individuals.

Top Rifle Gun Safe Brands and Models:

Reputable gun safe manufacturers offer a range of high-quality options.

  • Review Manufacturers: Research well-known brands with a history of producing reliable gun safes.
  • Highlight Models: Consider popular models with positive reviews and features that align with your needs.
  • Customer Feedback: Read customer testimonials to gain insights into real-world experiences with specific safes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What gauge steel is best for a rifle safe?

The more the material of the locker is thick, the more time it’ll last. You should consider 6-16 gauge steel for the perfect rifle safe. They also offer accurate protection to the products inside.

  • Will guns rust in a safe?

To protect a gun, rifles, and pistols from rust is the main motive for using a safe. If your locker’s environment is dry and the moisture there is cool, your guns will remain as new as before.

  • Should you put anything under a rifle safe?

Yes, it’s better to put a carpet under your rifle safe. It’ll not only protect your shelf but also protect the floor. The carpet material will balance the safe’s weight so it’s better to have support.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right gun safe for rifles is a critical aspect of responsible firearm ownership.

By considering factors such as security features, fire protection, and proper installation, firearm owners can ensure the safety of their firearms, their loved ones, and the broader community.

As the custodians of potentially lethal tools, it is our ethical duty to prioritize safety through secure storage practices..

Your house is a secure place and we recommend buying a rifle safe that can be placed inside the home.

If you don’t know where to start, you can buy Stealth 23 Gun Safe. It has a heavy steel body, which will ensure resilience. Also, the fireproof quality and modern security system will blow your mind. 

Other rifle safes are great too. Go for the one that suits your requirements.

However, try to keep the inside environment of the locker dry. This will keep the guns non-rusty and undamaged for longer.

Best wishes!